Development goals

    1African College of International Exchange Medical Universities has been established;

    2Offering short-term training courses on traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment techniques;

    3Cooperate with NIGERIA related institutions to set up traditional Chinese medicine general practitioner training school to train traditional Chinese medicine physicians;

    4Free training on rapid self-detection of the novel coronavirus will be conducted to help people master the self-detection ability of COVID-19 infection and improve the ability of all people to identify the disease;

    5Free training on rapid self-detection technology of Lassa fever, vigorously promote the application of rapid detection reagents at home, and promote the application of supporting rapid detection technology through the Internet and mobile network; 

    6A general hospital for difficult and complicated Diseases of Traditional Chinese and Western medicine has been established in Africa;

    7African women's and children's health hospitals have been established;

    8Establishment of a specialist Hospital for African men;

    9Organize public welfare activities every month to spread knowledge of disease prevention and control and coping with public health emergenciesTo improve the awareness rate of disease and injury prevention and self-care awareness of the population, and enhance the public's awareness of prevention and response to public health emergencies;      

    10We will expand the coverage of health education and guide the whole society to pay attention to disease prevention and control  

    11A public platform for basic health, health education and medical training has been set up in African countries, and a service management system for basic health, health education and medical training has been established

    12Through information dissemination and behavioral intervention, it helps the masses to master health care knowledge, establish a correct concept of health, improve health literacy and advocate a healthy lifestyle

    13We will work with the government to establish an emergency response and prevention system for the control of infectious diseases and chronic diseases, build a quality and balanced system of basic public education services, and provide all-round, whole-cycle health services;