Health education

      Mankind has entered the era of a community with a shared future for health. We should build and spread the concept of a community with a shared future for healthChina will help African countries build basic public health and health education and training services, set up a stage for the sale of medical and health products, and showcase and recommend famous and high-quality products to the worldHealth education and health technology will bring about a better life for all. Global health literacy will be improved, and a system for preventing and controlling infectious and chronic diseases will be established;  

    1Publicize and popularize citizens' health literacy -- basic knowledge and skills, and organize relevant institutions to carry out actions to promote citizens' health literacy;    

    2Health education is provided to young people, women, the elderly, the disabled, parents of children aged 0 to 6, and farmers;   

    3Health education on healthy lifestyles such as drug abstinence and risk factors that can be interfered with;   

    4Health education on key diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, asthma, breast and cervical cancer, tuberculosis, hepatitis, AIDS, influenza, hand, foot and mouth disease, rabies and brucellosis will be carried out;   

    5Carry out health education on food safety, occupational health, radiation health, environmental health, drinking water health, family planning, school health and other public health issuesImprove the popularization of camp and maintenance knowledge

    6Health education on emergency response to public health emergencies, disaster prevention and reduction, and family first aid has been carried out       

    7Health education for patients with chronic diseases:      

    ACardiovascular diseases have jumped to the first place in the spectrum of diseases, especially the high incidence of hypertension and diabetes is really shocking, and it is extremely important to carry out health education for them   

    BHealth consultation offices have been set up, staffed with full-time consulting doctors, and the telephone number for consultation has been announced to facilitate the timely answers of people who have doubts about their health   

    8Health education for students:   

    A. Strengthen the mental health education of adolescents, in the form of knowledge lectures in schools, around the psychological characteristics of adolescents, to give guidance on the mental health of adolescents     

    B. Strengthen the publicity of health knowledge among school students