Development plan

    1In 100 cities around the world,  has invested in the construction of smart city health education destiny Sharing projectWithin 5 years, the sharing international platform will invest 3 billion yuan

    2Within 5 years, we will develop 1 million members worldwide

    3In 5 years, the lightwave machine has been deployed in 10 countries and 100 cities

    4Within 5 years, 200 TCM technical training schools have been established through global investment and cooperation

    5In the next five years, investment will be made to build 200 health clinics and traditional Chinese medicine hospitals and train 2 million traditional skilled doctors

    6It is planned to establish a number of training centres over a period of three years

    7It plans to set up an African College of the United Nations International Medical University and an African College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nigeria in three years to train technical talents for Africa