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International platform Profile

      HUMAN HEALTH TECHNOLOGY SHARING GROUP,He is a famous biological scientist and professor of strategic Research Group of Chinese Academy of Engineering,Deputy director of expert Committee of China High-tech Industrialization Promotion Association,Lifetime Visiting Professor, United Nations Medical University for International Exchange,Initiated by Du Zhizheng, co-planned with DELE and approved by the Seychelles Government Mr DeLe, from NIGERIA, was a Nigerian presidential candidate,His family's assets rank highest on Nigeria, where the Deles occupy a seventh of the land,DeLe, a longtime president of his family's TACOBEL VENTURES LTD, was NIGERIA's richest man, DELE is the general director of destiny Common Body project of African Smart City Health Education,additional post YBOT WELLNESS AND HEALTHCARE CLUB LIMITEDpresident ;

      HHTS Sharing an international platform to spread the message of human health, We will help regional countries establish basic public health education and training systems,We will provide the international community with better and more medical supplies, medical products, and high-quality health products to strengthen the prevention and control of infectious viruses; Viruses know no borders, they know no races, and the implications of human health are diverse and broad, including many aspects of physical, psychological and social adaptation,Health is a matter of safety.The Human Health Technology Community (HHTS) follows scientific rules,Building a healthy economy for mankind and a healthy energy sharing development model、We will develop a sharing system for healthy ecology, healthy agriculture, and health education.

Our Purpose
Our Purpose
We always uphold the holistic awareness of standing together through thick and thin and the cooperative awareness of helping each other、Inclusiveness and respect for nature,Protect human life, protect human health, and protect the safety of human life to the greatest extent;
Our Pursuit
Our Pursuit
To develop healthy science and technology, ecology, agriculture, education and economy in a safe and healthy way, and seek harmonious development of human society;
Our Vision
Our Vision
With our original high quality project technology, original energy saving technology, high yield and efficient agricultural technology, ecological environmental protection technology、High-end manufacturing technology, the realization of global industrialization development, the construction of human health and safety community;
leader's Speech

      My dear friends,Dear Mr.:

      Health knows no borders or races,Human Health Technology Commons(HHTS)Follow the scientific law, construct the human health economy and safety environment;

      HUMAN HEALTH TECHNOLOGY SHARING GROUP(Short for: Sharing international platform),Established with the approval of the Republic of Seychelles,The aim is to spread the idea of human health,We will help regional countries establish basic public health education and training systems,Improve residents' health literacy and exchange medical and health technologies,Train rehabilitation doctors to provide better and more medical supplies to the international community,Pharmaceutical products, sales of famous health boutique,We will actively build a platform for basic public health education and training services,Strengthening the system for preventing and controlling infectious and chronic diseases,We will build a sharing system for ecology, energy, agriculture, education, and economic health and security among countries in the region.

HHTS Global Strategic Layout Map
Nigeria and Zambia in Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines in Asia, and Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in Central Asia

Welcome all countries, non-governmental organizations, social organizations and entrepreneurs,People who love health, medical care, health education and health training join the sharing platform to jointly promote the progress of human health technology and human civilization;
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    Invest 3 billion RMB in 5 years
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    Develop 1 million members within 5 years
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    Product distribution in 10 countries and 100 cities within 5 years
  • 200+
    Invest in 200 traditional Chinese medicine hospitals and train 2 million doctors with traditional skills