Natural extract product application instructions
Natural extract product application instructions
Natural extract product application instructions
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【Serial Number】: D0001

【Product Name】:Lily extract

【English Name】:Lily Bulb Extract

【Specification】:10:1   20:1    Yellow powder

【Efficacy Function】:


2.Protect gastric mucosa

3.Reduce blood lipid and blood sugar 

4.Relieving cough, relieving asthma and clearing throat

5.Improve sleep, clear the mind and calm the mind

6.Anti-fatigue, enhance immunity, delay aging

【Product Packaging】:

Sterile packing in cardboard barrels or aluminum foil bags(also be packed according to customer requirements).

【Plant Origin】:

Lilium is an herb of the lilium family(Lilium brownii)Bulbs of l. lancifolium and L. pumilum, its relatives.In 2002, the Ministry of Health of China defined lily as the same raw material for medicine and food.

【Effective Constituent】:

Steroidal glycoside: lilium glycoside, deacyllilium glycoside and so on.It contains alkaloids and glycosides, such as β -Solanine, solanine glycoside, etc.        


【Serial Number】: D0002 

【Product Name】:Radix Rehmanniae Extract


【Efficacy Function】:

1.Effect on adrenal cortex function and cortisol catabolism:After incubating with the crude extract (equivalent to 8mg crude drug) and rabbit liver slices, The results showed that rehmanniae glutinosa could protect the double bond between C4 and C5 and the ketone group of C3 from reduction in the cortisol A ring ,Hydroxyl groups on side chains C17 and C21 and ketone groups on C20 are protected from degradation, thus delaying catabolic effects of hepatocytes on cortisol.  

2.Anti-radiation effect:In rats, IP 100% shengdi injection 1ml daily for 6 consecutive days can reduce the injury of platelets caused by 600Y irradiation and accelerate the recovery.  

3.Liver-protective effect:Rehmannia decoction has protective effect on experimental carbon tetrachloride toxic hepatitis in mice and can prevent the decrease of liver glycogen.     

4.Effects on blood sugar:Administration of RG-WP to normal mice significantly increased the activity of liver glucokinase 6-phosphatase dehydrogenase, but decreased the activities of liver glucokinase 6-phosphatase and phosphofructokinase.  RG - WP can stimulate insulin secretion and decrease glycogen content in normal rat liver.  

5.Effects on the heart:0.1% and 0.5% Rehmannia rehmannia extract Renluo solution had no obvious effect on isolated frog heart perfusion.  When the concentration increased to 1%, there was a significant cardiotonic effect, especially on the weak heart.  A toxic reaction can occur if the concentration increases to 2-5%.  It has been confirmed that 2-3% shengdi decoction or tincture can weaken the cardiac contractility of isolated toad, reduce the volume of stroke, slow down the heart rate, and even appear conduction block or ventricular arrest. Perfusion of 0.33% rehmanol extract into rabbit heart slowed down the heart rate, but increased coronary flow.  The 86Rb experiment also proved that rehmanniae decoction 20g/kg IP could significantly increase the nutritional blood flow in the myocardium of mice     

6.Sstypticity :The yellow needle-like crystals obtained from rehmannia glutinosa ethanol extract could shorten the coagulation time of rabbits, but the effect of water decoction was not obvious.  Ip decoction or alcohol infusion 10g/kg, and Po rehmannib charcoal can shorten the time of tail hemorrhage in mice.    

7.Diuretic effect:After anaesthesia dog IV rehmannia extract, urine volume per unit time increased, the diuretic effect may be related to strengthening the heart and expanding renal vessels.  It has been reported that rehmannia glutinosa aqueous extract and alcohol extract have diuretic effect on rats.  

8.purgative action :Catalpol glucoside has delayed effect to alleviate purging, and the ED50 of purging in mice is 0.34g/kg.  

9.Aanti-inflammatory action:Rehmannia glutinosa decoction and alcohol infusion 10g/kg daily for 5 consecutive days had significant detumescence effect on experimental formaldehyde-induced foot swelling in rats.  Some experiments only confirmed that rehmannia glutinosa decoction had this effect, but the effect of alcohol immersion was not obvious.   

10.Aantifungal action:Test tube experiment showed that rehmannia water extract had inhibitory effect on the growth of many fungi such as tinea serrata, gypsum-like and tinea duangi.    

11.Interferon induction and synergistic enhancement of NDV induction in human tonsil cells  :Treatment with 5mg/ml rehmannia glutinosa extract significantly increased the titer of interferon compared with the control group (P<0.05).  The same dose of drugs could induce interferon with NDV, and the effect was very significant compared with the control group (P<0.001).  

12.Aadditional effects:Dihuang Po aqueous extract, alcohol extract or IP 10g/kg can have a synergistic effect on the hypnotic effect of sodium pentobarbital.  Rehmannia decoction or alcohol immersion 20g/kg IP had obvious protective effect on mice decompression and hypoxia.  

【Product Packaging 】:Sterile packing in cardboard barrels or aluminum foil bags(also be packed according to customer requirements).


【Serial Number】: D0003 

【Product Name】:apple extract:

【English Name】:Apple P.E

【Specification】: apple polyphenol50%、70%、75%、80%;   Pphloridzin 40%、80%、90%、98%;  Pphloretin70%、80%、90%、98% 

【Appearance】:Light yellow - yellow brown powder


【Pharmacological Aaction】:Apples are rich in carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamin C, pectin, tannic acid, organic acid and calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other minerals.   

【Efficacy Function】:Apples with high nutritional value and good health have always been talked about.  In addition, it also has the elimination of salt, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, diuretic laxative and other effects.  The pectin in apples can regulate human physiology.  It has antioxidant function    

Apple polyphenols have a variety of health care functions, such as preventing dental caries, preventing hypertension, preventing allergic reactions, anti-tumor;  It can resist mutation and block ultraviolet absorption, so it can be used in the manufacture of health food and cosmetics.  As a health and functional food additive, apple polyphenols only need 50-500ppm to have full effect.  

【Product Packaging 】:Sterile packing in cardboard barrels or aluminum foil bags(also be packed according to customer requirements).



【Serial Number】: D0004 

【Product Name】:Dandelion extract 

【English Name】:HerbaTaraxaciP.E..

【Aanother Nname】: HerbaTaraxaci

【Specification】:10:1   30:1

【Efficacy Function】:

Dandelion extract is used to treat liver and gallbladder blockages, improve liver function, promote bile secretion and act as a diuretic.  

1. Improve liver function 

Dandelion extract is used for liver inflammation and congestion.  One of the most effective detoxifying herbs, it filters toxins and waste products from the bloodstream, gallbladder, liver and kidneys.  It stimulates bile production and helps the body flush out excess water produced by a damaged liver.  The Australian Journal of Medicine medical Herbology, Volume 3(4) 1991, describes two experiments, one by Vivaleri in 1938 and another in the UK, that demonstrated the liver-protecting properties of dandelion.  They found that dandelion successfully treated hepatitis, water in the liver, jaundice and indigestion, a condition associated with abnormal secretion of the gallbladder.  It is also used in the early stages of cirrhosis such as alcoholic cirrhosis.   


Dandelion extract flavonoids can double bile flow.  This role is critical in the elimination of toxins because bile flow is essentially a natural secretory process that carries toxins from the liver to the intestine, where they are excreted.  A British study found that in addition to increasing bile flow, dandelion extract restored bile function.  It is useful for inflammation of the liver and gallbladder, removal of gallstones and congestion, and jaundice.  

3. Ddiuretic

Dandelion leaf extract is a powerful diuretic.  Unlike many traditional diuretics, dandelion leaves do not leach potassium from the body.  In fact, dandelion leaves contain so much of this mineral that they can even act as a potassium supplement.  This diuretic effect is reliable in the use of dandelion in the treatment of hypertension.   

【Ddosage;】: Take 259-500mg4% solid powder extract daily to improve liver function.   

【Security】: No serious side effects were observed with dandelion extract.  But it is best to use with caution when there are ulcers or gastritis.   

【Chemical Component 】: Dandelion extract standard contains 4% flavonoids.

【Product Packaging 】:Sterile packing in cardboard barrels or aluminum foil bags(also be packed according to customer requirements).



【Serial Number】: D0005 

【Product Name】:Kava extract

【English Name】:Kava Extract

【Another Name】:Kaka, Jiahua, Yangona, Yangana and so on


【Appearance】:Brown yellow powder, insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents

【Molecular formula】: C15H14O5

【Molecular Weight】: 274.269

【Efficacy Function】:

Pharmacological effects: sedative, hypnotic, antibacterial, analgesic and other pharmacological effects, widely used in Europe and The United States in nutritional supplements and herbal preparations  

 【Product Packaging 】:Sterile packing in cardboard barrels or aluminum foil bags(also be packed according to customer requirements).


【Serial Number】: D0006

【Product Name】:sarsaparilla

【Efficacy Function】:

The sarsaparilla plants are Carboryl alcohol and carboryl saponins, which can increase energy and male hormone levels. It belongs to the same species as Smilax China, a traditional Chinese medicine, which is mainly used as a blood purification agent and a general tonic. It is widely used around the world to treat the following diseases:  Gout, syphilis, gonorrhea, typhoid, arthritis, fever, cough, lymphatic tuberculosis, hypertension, dyspepsia, skin diseases, cancer and as a general tonic.  The sarsaparilla plant increases testosterone production in the body and is a tonic for male glands and prostate.  Can be made into tea, tincture or wine.  Make tea: Add 2 teaspoons to 1 cup of water and simmer for 7 to 10 minutes.  Strain out the herbs and sweeten them with honey or sugar syrup.  Sarsach, steeped in brandy, honey and spices, is a wonderful elixir.  

【Product Packaging 】:Sterile packing in cardboard barrels or aluminum foil bags(also be packed according to customer requirements).



【Serial Number】: D0007

【Product Name】:Tribulus terrestris extract


【Appearance】:Brown yellow powder

【Efficacy Function】:

Tribulus terrestris saponins in the extract of Tribulus terrestris has the function of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, resisting arteriosclerosis, resisting aging and strengthening.  It contains peroxidase decomposition enzyme, has obvious anti-aging effect, can improve the body immunity.  Tribulus saponins is a non-hormonal supplement because the herb does not contain any of the three main hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone).  Can naturally enhance testosterone, increase strength and strong effect, improve the overall competitive state, and no side effects.  No significant side effects were observed with the use of a regular dose of tribulus-containing dietary supplement.  However, more research is needed on the safety of large doses of tribulus terrestris extract.  


A typical dose of tribulus terrestris saponins is 250-800mg per day.  Be sure to select extracts containing at least 30-45% tribulus saponins.  

【Product Packaging 】:Sterile packing in cardboard barrels or aluminum foil bags(also be packed according to customer requirements).


【Serial Number】: D0008

【Product Name】:onion extracts 


【Appearance】:Brown powder

【Effective Constituent】:Quercetin 40%

【Efficacy Function】:

Onion extract has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, can promote wound healing.  Onion extracts contain fatty (oil) preparations and are widely used in the care, prevention or treatment of damaged skin tissue. The effect of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, can promote wound healing, expectorant, cough, and there was a smooth wheezing effect, used in the treatment of chronic bronchitis, lower blood pressure, improve blood capillary resistance, reduce capillary fragility, reducing blood fat, expansion of coronary artery, increase coronary blood flow in patients with coronary heart disease and high blood pressure also have auxiliary therapy effect. Quercetin, also known as quercetin, quercetin, soluble in glacial acetic acid, alkaline aqueous solution is yellow, almost insoluble in water, ethanol solution taste very bitter.  Can be used as medicine, with good expectorant, cough, and has a certain antiasthmatic effect. Quercetin can inhibit the growth of malignant cells and DNA, RNA and protein synthesis of ascites cancer cells in vitro.  Block androgen action on hormone-dependent human prostate cancer cells.  

【Product Packaging 】:Sterile packing in cardboard barrels or aluminum foil bags(also be packed according to customer requirements).


【Serial Number】: D0009

【Product Name】:Hhirudin 


【Efficacy Function】:

Hirudin is a small protein (polypeptide) composed of 65-66 amino acids, which has the most significant activity and has been studied the most among various active components extracted from Leech and its salivary gland.  Hirudin has a strong inhibitory effect on thrombin and is the strongest natural specific inhibitor of thrombin discovered so far.  Animal experiments and clinical studies show that hirudin can effectively prevent further blood stasis phenomena such as thrombin - catalyzed activation of coagulation factors and platelet reaction.  In addition, it inhibits thrombin - induced proliferation of fibroblasts and thrombin - induced stimulation of endothelial cells.  Compared with heparin, it is not only used in small amounts, does not cause bleeding, and does not depend on endogenous cofactors;  Heparin, on the other hand, can cause bleeding and leeches are more effective.   

【Aapplied range】:

Hirudin is a promising anticoagulant and stasis-removing drug, which can be used in the treatment of various thrombotic diseases, especially venous thrombosis and diffuse blood coagulation.  It can also be used to prevent the formation of arterial thrombosis after surgery, prevent the formation of thrombus after thrombus dissolution or blood vessel reconstruction;  Improve external blood circulation and hemodialysis process.  Microsurgery often fails due to vascular embolism at anastomosis. Hirudin can promote wound healing.  Hirudin has also been shown to play a role in cancer treatment.  It prevents metastasis of tumor cells and has been shown to be effective in tumors such as fibrosarcoma, osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, melanoma and leukemia.  Hirudin can also be used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation therapy to enhance efficacy by promoting blood flow in tumors. Animal tests and clinical studies have shown that hirudin has no obvious toxic and side effects by intravenous or subcutaneous injection. Whether acute or subacute toxicity test, blood pressure, heart rate, blood phase, bleeding time and blood chemical composition are not affected, respiratory system is not affected, no allergic reaction, and generally no specific antibody is found.  The semi-lethal dose LD50>50mgAg was much higher than the therapeutic dose (1mgAg).  In particular, hirudin can be taken orally, which makes it very convenient to administer.  Hirudin was stable, trypsin and chymotrypsin did not disrupt its activity, and some hydrolyzed fragments of hirudin still inhibited coagulation  

【Research direction】:

The hirudin cDNA was cloned and sequenced from domestic medical leeches, and the hirudin gene was synthesized, and the secreted EScherichia coli expression vector was constructed. The expression conditions were optimized to obtain high efficiency, and the product was directly secreted to the field, greatly simplifying the downstream engineering. According to the characteristics of hirudin, we designed a low-cost separation and purification process suitable for mass production, without high performance liquid chromatography or reverse phase chromatography, only three steps of purification, that is, electrophoresis pure product. 

【Future of technology】:

Cardiovascular diseases and tumors are two kinds of diseases which mainly harm human health.The curative effect of leeches in breaking blood, removing blood stasis, relieving menstruations and eliminating diseases has been proved by the practice of Chinese medicine for thousands of years in Our country. The effect of recombinant hirudin in anticoagulation and thrombolysis, as well as in combination with tumor chemotherapy and radiotherapy has also been proved clinically in foreign countries. At present, injection is mainly used in clinical anti-deep vein thrombosis. As oral agents, economic and social benefits can be achieved in a short time. It is estimated that replacing leeches with recombinant hirudin polypeptide drugs or using it as an additive in Chinese patent medicine can obtain economic benefits of at least 100 million yuan. 

【Comparison of similar technologies at home and abroad】

In the United States, pharmaceutical recombinant hirudin costs $6 per milligram. The cost of production in China is low, and if it drops to 6 yuan per milligram, patients may be able to afford it. Foreign recombinant hirudin all uses injection, we are developing oral dosage form, oral is undoubtedly easier to be accepted by patients, the cost can be more reduced. In particular, it can broaden the scope of use, used in the prevention and treatment of various blood embolus, or as the main ingredient or additive ingredient of related drugs, can develop a larger market. 

【Market condition and demand analysis】:

It is estimated that there are about 20 million patients with thrombosis in China at present. If 10 million of them are treated with hirudin, a total of 300-500 kg will be needed every year. Heparin is commonly used as anticoagulant drugs in the world. This kind of anticoagulant drugs have been used for more than 60 years, and the dosage is increasing year by year. In the 1970s, heparin was given to 10 million patients a year in the United States, mostly after surgery to prevent clots. In the United States alone, annual use of heparin exceeds 900 billion units, equivalent to about six tons. Hirudin has been shown to be superior to heparin in a number of properties. It is administered in small doses, does not cause bleeding, and does not depend on endogenous cofactors.

【 Optimal point】:

First, the inhibition of thrombin by hirudin and hirudin does not require antithrombin ⅲ (AT -- ⅲ) as a cofactor, which makes its anticoagulation more consistent with the dose-response relationship, and can be used in patients lacking antithrombin ⅲ (e.g., diffuse intravascular coagulation). 

Second, heparin does not inactivate coagulation and thrombin on the thrombus. Hirudin and hirudin inhibit thrombin both in circulation and bound to thrombus. 

Third, heparin binds to platelet factor 4(PTF4) released by activated platelets or glycoproteins rich in histone amino acids, while hirudin and hirudin are not affected by these factors.

Fourthly, hirudin and hirudin are used in antithrombotic therapy, with less bleeding side effects and no allergic reaction and immunogenicity non-toxic reaction. 

【 Properties, structure and anticoagulant principle 】:

Natural hirudin is a single chain polypeptide composed of 65 or 66 amino acid residues with a molecular weight of about 7 000 and is stable in extreme pH and heat conditions. Hirudin is similar in shape to a tadpole. The tadpole head is the n-terminal of the polypeptide, rich in cysteine (CYS), which interacts with each other to form three disulfide bonds (CYS6-CYS14, CYS16-CYS28, and CYS22-CYS39). The n-terminal of hirudin blocks the active site of thrombin, and its hydrophobic domain is complementary to the non-polar binding site (AB) of thrombin, which is close to the catalytic center of thrombin. Hirudin C terminates with six acid acids and forms many ionic bonds with positively charged thrombin recognition sites. The n-terminal and C-terminal domains bind to thrombin in a synergistic manner, forming a cap at the active site of thrombin and preventing substrate binding. 

【 Hirudin and dry leech difference 】:

1.Hirudin is a polypeptide substance with anticoagulant and antithrombotic effects, which is mainly separated and purified from the saliva of blood-drinking leeches. It is often used in the clinical treatment of multiple thrombotic diseases, which can eliminate vascular obstruction, depolymerize blood cells, dissipate thrombus, promote microvascularization and improve microcirculation. At present, it is often used to regulate blood lipids, eliminate fatty liver, directly dissolve thrombosis, eliminate atherosclerosis, prevent stroke and stroke again, activate the body's own thrombolytic function, avoid thrombolytic again and so on.

2. Leech preparation is to wash leeches, dry them, stir fry them with talcum powder, stir them until the leeches plump up, sieve the talcum powder, crush them, and get leech powder.  It could relieve menstruation, remove blood stasis and reduce swelling. It could be used in the treatment of menstrual stasis, lump, blood retention, bruising, carbuncle erysipelas, etc.   From the above effects of hirudin and leech, it is obvious that hirudin has better effect on stroke than making leeches  


【Serial Number】: D0010

【Product Name】:European Hop Flower Extract

【English Name】:Hops

【Another Name】: Hubu, hops, yeast flowers, hops


【Appearance】:  flat in nature and bitter in taste.

【Plant Origin】 female inflorescence of hop Humulus Iupulus L. of the cannabis family.  

【Place of production】Native to Europe, America and Asia.  Distribution in northern Xinjiang, northeast, north China and Shandong, Gansu, Shaanxi have cultivation.  

【Effective Constituent】 Containing Hunmulone、Lupulone、Adlupulone、Myrcene 、humulene、Liningool、Lupeol、rutin 、tannin 、Choline 。

【Mmajor function 】 Stomach digestion, phlegm relieving cough, anti-tuberculosis, tranquilizing diuresis.For loss of appetite, abdominal distension, tuberculosis, pleurisy, insomnia, hysteria, edema, cystitis.  

1、Antibacterial action 

Hops extract, humulone, humulone in test tube can inhibit the growth of gram-positive bacteria, such as Bacillus anthracis, Bacillus cereus, diphtheria, dicoccus pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, etc.  Do not have inhibitory effect to gram negative bacterium, also can restrain to n/med tuberculosis bacterium, to pathogenicity reach not pathogenicity fungus and put linear bacterium inhibitory effect extremely weak, or invalid.  Humulone had stronger inhibitory effect on both gram-positive bacteria and tuberculosis than humulone. Ephedrone has no therapeutic effect on streptococcus pyogenic infection in mice, and is effective on experimental tuberculosis in mice either orally or by intramuscular injection. However, there are many reports denying this effect, but it is considered effective in clinic.  Oxidation of humerone to HHS remains constant for months at room temperature.  In test tube, it has inhibitory effect on staphylococcus aureus and those who have produced resistance to antibiotics, penicillin and erythromycin can enhance it, while serum cancels its effect.  


In foreign folk, hops are used for hysteria, restlessness, insomnia and other symptoms. Hops extract can also play a role in small amount of sedation, medium amount of hypnosis and large amount of paralysis of the central nervous system. Therefore, humulone and humulone have sedative effect, which is also said to be caused by isovalic acid.  

3、Estrogen like effect

Most of the women who collected hops had menstruation 2 ~ 3 days after contact with hops and could relieve dysmenorrhea. The β -acid in the resin had a strong estrogenic effect, 15000 units per gram (measured by uterine weighing method, and each unit was equivalent to 0.1 microgram of mating element), while α -acid had no effect.  

4、Used for Other Purposes

Hops are added in beer brewing not only because their volatile oil has fragrance, but also can play an anti-corrosion role. ethanol extract of hops can relieve the spasmolysis of isolated rabbit jejunum, guinea pig duodenum and rat uterine smooth muscle, and antagonize the spasmolysis of acetylcholine and barium chloride, which can relax the smooth muscle directly. Hops extract and volatile oil had mild and temporary antihypertensive effect on dogs (intravenous injection), but had no preventive and therapeutic effect on foot edema caused by carrageenan in rats, and intravenous injection of hops could enhance respiration.  


【Serial Number】: D0011

【Product Name】:Frankincense extract

【English Name】:Boswellin Extract  

【Another Name】:Horsetail fragrance, nipple fragrance, flat fragrance, western fragrance, bath fragrance, tianze fragrance  

【Effective Constituent】masticinic acid  65%;  

【CAS 】471-66-9

【Appearance】:Yellow pigments。

【Product Packaging】:25kg/bucket  

【Plant Origin】

This product is olive cocca's mastic tree, Boswellia carterii Birdw.Boswelia bhaw dajiana Birdw.Wild frankincense tree、 Boswellia neglectaM.Moore,Dried gum resin exuding from the skin。

【Place of origin 】:Africa somalia, Ethiopia.

【Medicinal parts】:Exuded resin

【Effective Constituent】:

It contains 60-70% resin, 27-35% gum and 3-8% volatile oil.main components of resin are free A, B a frankincense lipoic acid 33%, combined frankincense lipoic acid 1.5%, frankincense resin hydrocarbon 33%. gum consisted of calcium and magnesium salts of alsugaric acid (20%) and west astragalus adhesive (6%).此外,尚含苦味质0.5%。volatile oil is pale yellow and aromatic, containing pinene, racemic monolimonene and A, B monocalenene. The main aromatic components are unknown.  And its derivatives and m-methylphenol, the neutral part containing α-, β -incense resin derivatives such as α -incense resin ketone also contains chloranthocyanin, mastic terpene and oxidized mastic terpene.  

【Category 】:blood-activating and stasis-eliminating compound

【Major function】:Treatment of qi and blood stagnation, abdominal pain, carbuncle sore poison, injury, dysmenorrhea, postpartum blood stasis pain.  

1、Promoting blood circulation to arrest pain : Treat blood stasis and pain.

a.Blood stasis, pain in the abdomen.

b.Women with blood stasis, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, symptoms.

c.Rheumatism, limb pain; The bruise caused pain.

2、Detumescence and promoting granulation:be used for the beginning of sore, redness, swelling, heat and pain;Or sore rout, do not close for a long time;And scrofula, and hard phlegm.


【Drug properties】:Dry rubber resin, mostly small papillary, teardrop shaped particles or irregular small pieces, 0.5 ~ 3cm long, sometimes adhesion into clumps.  Pale yellow, often with a tinge of green, blue or reddish brown, translucent. surface has a layer of white dust, dust removal, the surface is still dull. quality is hard, the section is waxy, dull, there are also a few glass luster.  Gas slightly fragrant, taste slightly bitter.Chew it, initially broken into small pieces, quickly soften into glue blocks, adhesion teeth, saliva into milk, and slightly spicy feeling.  When the heat becomes soft, burning of the aroma, smoke black, and left black residue.  


【Serial Number】: D0012 

【Product Name】:Nettle extract

【English Name】:Nettle Extract

【Specification】:0.8%β-sitosterol 5:1

【Plant Origin 】:Urticaria extract for urticaria family plant(Urticadeae)Dry whole grass

【Effective Constituent】:   have ascorbic acid,acetyl choline (ACH) ,

Nettle glucoside,β-sitosterol and so on;  

【Efficacy Function】: 

1、whole plant can be used as medicine, bitter taste, spicy, warm sex, small poison. 

2、It has the effects of dispelling wind and calming shock, activating blood and relieving pain, eliminating food and relieving constipation and detoxification.Fresh seedling pound juice besmear brush, can treat urticaria.Fresh grass pound juice external application, can treat poisonous insects, poisonous snakes bite. 

3、Whole grass decocted with water,It can treat stomachache, postpartum convulsions and convulsions in children.Proper amount of decoction and scrubbing can treat rheumatoid arthritis and its pain.Root and jute root decoction with water, can treat eczema, eczema on the head better curative effect;  Moderate immersion in wine for several days, can treat rheumatoid arthritis and pain.  


【Serial Number】: D0013

【Product Name】:Fructus Forsythiae 

【Efficacy Function】:

Astringency hemostasis; Regulating menstruation and mammary gland; Heat and detoxification; Lishi;main haemoptysis; Vomiting blood. Intestinal subwind-induced blood;metrorrhagia and metrostaxis ;traumatic bleeding ;menoxenia ;lactating woman has no milk;icterus ;Sore throat;Red eyes and sore;urinary tract infection;Nose and mouth sores;Carbuncle furuncle swollen poison;burn and scald 

【Usage and dosage】

for oral administration :brew a liquid preparation with medicinal herbs:9-15g. external use :Appropriate amount, fresh products tamping application;Or rub the stuffed nose;Or dry mouth grind end apply。 

【 Chemical composition】:

The whole plant contains 10% tannin and acid hydrolysis produces anthocyanin;main components of volatile oil are pinene and sesquiterpene.Another vitamin C, carotene, rutin(Leaves contain 2% and flowers 0.095%)、Hyperoside, quercetin, quercetin, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, small amount of saponins, β -sitosterol  。Root, stem and contain decanal, lauric acid, mannitol The whole grass toxic,Cattle can be poisoned by eating 1% of their body weight in fresh grass,5%. Is death;Sheep are poisoned when they lose 4% of their body weight,General animals in the toxic intake of 2-21 days before the occurrence of poisoning symptoms.  Plant juices are also toxic to human skin.  The whole herb contains two anthrone compounds hypericin, pseudo-hypericin.Prohypericin, cycloprohypericin, methylated cycloprohypericin, anthracene compound emodin anthracene, flavonoids compound rutin, quercetin, hyperoside, isoquercetin, and volatile oil.  In addition, fructus perforatum was also found in rhizome.  The main toxic ingredient is hypericin (Hypericin is a secondary photosensitizer, which can make body cells sensitive to the wavelength of sunlight. As an exogenous photosensitive substance on the cells in the pigment-free area of animal skin, it can produce light absorption under the irradiation of light larger than 320nm wavelength and the presence of oxygen, resulting in edema and even necrosis of cells themselves  )。 


【Serial Number】: D0014

【Product Name】:Almond glucoside

【Another Name】:amygdalin  Mandelonitrile-β-gentiobioside, Amygdaloside, Laetrile, VB-17  

【English Name】:


【Molecular formula】:C20H27NO11;  

【Molecular Weight】:457.42  


【detection method 】:HPLC

【physical property 】:The trihydrate is a cubic columnar crystal (water) with a melting point of 200°.  Anhydrous matter has a melting point of about 20 degrees,  [α]20D-42°。1g soluble in 12mL water, 900mL ethanol and 11ml boiling ethanol, soluble in boiling water, almost insoluble in ether.  UVλMeOHmax nm(ε): 268(179), 262(255), 257(256), 251198), 208(7210); IRνmax cmˉ1: 3330, 2860, 1640, 1590, 1490, 1450, 1270, 1160, 1060, 690[1]。  

【 Component classification】:Sugar and glycosides 

【 Pharmacological Aaction】:As early as 1845, this product has been used to treat cancer, and recently it has been reported frequently at home and abroad.  Some people think that the anticancer effect is caused by the action of β -glucuronase on 1-mandelonitrile -β -glucuronic acid, which produces lethal HCN. Some people think that the anticancer effect is mainly caused by mandelonitrile rather than cyanide.  In Japan and the United States, it has been reported that the clinical effect of cancer treatment is remarkable, but there are also reported cases that are inconsistent with or even contrary to the above results, and there are also cases of death after taking the medicine.  Currently, the NATIONAL Cancer Institute is conducting a clinical trial to treat 200 cancer patients who have failed other treatments.   

【 Indication】: Antineoplastic  


【Serial Number】: D0015

【Product Name】:Green tea extract 

【English Name】: Tea polyphenol 

【 Another Name 】: Green Tea P.E. 

【Extractive fraction】:leaf  

【 Bases 】:Tea polyphenols, caffeine, aromatic oil, water, minerals, pigments, carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, etc  

【Test method 】:HPLC 

【Specification】:TP(tea polyphenol) 20%-98% EGCG:15%-98% Catechin:30%-90% 

【Efficacy Function】:Lowering blood pressure, anticoagulation, lowering blood lipids, weight loss, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and thrombosis and other cardiovascular diseases, hypoglycemia, prevention and treatment of diabetes, sterilization and antiviral;  Prevention and treatment of hepatitis, fatty liver, anti-aging and enhance immune function;  Anti-cancer, anti-allergy, cold prevention, fracture prevention.  

【Other Applications】: 

As a natural antioxidant in food, tea polyphenols are obviously superior to BHA, BHT, TBHQ, PG, VE, VC and other synthetic antioxidants that have been widely used in the market in terms of antioxidant activity, safety and cost. As an excellent additive for cosmetics and daily chemicals, it has strong antibacterial effect and enzyme inhibition.  So, it can prevent and cure skin disease, skin allergy effect, skin pigment, prevent dental caries, dental plaque, periodontitis and halitosis.  


【Serial Number】: D0016

【Product Name】:white flower Patrinia extract

【Efficacy Function】:

Drug action and pharmacological effect:

1.Sedative effect:It has been reported that astragalus sauce produced in northeast China has sedative effect, and saponins contained in it are considered as its effective components.  In recent years, further studies have proved that the ethanol extract or volatile oil of L. citri orally has obvious sedative effect on mice, and can enhance the hypnotic effect of sodium pentobarbital. However, the extract of volatile oil residue and total saponins have sedative effect.  In the volatile oil, the main functions are septene and isophene, while isophenic acid has no sedative effect.  Its sedative effect was more than twice as strong as that of valerian.  

2.Antibacterial action:It had no effect on staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus albus, Bacillus diphtheriae, Bacillus pneumoniae, Bacillus anthracis and Bacillus tetanus in vitro.  The water decoction of the whole herb had no obvious inhibitory effect on influenza virus in chicken embryo.  

3.Used for Other Purposes:It can promote the regeneration of liver cells and prevent the degeneration of liver cells.  Whether it is related to oleanolic acid is worth discussing.  Oleanolic acid has a protective effect on the liver. The inhibition rate of 500μg/ mL hot water extract on human cervical cancer cells was 100%, but the normal cells had the effect of promoting proliferation.  

4.Antitumous effect :Intraperitoneal injection of the hot water extract of the root of mianzhan inhibited the growth rate of cancer cells in the tumor-bearing mice (sarcoma-180) by 57.4%. Toxicology:Mice were given 24g (crude drug) /KG of dry extract of Huanghuazu sauce.  No adverse reactions were observed for 48 hours.  The mice were fed with 320MG/KG, 600MG/KG and 1200MG/KG, respectively, which were 400, 700 and 1500 times of human dosage for 7 days.  The alcohol extract (30g/kg) had mild respiratory inhibition and mild diarrhea induced in mice.  


【Serial Number】: D0017 

【Product Name】:extract from angelica sinensis 

【English Name】:Angelica P.E

【Another Name】: Angelic(sinensis (Oilv)Diels

【Specification】:30:1   20:1

【Plant Origin 】:Roots of perennial herbs Angelica Sinensis(Oliv.) Diels in the umbelliferae family  

【Appearance】:Contains volatile oil components and organic acids, mainly succinic acid, nicotinic acid, uracil, adenine, ligustilide, vitamin B12, vitamin E, glutasterol, folic acid, butenylphthalide, ferulic acid and so on.  

It has a special fragrance and is easy to recognize.

【 Applicable symptoms 】:Invigorate blood circulation, regulate menstruation and relieve pain, moisten intestines and relieve constipation.For blood deficiency and yellowness, dizziness and palpitations, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea, deficiency and cold abdominal pain, intestinal dryness and constipation, rheumatism and pain, fall injury, ulcer disease . 

Wine Angelica promotes blood circulation and promotes menstruation.Used for dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, rheumatism, fall and fall.

【Effective Constituent】:ligustilide  

【Efficacy Function】:For women irregular menstruation, post-menstrual or postpartum blood loss, menstrual pain, menopausal depression, irritability and other symptoms. This product has anti - choline action, anti - oxidation and scavenging free radical action, can inhibit uterine contraction. Its water-soluble non-volatile substance can stimulate the uterine muscle and strengthen the contraction, while its volatile component can inhibit the uterus, reduce its rhythmic contraction and relax the uterus. It has the function of resisting vitamin E deficiency.It can reduce the excitability of myocardium and has therapeutic effect on atrial fiber tremor.  At the same time, the systolic amplitude and frequency of the heart were inhibited.  It can reduce blood pressure and blood lipids, and has protective effect on the lesions of aorta.  It has some effect on atherosclerosis.  


【Serial Number】: D00018

【Product Name】:5-HTP、5-hydroxytryptophan、Ghana seed extract 、L-5-HTP

【English Name】:5-hydroxytryptophan 

【Specification】:10%~99% 5-HTP. 

【Molecular formula】:C11H12N2O3 

【Molecular Weight】:220.23 

【CAS No】: 56-69-9 

【Appearance】:White to white fine powder 

【Physical Property】:Slightly salty taste,5-HTP is not easily soluble in water, melting point 270℃, rotation -30°  

【 Plant Origin 】:

Penta is a kind of natural tryptamine acid extracted from Ghana seeds in Africa. At present, xi 'an Uxuda is the stable supplier. Their permanent purchasing staff in Ghana ensures that our company can supply Ghana seed extract stably all year long on the premise of mature process and stable quality.  The products have been well received by customers.  The seeds of Ghana, an African plant, increase serotonin production in the human blood by naturally raising serotonin levels.  5- hydroxytryptophan has been widely used by European and American health products companies.  In addition to the blood and intestinal tract of animals, 5-HT is widely found in amphibians, hornets, scorpions and snakes, the skin of toads, fish salivary glands, and a variety of plants, including pineapples and bananas.  In human body, 90% of 5-HT exists in the mucous membrane of digestive tract, 8% ~ 10% in platelets, and only 1% ~ 2% in central system.  Others are found in mast cells in various tissues.  

【Clinical application】: 

1. Antidepressant, tranquilizer:Serotonin serotonin, a natural amino acid found in many dietary proteins, enhances the activity of serotonin. Serotonin serotonin is a serotonin receptor and serotonin serotonin plays a role in serotonin activity. Serotonin is a hormone produced by the brain that affects mood, sleep and appetite, causing an imbalance in serotonin in the brain that is needed to maintain the body's normal state.  So too little can lead to depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.  5-hydroxytryptophan, which increases serotonin production in brain cells, increases serotonin levels.  The amino acid 5-hydroxytryptophan is used in the body to make serotonin, which is essential for normal nerve function and brain function.  Serotonin helps you sleep.  It can also effectively control pain and treat depression.  

2. Reduce stress and improve sleep:5-hydroxytryptophan has also been used successfully to treat sleep disorders.  Because serotonin is the precursor to melatonin, a natural hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness cycles, when serotonin levels rise, melatonin levels increase, making sleep sweeter.  5-hydroxytryptophan works in a similar way to SSRI,  But there are downsides to the latter. First, antidepressant drugs are much more expensive.  Second, prescription drugs often cause some undesirable side effects, including dry mouth, anxiety and loss of libido.  

3. lose weight :Can effectively control appetite, improve the satiety center sensitivity, in the process of diet control, reduce hunger, make the process of weight loss easier to achieve, is the current popular weight loss food aid.  Great news for people who want to lose weight.  

4. In addition to the traditional medical function and anti-depression, but also with weight loss, quit addiction, improve sleep, ease premenstrual syndrome (PMS), the treatment of migraine and other functions. In animal studies, on the basis of these 5 - HT and NE neurons in the mechanism of action of antidepressants plays a key role, this is an antidepressant (e.g., mirtazapine) to 5 - HT receptor desensitization, and can be cut and direct antagonism effect as a result, the role of negative affect the discharge of action potential, and suppress the neurotransmitter synthesis and release.  As a result, the function of the norepinephrine and serotonergic systems in the brain can be increased, which, in theory, could lead to a reduction in depressive symptoms.  


【Serial Number】: D0019 

【Product Name】arctiin   

【English Name】 Arctiin  

【Another Name】 Burdock glucoside

【Chemical Name】 2(3H)-Furanone, 4-

【(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl) methyl】-3-


【Molecular formula】 C27H34O11;  

【Molecular Weight】 534.54  

【Physical Property 】 

Colorless crystalline powder, melting point 110-112? 27D-51.5(c=2.0, ethyl alcohol ).UVλETOHmax nm(log ε):230(4.26), 280(3.63); IRγKBrmax cm-1: 3280-3480(OH), 1780(ν-lactone c=0), 1593, 1510(aromatic nucleus )【2】; MSm/e: 372, 221, 194, 178, 151, 137【3】.  

【 Chemical composition】 Sugar and glycosides effects of arctiin.Arctiin can cause blood vessel dilation and blood pressure drop.  It causes convulsion in cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals, respiratory failure in large doses, redness of mouse skin and diarrhea, and inhibition of rabbit intestine and uterus in vitro.  

【Pharmacological Aaction】 This product can cause blood vessel dilation, blood pressure drop;  It causes convulsion in cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals, respiratory failure in large doses, redness of mouse skin and diarrhea, and inhibition of rabbit intestine and uterus in vitro.  Paralysis to motor nerve and bone, and can cause mild tail lift reaction in mice.   

【Efficacy Function】 Relax rhabdoid muscle, lower blood pressure, dilate coronary vessels and other functions, acting on uterine nerve muscle block  


【Serial Number】: D0020

【Product Name】:L-dopa

【English Name】:LEVODOPA

【Another Name】:L dopa,Laevodopa,L-Dopa,Dopar,Larodopa

【 CAS   】: 59-92-7

【Molecular formula】: C9H11NO4   

【Molecular Weight】: 197.19

【Melting point】: 295 ℃    

【Effects and indications  】:

 It is an anti-tremor paralytic drug.  Through the blood-brain barrier into brain tissue, the dopamine decarboxylase decarboxylase and converted into dopamine, play a role. Used for primary paralysis tremor and non - drug - induced paralysis tremor syndrome, moderate and mild effect is better, severe or poor in the elderly.   

【 Usage and dosage 】:

 Oral administration: paralysis tremor, 0.25 ~ 0.5g/time, 3 ~ 4 times/day, 0.125-0.5g every 3 to 4 days.  Maintain the dose of 3-6g/day, divided into 3-4 times, in the process of increasing the dose, such as nausea, should stop increasing, after the symptoms disappear.  When used with a dopa decarboxylase inhibitor, the dose can be reduced by 50%. 

【 Pharmacokinetics  】:

 After oral absorption from the small intestine.  The blood concentration reaches the peak 1-2 hours after fasting administration, and is widely distributed in various tissues of the body. 1% enters the center and becomes dopamine and plays a role, while most of the rest are metabolized and decarboxylated into dopamine outside the brain, so the effect is slow.  The half-life (T1/2) is 1-3 hours. If peripheral dopamine decarboxylase inhibitor is used, the dosage of levodopa can be reduced, the amount of levodopa into the brain increases, and the adverse reactions caused by peripheral dopamine can be reduced.  After oral administration, 80% is degraded into dopamine metabolites within 24 hours, mainly vanillic acid and dihydroxyphenylacetic acid, which are excreted by the kidney. Some metabolites can make urine red.  The prototype is excreted about 5% of the body and can be secreted by milk. 

【 Untoward Effect   】:

1.Digestive system:The incidence of early gastrointestinal reaction is high when this product is used alone, such as anorexia, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort, bloating, dry mouth, dysphagia, salivation, burning sensation of tongue, bitter mouth, diarrhea or constipation.    

2.Cardiovascular system :Orthostatic hypotension, palpitations, tachycardia, and hypertension.  Some patients also develop arrhythmia, mainly due to new-born dopamine acting on the heart's beta receptors.     

3.Central nervous system :Chorea samples and involuntary movements, hand tremors, bradykinesia, sleep grind, ataxia, muscle twitching, numbness, weakness, fatigue, headache, opisthotonos, confusion, excitement, anxiety, and euphoria, insomnia, nightmares, convulsions, psychosis and delusions or hallucinations, severe depression (including suicide) and hypomania.  

4.Blood system:Hemolytic anemia, granulocytosis, decreased hemoglobin and erythrocyte volume, leukopenia, etc.  

5.Ocular region :Blepharospasm, diplopia, blurred vision, pupil dilation and so on. 

6.Other:Runny nose, black flush, skin rashes, urine and sweat, sweat, urine retention, or incontinence, menstrual bleeding, edema, after the test is positive, can have a short, alkaline phosphatase, nmda amino transferase, pyruvate transaminase, lactate dehydrogenase, bilirubin and blood urea nitrogen increased, urine protein, increased uric acid, etc., I can exacerbate gout.  It can also enhance sexual function.  

【 Mutual Effect  】:

1.Attention should be paid to the juxtaposed benzopril and phenytoin, which may antagonize the antitremor paralytic effect of the product.    

2.Methyldopa or cola would rather antagonize the antitremor effects of the product, aggravating the side effects of postural hypotension.  This product should not be used with phenothiazine or metoclopramide.    

3.Monoamine oxidase inhibitors can prevent the degradation of dopamine in vivo and enhance its effect, but can lead to accelerated heart rate and hypertensive crisis, so it is not suitable for use with this product.  Use the monoamine oxidase inhibitor 2 weeks before or 2 days after discontinuation of the product.    

4.Should not be used with reserpine and adrenalin.  Reserpine may reduce the effect of this product, and epinephrine may aggravate cardiovascular adverse reactions.     

5. combination of general anaesthesia with this product may lead to cardiovascular accidents, and this product should be discontinued at least 1 day before general anesthesia.     

6.Vitamin B6 is a dopamine decarboxylase cogroup, which can increase the activity of decarboxylase in peripheral tissues.  This product should not be used with vitamin B6.  However, when combined with decarboxylase inhibitors, vitamin B6 can promote the decarboxylation of dopamine and enhance the effect of levodopa in the brain.    

7.This product can enhance the antihypertensive effect of guanethidine and methyldopa, and they can also affect the antitremor paralysis effect of this product.   

8.Extrapyramidal symptoms caused by antipsychotics should not be treated with this product because of antagonism.     

9.It has synergistic effect with carbidopa, mardopa, amantadine and camatalin, which can reduce dosage and reduce adverse reactions.    

10.Propranolol can enhance the efficacy of this product, and also enhance the induction and stimulation of growth hormone secretion.   

【Medical attention】:

1.Contraindicated for hypersensitivity, serious cardiovascular disease, organic encephalopathy, endocrine disorders, mental illness, severe neurasthenia,  Use of monoaminase oxidant within 2 weeks, closed Angle glaucoma, peptic ulcer, history of convulsions, early pregnancy, lactating mothers, parturients, and children under 12 years of age.   .   

2.Patients with hemolytic anemia, liver or kidney disease, history of infarction, ulcer disease, epilepsy, mental disorder, lung disease, bronchial asthma and gout should be used with caution.    

3.If taken with food, especially on a high protein diet, it may interfere with drug transfer from plasma to the central nervous system.  The fluctuation of clinical response can be reduced by taking medication and low protein fast food between meals.     

4.Since the safety of this product is very small, the indications should be strictly grasped, detailed medical history and examination should be made.  The dosage is determined according to the patient's tolerance, starting from a small dose, gradually increased, until the emergence of toxic reaction to reduce the amount of maintenance.  The toxicity should be dealt with in time.    

5.Early treatment often asymptomatic orthostatic hypotension;  Some people also appear vertigo or syncope, continue to use drugs can be improved, generally tolerated after a few months.  When moving or changing position during medication, it should be done slowly.     

6.Attention should be paid to intraocular pressure, blood routine and allergic reaction.  Blood sugar should be checked frequently.     

7.The effect of this product on tremor paralysis is generally shown in 2 ~ 3 weeks.  The periodic intensification of shock paralysis, lasting l-3 hours at 1 minute and occurring at the same time every day, indicates excessive use or emotional shock.     

8.When patients have abnormal involuntary muscle activity, should be immediately reduced, otherwise the symptoms will worsen.     

9.Foods rich in B6, such as yeast, whole wheat, bran, viscera, lean meat and green leafy vegetables, should be avoided during medication.  Do not engage in dangerous activities such as driving, climbing, etc.  When there are changes in mood, intelligence, behavior, etc., reduce the amount.  

10.During medication, there may be positive pseudoglycosuria, positive ketone body in urine and elevated pseudouric acid in urine.     

Gastrointestinal reaction nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, at the initial stage of treatment, medication after 3 months can appear restless, insomnia, hallucinatory mental symptoms, in addition, there can be orthostatic hypotension arrhythmia and involuntary movement.   

【 matters need attention  】: 

Peptic ulcer, hypertension, psychosis, diabetes, arrhythmia and angle-closure glaucoma are contraindicated.  


【Serial Number】: D0021

【Product Name】:Piperine

【English Name】:Piperine

【Chemical Name 】:(E,E)-1-[5-(1,3-Benzodioxol-5-yl)-1-oxo-2,4-pentadienyl]-piperidine; 

【   CAS  】: 94-62-2


【Molecular formula】:C17H19NO3

【Molecular Weight】: 285.34

【Plant Origin】 Dry near mature or ripe fruit of Piper nigrum L. of the Piper family.    

【Physical Property 】 It is white crystalline powder. Melting point 130 ~ 133℃.

Soluble in acetic acid, benzene, ethanol and chloroform, slightly soluble in ether.

【Effects and indications】: 

Piperine is a broad spectrum anticonvulsant. It has good anticonvulsive effect on experimental electroconvulsions in mice, and has different degree of anticonvulsive effect on seizures caused by pentaerythrine, tetrandryl toxin, strychnine, and auditory seizures caused by intraventricular injection of turbinine and glutamate.  It is also effective for certain types of epilepsy.  Piperine is more toxic to flies than pyrethrum.  The scientists' sensitivity and uncharted nature led them to organize quickly, conduct a detailed pharmacological analysis, and discover that it was white pepper, not radish, that had anticonvulsant effects.  Therefore, through the experimental pharmaceutical factory of Beijing Medical University at that time, which is now the Peking University medicine, developed a new type of domestic plant treatment of piperine antiepileptic drug - "Ilaisimine tablet" (anti-epileptic ling). The results showed that the effective rate of kangxianling was 95.6% and the comprehensive effective rate was 8.3%.  At the same time, a certain proportion of children were selected for clinical observation, becoming the first international antiepileptic drug for clinical observation in children, which fully proved the low toxicity and safety of the product.In clinical use, more than 50,000 patients, including 4 Danes, 7 Americans, 23 Singaporeans and 86 Taiwanese, have used antiepileptic agents to control their seizures. In the 1990s, due to the raw material supply difficulties of piperine, high production costs and other reasons, anti-epileptic ling, the first anti-epileptic drug with independent intellectual property rights in China, stopped production midway.  This became the regret of professor Zhou Zhengxin who had passed away, and it was also a concern of many early researchers.  Up to now, there are still many patients who have taken "zhixianling", by telephone or write to us for purchase. Now, "antiepileptic ling" has been renamed "ilesimide" tablets.  Piperine is a new anti-epileptic drug in China, which has completely independent intellectual property rights.China has a treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, which is a huge advantage for us to develop high-efficiency, low-toxicity and safe antiepileptic drugs.  Now, a more comprehensive clinical study has been carried out, and a special national fund has been applied for a series of studies on piperine anti-epilepsy.  We expect this study to become another milestone in China's global medical history, comparable with artemisinin, the new drug to replace chloroquine for malaria treatment.  


【Serial Number】: D0022 

【Product Name】:Shikimic acid

【English Name】:Shikimic acid

【Another Name】:Taste bitter,A fine white powder

【  CAS   】:138-59-0


【Molecular formula】:C7H10O5

【Molecular Weight】: 174.16

【Melting point】:191~192℃

【solubility】:18g/100ml,Shikimic acid is soluble in water, but not in chloroform, benzene, and petroleum ether.

【Efficacy Function】:

Shikimic acid Shikimicacid, exist Yu Mulan evergreen shrubs shikimic IlliciumlanceolatumA. C.s. mith the dry fruit of anise.  Shikimic acid also exists widely in microorganisms and can be extracted by microbial fermentation.  Oxalic acid inhibits platelet aggregation, arteriovenous thrombosis and cerebral thrombosis by affecting arachidonic acid metabolism. Shikimic acid has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and can also be used as an intermediate of antiviral and anticancer drugs.  Shikimic acid is often used as pharmaceutical intermediates, with a certain irritation, do not directly use.  

【 Pharmacological Aaction  】:

Shikimic acid is extracted from traditional Chinese medicine star anise, a monomer compounds have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, anti-cancer drug intermediates, shikimic acid through effecting the metabolism of arachidonic acid, inhibit platelet aggregation, inhibition, vein thrombosis and cerebral thrombosis, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of shikimic acid, shikimic acid also can be used as antiviral and anticancer drug intermediates.Star anise contains shikimic acid, an important ingredient against Asian bird flu viruses.  Experts say it is the world's only weapon against bird flu.  Shikimic acid is an important ingredient in tamiflu, an effective drug against the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus.  Shikimic acid can inhibit arteriovenous thrombosis and cerebral thrombosis.  To elucidate its antithrombotic mechanism, we investigated the effects of shikimic acid on platelet aggregation and coagulation, and analyzed the relationship between its mechanism and arachidonic acid metabolism.  The results suggest that shikimic acid may exert antithrombotic effect by affecting arachidonic acid metabolism, inhibiting platelet aggregation and inhibiting coagulation system.  Among the biological metabolic pathways is shikimic acid metabolism, which exists in a large number of higher plants and microorganisms.  Shikimic acid metabolism refers to the further synthesis and decomposition of shikimic acid as an intermediate substance in living organisms to generate other compounds.  In other words, shikimic acid is present in a large number of higher plants or microorganisms.  The fruits of aniseed plants contain a large amount of shikimic acid, and the methanol extract of aniseed can contain more than 10% of shikimic acid, so it is often used as a resource plant for extracting shikimic acid, just because of the high content of shikimic acid in aniseed.  

【Related purposes  】:

Shikimic acid is commonly used as a chemical feedstock that can be converted into other chemicals or chemical preparations.  Shikimic acid-derived drugs are mostly experimental, but reports of such trials are plentiful. It was reported in 1987 that Japanese scholars found that a compound of shikimic acid could significantly inhibit HeLacells and Ehrlichascitescarcinoma and prolong the survival time of mice inoculated with leukemia cell L1210.  The toxicity of shikimic acid compound was relatively low, and the inhibition was mainly due to the reaction of shikimic acid compound with thihydride. Second, effects on the cardiovascular system, Beijing university of Chinese medicine jian-ning sun of shikimic acid and its derivatives, such as three acetyl shikimic acid and vision of propyl shikimic acid to study the role of the cardiovascular system, three compounds are found - with the role of thrombosis and inhibit platelet aggregation, and their mechanism were studied.                                       



【Serial Number】: D0023 

【Product Name】:Asiaticoside     

【English Name】  Gotu  Kola  P.E       

【Latin Name】  Centella  asiatica  (L.)  Urban     

【CAS 】16830-15-2 

【Solubility 】:Centella asiatica extract is slightly soluble in water, soluble in alcohol and pyridine

【Effective Constituent】Asiaticoside, hydroxyl asiaticoside, asiaticoside, asiaticoenoic acid     

【Appearance】:Centella asiatica extract looks brownish yellow fine powder, taste slightly bitter.

【Specification】:Centella asiatica monosaccharide10%,30%,40,90%;

【Test method】HPLC 

【Plant Origin】  Centella genus: umbelliferous family, alias Lei Gong root, perennial creeping herbs.  Native to Southeast Asia and south Pacific, it is widely grown in Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and other places in China.            

【Specification】  10%,20%,40%,90%           

【Efficacy Function】 Heat and disinfection, dampness and swelling.

Oriental longevity medicine, can nourish the brain refreshing.Studies have shown tonic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, diuretic, laxative and calming effects.  It also has curative effect on leprosy and ulcer, and can activate blood purification and immunity. Centella asiatica can tighten the connection between epidermis and dermis, make the skin soft, help to solve the problem of flabby skin, and make the skin smooth and elastic.  Help promote collagen formation of dermis and regeneration of fibrous eggs.   

【safety evaluation】In clinical studies, centella asiatica has not shown toxicity.  It rarely causes side effects other than the occasional allergic rash  

【Serviceable range 】Cosmetics, health care products, etc。


【Serial Number】: D0024 

【Product Name】:Pine bark extract


【Efficacy Function】:

Pine bark extract is a kind of substance extracted from pine bark.  The bark of the pine tree is collected, flattened and extracted.  It contains a large number of compounds called OPCs (procyanidin oligomers).  OPCs have been found in many plants since French scientist Dr. Jack Mescally isolated them from peanut shells in 1947.  In a large number of studies, OPCs have been proved to be effective antioxidants, non-toxic, non-mutative, non-carcinogenic and no side effects.  Very safe to use.  Pine bark has been proved to be a new source of OPCs. OPCs extracted from pine bark have no difference in quality and function, but some slight differences in appearance.   

The antioxidant power of pine bark extract comes from procyanidins (procyanidin oligomers) (OPCs), which have 20 times the antioxidant power of vitamin C and 50 times that of vitamin E.  As a well-known antioxidant, OPCs can effectively suppress the effects of free radicals, which play an important role in degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, blurred vision, sunburn and premature aging.  

1、CVD(cardiovascular disease) 

Studies have confirmed that OPCs can help strengthen capillaries, arteries and veins, giving them many important clinical applications.  OPCs are used to stabilize blood vessel walls, suppress inflammation, and primarily support tissues containing collagen and elastin.   

a) Atherosclerosis 

Oxidant LDL has been shown to play an important role in causing atherosclerosis.  Due to their excellent antioxidant function, OPCs can prevent or repair atherosclerosis by eliminating free radical damage to the arterial wall like collagens and elastase.  Animal studies have shown that OPCs can slow or repair atherosclerosis.   

b) Venous insufficiency (varicose veins) 

Varicose veins, which occur when blood pools in the legs, can cause pain, heaviness, edema, fatigue, and extravasation. By increasing capillary strength and reducing capillary permeability, OPCs can reduce pain and edema of venous insufficiency.  OPCs is recommended as an excellent treatment for hemorrhoids for the same reasons.  OPCs are also shown to be effective in treating injury and edema after surgery.  OPCs can speed up the removal of edema by repairing damaged blood and lymphatic vessels that have lost fluid.   

c) Retinopathy/enhanced vision  

The ability of OPCs to strengthen capillaries and reduce permeability is particularly effective in patients suffering from stroke and retinopathy.  OPCs have been shown to be effective in improving retinopathy due to diabetes, arteriosclerosis, inflammation and aging.  It has also been reported that OPCs can speed up visual recovery after bright light and improve visual acuity in patients with visual fatigue caused by prolonged computer use.  

A 6 week controlled (but not blind) study evaluated the ability of grape skin (seed) OPCs to improve night vision in general subjects.  In this trial, 100 healthy volunteers who received 200mgOPCs daily showed significant increases in night vision and strong flash response compared with a control group that did not receive the drug.   

2、 Aging/Alzheimer's disease

Because OPCs can easily cross the blood-brain barrier and effectively inhibit free radical damage to brain tissue, it can effectively prevent and improve Alzheimer's disease.   

3、 skin protection 

Due to their antioxidant power, OPCs are thought to protect the skin from excess UV radiation and free radicals.  There is considerable evidence that OPCs protect and strengthen collagen and elastin in the skin, thereby preventing wrinkles and maintaining skin elasticity.  Adding OPCs to creams is a popular way to slow the aging of skin, theoretically restoring youthful glow by repairing collagen and elastin.   

4、 Anti - cancer, anti - inflammatory and anti - allergic

Because free radicals play an important role in tumor formation, OPCs can be used in moderation to exert its anticancer effects.  At the same time, OPCs has certain effects on various types of arthritis because of its effective inhibition of inflammatory factors such as PG,5-HT and leukotrienes, and its selective binding with joint binding voxins to relieve pain and edema.  The antiallergic activity of OPCs is thought to be a result of its antihistamine activity.  Compared with other allergy drugs, OPCs have the same efficacy without side effects such as drowsiness.  

【Agent amount 】:

For use as an antioxidant like vitamin E or vitamin C, 50mlOPCs a day is sufficient.  Higher doses, such as 150 to 300ml daily, are used to treat specific conditions such as varicose veins.  

【 Safety  】:

OPCs have been extensively tested for safety and are considered non-toxic.  Side effects are rare, but occasional allergic reactions and mild indigestion have been found.  However, safe doses have not been established for young children, pregnant or postpartum women, and other patients with liver or kidney disease. When used in large doses, OPCs may have some anticoagulant properties and should only be used as a blood-thinning agent under physician supervision.  When using corminidine (warfarin), heparin, Zonentine (pentoxifylline), or aspirin, large doses of OPCs may result in a risk of massive bleeding.   

【 Chemical composition 】: 

This product is composed of oligomeric procyanidins (OPCS) with the following chemical structure:  (C30H26O12)nnn=2~4 (C44H32O12)n n=2~4 


【Serial Number】:D0025

【Product Name】:Sinomenine 

【English Name】:Sinomenine

【Another Name】:(9alpha,13alpha,14alpha)-7,(9alpha,13alpha,14alpha)-7,8-Didehydro-4-hydroxy-3,7-dimethoxy-17-methylmorphinan-6-one 

【  CAS  】: 115-53-7

【Specification】:Acicular crystallization (from benzene).  Ethanol).  Soluble in ethanol, acetone, chloroform and dilute alkali, slightly soluble in water, ether and benzene.  Its hydrochloride, crystallization (water or ethanol), 278℃ decomposition.  Its hydroiodate, needle crystal (crystallization from water), 272℃ decomposition.  Picric acid, yellow needle crystal, 176℃ decomposition.  

【Molecular formula】:C19H23NO4

【Molecular Weight】: 329.38

【Melting point】:161℃,The melting point rises again to 182℃. Rotation - 71(c=2.1,

【Efficacy Function】: 

Sinomenine has definite analgesic sedation, antitussive local anesthesia, lowering blood pressure, anti-inflammatory effect, and is a strong histamine releasing agent in plants.  Animal experiments suggest that it has a protective effect on shock and organ damage, and is clinically used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and neuralgia.  


【Serial Number】:D0026

【Product Name】:Ferulic Acid

【English Name】:ferulic acid

【Another Name】: 3-methoxy-4-hydroxycinnamic acid

【Specification】:Light yellow crystalline powder、≥99%

【Molecular formula】:C10H10O4 

【Molecular Weight】:194.18

【  CAS   】:1135-24-6

【Melting point】:169-173℃

【Efficacy Function】:

Ferulic acid in Angelica, ligusticum chuanxiong, cohosh hemp, jujube seed and other Chinese medicinal materials with high content, is one of the effective components of these Chinese medicines, has been used as one of the quality indicators of Chinese patent medicine.  In food raw materials, coffee, rice husk, vanilla beans, wheat bran, rice bran content is also high ferulic acid.  In recent years, the pharmacological and biological activities of ferulic acid and its derivatives have been found, and their toxicity is low, so they are widely used in medicine, health care products, cosmetic raw materials and food additives.  

【Physical property 】:

There are two kinds of cis and trans, cis is yellow oil, trans is square crystal or fiber crystal, dissolution point is 174℃, soluble in hot water, ethanol and ethyl acetate, slightly soluble in ether, difficult to dissolve in benzene and petroleum ether.  

【 Pharmacological Aaction 】: 

1 Sedative effect on the central nervous system

2.Effects on the cardiovascular system

Ferulic acid can increase coronary blood flow and protect ischemic myocardium. It can inhibit the contraction of aortic smooth muscle and resist the hypertensive effect of methylchloramine, phenylephrine β adrenalin and so on due to its blocking effect on α receptor.  Sodium ferulate can ameliorate the imbalance of oxygen supply and demand in myocardium.  It also has the effect of anti-platelet aggregation.  

3.Effects on lymphocytes

Ferulic acid can slightly activate mouse spleen lymphocytes, promote the proliferation of glandular lymphocytes, and significantly promote the DNA and protein synthesis of conA-induced mouse spleen lymphocytes. The optimal concentration of DNA synthesis was 500mg/ mL and 120ng/ mL, respectively.  DNA synthesis peaked at 48h.  It also enhanced the production of IL-2.  

4. certain anti-early pregnancy effect.

Various methods have confirmed that ferulic acid is an antioxidant, and the hydroxyl group on its benzene ring is the active group of antioxidant. It can also eliminate free radicals, inhibit oxidation and free radical reactions, and bind with phospholipids of biofilms to protect lipids from the damage of free radicals to tissues, resulting in anti-atherosclerosis effect.  

【Detection and analysis method 】:


The determination of ferulic acid by high performance liquid chromatography is simple, rapid, accurate and precise.  It is described that the mobile phase mainly adopts acidic system, including methanol-water-phosphoric acid system, methanol-water-glacial acetic acid system, methanol-acetonitrile-water-glacial acetic acid system, etc. The amount of methanol can be adjusted appropriately in the experiment.  The content of ferulic acid in compound Ginkgo oral liquid was determined by HPLC. The mobile phase was methanol and 1% glacial acetic acid (45:55). The detection wavelength was set at 320nm, the flow rate was 1.0 mL /min, and the column temperature was 25℃.  The linear range of ferulic acid oxygen intake was 0.176-0.88ug.  


TLC scanning is also one of the commonly used methods for determination of ferulic acid.The content of ferulic acid in Jiangzhi Tongmai oral liquid was determined by TLC. Benzene-glacial acetic acid-chloroform (6:0.5:3.5) was used as the developing agent, and the scanning wavelength was 325nm.  Good stability.  

3、Thin layer spectrophotometer method

Using tlC-spectrophotometer for qualitative determination of ferulic acid extracted from agricultural by-product rye wheat bran: dichloromethane: acetonitrile: formic acid = 75:25:10;  The results show that although the spectrophotometer method is easily disturbed by other components, the relative error of HPLC method is about 7%, and the reproducibility is good.   

4、high-performance capillary electrophoresis 

Capillary zone electrophoresis is the most widely used separation method.  Features simple, efficient, fast, less sample consumption, automatic operation.  The results showed that ferulic acid in Angelica preparation could be quantitatively determined in the range of 5-100ug/mL with good repeatability.  

【Method for obtaining ferulic acid 】:

I、Extracted directly from plants 

      Ferulic acid can be obtained from plants in three ways: from the combination of ferulic acid with some small molecules, from plant cell walls, and by tissue culture.  Ferulic acid in plants is usually crosslinked with polysaccharide and lignin through ester bonds or self-esterification or etherification to form diferulic acid. Ferulic acid is generally released by breaking ester bonds by alkali and enzymatic methods, and then extracted with appropriate solvents.  

  1)、Alkaline hydrolysis

Ferulic acid from cell wall can be released by reaction of 4% sodium hydroxide with nitrogen for 24h at room temperature.  Recent studies have found that most ferulic acid can be removed from wheat bran in a short time by increasing the extraction temperature and adding suitable protective agent.  Oshiyi et al. can release most ferulic acid in wheat bran by using low-concentration sodium hydroxide solution at appropriate extraction temperature. Sodium sulfite can increase the recovery of ferulic acid in the extraction process.   

2)、Ferulic acid esterase method

Ferulic acid esterase is an enzyme that can free ferulic acid from methyl ferulic acid, oligosaccharide ferulic acid and polysaccharide ferulic acid.  Ferulic acid esterase is secreted by fungi, bacteria and yeast.  Using Aspergillus Niger as the strain, Zhang Jing et al. prepared a mixed enzyme preparation containing ferulic acid esterase and arabinoxylanase by liquid deep fermentation method, and applied the mixed enzyme preparation to the starch removed wheat bran, and found that the degradation rate of wheat bran reached 55.46% after three times of degradation.  

3)、Plant tissue culture method

II、Chemical synthesis 

The chemical synthesis of ferulic acid is based on vanillin. The main organic reactions are Wittig-Horner reaction and Kneoevenagel reaction.  

1)、Ferulic acid was synthesized by Wittig-Horner reaction  

The wittig-Horner reaction of triethyl phosphite acetate and acetylvanillin in a strong base system was followed by acidification with concentrated hydrochloric acid to obtain ferulic acid.  The method needs to protect phenolic hydroxyl groups in advance, otherwise due to the presence of strong base, the formation of sodium phenol example will inhibit the reaction between carbonyl group and carboanion, and also prone to side reaction to generate impurities.   

2)、Kneoevenagel Ferulic acid was synthesized by reaction

 A Kneoevenagel reaction between vanillin and malonic acid was conducted to produce ferulic acid by adding a small amount of organic base in pyridine solvent as catalyst. The catalysts include piperidine and aniline.  However, the reaction time of the method is long, up to three weeks, and the obtained is a mixture of trans-ferulic acid and cis-ferulic acid.   


ArthrobBiosynthesis involves the conversion of ferulic acid precursors using Arthrobacter Blobiformis, for example, the butylphenol cinnamate extracted from clove oil.  

III、Separation and purification of ferulic acid 

At present, there are not many methods to purify ferulic acid.  There are mainly solvent extraction and adsorption method.   

1)、Solvent Extracted

The commonly used solvents for extracting ferulic acid are ethanol, ethyl acetate and so on.  The principle is the use of ferulic acid solubility of solvent extraction of ferulic acid in the extraction solution, and then decompression distillation to remove the solvent, so as to obtain ferulic acid products.  This method is the most commonly used method to purify ferulic acid.  

2)、Adsorption method  

Adsorption method is one of the most studied purification methods.  The principle is that ferulic acid in the solution is adsorbed and enriched by adding adsorption materials, and then the eluent is used to elute the adsorbed ferulic acid. Couteau screened from activated carbon, polystyrene crosslinked resin, PVPP and other adsorption media. The study showed that activated carbon was the best adsorption medium for ferulic acid due to its high adsorption capacity (22g per 100g), non-binding monosaccharide molecules, easy elution and other advantages.  After the activated carbon adsorption, ethanol can be used to remove the ferulic acid adsorption. In addition, activated carbon is also an excellent adsorption material. After the extraction solution is adsorbed by activated carbon, when the activated carbon reaches adsorption saturation, the pure ferulic acid can be obtained from the extraction solution by elution.  


【Serial Number】:D0027 

【Product Name】:Podophyllotoxin,

【English Name】:Podophyllotoxin, WArtee

【Another Name】:Podophyllum ester toxin,wartosin,podophyllotoxin,Warts di  

【Specification】:Podophyllotoxin Solution:25%。

【  CAS   】:518-28-5 

【Adaptation Disease】 Condyloma acuminatum, multiple superficial epitheliomatosis (such as multiple superficial or invasive basal cell epithelioma, squamous cell epithelioma and basal squamous cell epithelioma), pre-epithelioma keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, solar keratosis and ray keratosis, juvenile laryngeal papilloma, warts (verruca vulgaris, filamentous wart).  

【 Amount of usage 】:

(1)Protect the lesion area with vaseline to avoid liquid contamination, or sprinkle the treatment area with talcum powder immediately after application.  

(2)With toothpick or glass stick dipped in liquid, drop a drop first, dry and then drop, so that the liquid cover the disease, retain 1 ~ 6 hours, then with soap and water clean, such as liquid containing benzoin tincture, wipe with alcohol cotton ball, wash your hands immediately after besmear.  The interval between the two treatments should be at least 7 days, and 4 treatments can be given. If the treatment still does not work, other therapies should be replaced.  Usually applied at a concentration of 25%, large area damage (> 10 ~ 20cm2) applied at a concentration of 5% ~ 10%.  

(3)For acuteness wet wart, use 10% ~ 25% solution, keep 1 ~ 6 hours, 1 times a week, a total of 4 times.   

(4)For multiple superficial epitheliomatosis or preepitheliomatosis keratosis, apply 25% solution externally, once daily for several days.  

(5)For young laryngeal papilloma, use the same amount of 95% alcohol diluted to 12.5%, once a day, when the damage is reduced, the interval can be extended.   

【 Matters need attention 】:

Topical and accidental administration can cause severe systemic toxicity, usually reversible but sometimes fatal.  Oral administration of 300mg is lethal.  Severe toxic reactions may occur when applied externally in large areas, over and for a long time.  Application of this product to areas of brittle, bleeding, or recently biopsied warts or to normal skin or mucous membranes surrounding lesions may increase the risk of systemic poisoning.  External application may lead to renal failure and liver toxicity (serum lactate dehydrogenase, aspartate aminotransferase and alkaline phosphate increase) . The initial symptoms of systemic poisoning include abdominal pain or stomach pain, immobility of hands and feet, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In severe cases, leukopenia and thrombocytopenia can be caused. The delayed symptoms of systemic poisoning include plant nervous disorder.  Such as dysuria, painful urination, dizziness or light head feeling (especially when standing up from sitting or lying position), rapid heartbeat, dyspnea, drowsiness, paralytic intestinal obstruction (constipation, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain), peripheral neuropathy (numbness, tingling, pain or weakness in hands and feet), convulsions. This product may have cross-allergic reaction, can not absorb benzoin, can cross the placenta, because of teratogenic effect, pregnant women prohibited.  Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes.  


【Serial Number】: D0028 

【Product Name】:UsnicacidSodium

【English Name】:usnic acid;usninic acid;usnein

【Another Name】:usninic acid

【C A S 号】:125-46-2

【Appearance】:Yellow rhombic prismatic crystals (acetone).  Melting point is 204 ℃.  Optical rotation +509.4°(C =0.697, chloroform).  At 25℃, the solubility (g/ 100mL water) was <0.01, acetone was 0.77, ethyl acetate was 0.88, ethanol was 0.02, sugar aldehyde was 7.32, sugar alcohol was 1.21.  

【Product appearance】:Yellow crystalline powder.


【Detection method 】:HPLC

【Molecular formula】:C18H16O7

【Molecular Weight】: 344.32

【Efficacy Function】:Used for hemostasis, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, removal of dental plaque, enhance human immunity, oral ulceration and vaginitis has a good effect.  It is often used as an additive in toothpaste and cosmetics.

【Storage condition 】:Store in a cool and dry place, away from light and high temperature


【Serial Number】:D0029 

【Product Name】:natural Agrimony

【English Name】:natural Agrimony

【Specification】:10:1 20:1

【Efficacy Function】:

Taste bitter, astringent, warm.  It has hemostatic, strong heart, strong, dysentery and anti-inflammatory effects.  Treatment of fatigue, women's menstrual disorders, red insipidus leucorrhea, stomach cold abdominal pain, red and white dysentery, vomiting blood, hemoptysis, intestinal wind, hematuria, uterine bleeding, duodenal bleeding and other diseases  ,Dragon bud pigment was extracted from whole grass as hemostatic。use level :15-25g。   

【Pharmacological Aaction 】:

Dragon bud herb has the effect of stopping bleeding and strengthening the stomach.Treatment of hemoptysis, hematemesis, hematuria, hematochezia, red and white dysentery, rupturing and leaking belt, exhaustion, carbuncle, fall, trauma bleeding.  

【 Clinical usage 】:The extract of Dragon bud (500 μ g/ml) has been reported to show significant selective toxicity to human cervical cancer cells and normal cells in cell culture, with a 100% inhibition rate against cancer cells and a 100% growth promotion effect against normal human cells.  


【Serial Number】: D0030  

【Product Name】Alfalfa extract

【Another Name】Purple alfalfa, alfalfa, southern alfalfa, cauliflower, light wind grass, grass head, etc

【English Name】Alfalfa(Lucerne ) Herb Extract 

【Plant Origin】 Alfalfa extract is a whole-grass extract of Medicago sativa L, a leguminous plant.  

【Application site】All the grass and roots

【Appearance】Yellowish brown powder


【Effective Constituent】Pure protein, iron, carotene, VITAMIN B, vitamin C alfalfa saponin. Saponins≥5% UV;  Flavones≥5%  UV

【Efficacy Function】 Alfalfa extract has obvious effects of lowering blood lipid, drainage diuresis, lowering cholesterol and maintaining acid-base balance in vivo.  Can lower total cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol, so may help prevent coronary artery disease and stroke.  Its vitamin K helps prevent calcium loss in the urine, which can lead to osteoporosis.  


【Serial Number】: D0031 

【Product Name】:Fibrauretine 

【English Name】:Fibrauretin 、Calystigine

【Another Name】:Parmartine, emodin, Tetrandrine, palmitine, tetrandrine   

【Efficacy Function】:

It has a broad spectrum of antibacterial and antiviral effects, significantly increase the multiple pharmacological effects of white blood cells phagocytic bacteria, good anti-inflammatory and enhance the body immunity.  

【Applicable symptoms 】:

1.Gynecological inflammation acute and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, acute and chronic adnexitis, cervical erosion, endometritis, mycotoxic vaginitis, puerperium infection, etc.  

2.urinary tract infection 

3.Surgical infection, ocular conjunctivitis;

4.Respiratory tract infection and other general medicine.  This product has an inhibitory effect on fungi, especially on Candida albicans, trichoderma gesso, pigmentotrichia pederi.  

【 Application and Dosage】:

1、Oral administration: take one or two tablets orally, three times a day.

2、Vaginal administration: one pill at a time, once a night.  The suppository was placed in the posterior fornix of the vagina and used continuously for 10 days as a course of treatment, and repeated for a course of treatment if necessary.  


【Serial Number】:D0032 

【Product Name】:Chamomile Extract

【Effective Constituent】: Apigenin 

【 Molecular formula 】:C15H10O5;

【 Molecular Weight 】:270.25

【Plant Origin】: flower of chamomile

【Appearance】:Brown powder, odorless and tasteless.

【Specification】4:1; 5:1; 10:1   Apigenin (1.2%;3%;90%;98%)

【Test Method】:HPLC

【Efficacy Function】Chamomile's cooling effect can cure fever, its calming and soothing effect can fight allergy, relieve nervous tension, improve insomnia, pacify mental trauma, and improve allergic constitution;  Anti spasticity and pain (stomachache, physical pain, headache, muscle pain, toothache) function 

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

Soothing effect is excellent, can relieve anxiety, tension, anger and fear, make people relaxed and patient, feel peaceful.  Reducing anxiety and calming the mind is very helpful for insomnia.  

【Physical Property 】: Apigenin belongs to flavonoids, almost insoluble in water, partially soluble in hot alcohol, soluble in dilute KOH solution.        

【Pharmacological Aaction】:Studies have found that apigenin has anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, sedative and other effects.  Among them, its anti-tumor effect is the most outstanding, which can inhibit the carcinogenic activity of carcinogenic substances. It is an ideal antiviral drug for the treatment of HIV and other viral infections.  Compared with other flavonoids (quercetin, kaemptin) apigenin has the characteristics of low toxicity and no mutagenicity.  


【Serial Number】: D0033 

【Product Name】:Houttuynia cordata;

【English Name】:herbahouttuyniae

【Another Name】:Lung grass, smelly grass, smelly vegetables, smell

【Category】:heat-clearing drugs  

【Latin Name】:Herba Houttuyniae 

【Plant Origin】:The chameleon plant Houttuynia cordata Thunb of the Chameleon family.  Above ground part of  

【Specification】:5:1 10:1 20:1 

【Appearance】:Brown fine powder 

【Bases 】:All grass containing volatile oil 0.05%, cordate houttuynia element, methyl nonyl ketone, myrcene, lauric aldehyde, decanal, decanoic acid, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, houttrynia cordata thunb alkali, different antioxidant glucoside, antioxidant, 1 - pinene, d - limonene, methyl nonyl ketone, camphene, bornyl acetate, linalool, caryophyllene, decanoic acid, acetaldehyde, alpha pinene, linalool, chlorogenic acid, etc.  

【Pharmacological Aaction】: Clear heat and detoxify, eliminate carbuncle discharge thick treatment sore, diuretic dehumidification, stomach digestion, with the treatment of heat, heat poison, damp evil, disease heat lung carbuncle, sore swelling and toxin, hemorrhoids hematochezia, spleen and stomach heat accumulation, etc.,  Phlegm-heat cough, pneumonia, edema, etc.  Dysentery, malaria, gonorrhea, leucorrhea, anal prolapse, baldness, scabies.   

Data show that a kind of anti-cancer and anti-cancer substance isolated from Houttuynia cordata abroad can improve the immune regulation function of human body, and has significant antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.  In addition to the prevention, treatment and adjuvant treatment of gastric cancer, anemia, constipation, gastroenteritis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, allergic rhinitis, urticaria, multiple inflammation, cancer and other diseases, and also has a certain effect on the treatment of advanced lung cancer, chorionic epithelial cancer, malignant hydatidiform grape, rectal cancer  .

【Quality standard 】

 ratio :10:1

 use part of a plant: Whole grass or aboveground part

 colour and lustre :brown 


  mesh number:80 mesh

 smell : Characteristic

 loss on drying: ≤5%

 ash content : <5%

 heavy metal: <20PPM

 Pesticide residues: <2PPM  

【  microbial standard 】:

 Total amount of bacteria:<1000CFU/gm

 colon bacillus not detected

 salmonella not detected

 Mold and yeast <100CFU/gm 


【Serial Number】: D0034 

【Product Name】:Fructus rucornus extract

【Plant Origin】:Corni rutaceae[Evodiarutaecarpa(Juss.)Benth.]And the fruit of a plant of the same genus[E.rutaecarpa(Juss.)Benth.var.officinalis(Dode)Huang]。

【Another Name】 Qu Medicine, Fu spicy, hot tea, smelly bubble。

【CAS  】:518-17-2;

【Molecular formula】:C19H17N3O

【Molecular Weight】:303.36

【Appearance】:white powder

【Specification】:evodiamine≥10%  evodiamine≥98%  rutecarpine≥98%

【Detection method】:HPLC

【Bases 】:

Containing volatile oil, mainly for Evo-den、Ocimene、Evodin、Evodol. Also contains alkaloid,There's Evodiamine、Rutaecarpine、Wuchuyine、Hydroxyevodia-mine、Evocarpine、Dihydroevocarpine、cGMP.It also contains Limonin、Rutae-vine、Rutaevineacetate、Obacunone.t also contains flavonoids Arachidoside、Isopentenyl-flavone;ketone compounds Evodinone、Evogin.And steroid compounds, fatty acid compounds

【 Effective Constituent 】:evodiamine,rutecarpine 

【 Pharmacological Aaction 】:Evodogine has the functions of invigorating stomach, relieving pain, stopping retching and acid belching.  Have diuretic effect;  It has strong inhibitory effect on escherichia coli.  It has significant insecticidal effect on Ascaris suis.  Still have contractive uterus and raise pressure action.  Treatment of alzheimer's disease and stroke have certain effect.  Evodia alkine has the function of anti-hypertension, anti-arrhythmia and excitatory uterus.  

 【 Major function 】:

Dispelling cold and relieving pain, reducing reflux and stopping vomiting, helping Yang and stopping diarrhea.It is used for headache, colic, beriberi, dysmenorrhea, abdominal distension and pain, vomiting, acid swallowing and mouth sores.  


【Serial Number】: D0035 

【Product Name】:Purple sweet potato extract

【English Name】:Kooroo color P.E.

【Latin name】:Dioscorea kooroo

【Specification】:anthocyanidin  1-10% UV, 5:1, 10:1, 20:1 so on 

【Appearance】:Purplish red or purple fine powder   

【Efficacy Function】:

Purple sweet potato is rich in protein, starch, pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins and a variety of minerals, but also rich in selenium and anthocyanin.  Purple sweet potato is rich in nutrition and has special health care function. Its protein and amino acid are easy to be digested and absorbed by human body.  Rich in vitamin A can improve vision and skin mucosal epithelial cells, vitamin C can make the normal synthesis of collogen protein, the prevention and control of scurvy.  It also has the effect of scavenging free radicals, preventing cancer and cancer, promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis and enhancing immunity.  Purple potato of selenium and iron is the body of the essential elements for anti-fatigue, anti-aging, blood, especially selenium is known as the "cancer", easy to be absorbed by human body, can stay in serum, repair the myocardium, enhance immunity, remove free radicals, inhibit cancer cell DNA synthesis and cancer cell division and growth, prevent the happening of the gastric cancer, liver cancer and other cancer.  Purple potato is rich in cellulose, which can increase the volume of feces, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, clean up the mucus, gas and decay in the intestinal cavity, discharge toxic substances and carcinogens in the feces, keep the stool unblocked, improve the digestive tract environment, and prevent the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases.  In addition to the nutrients of common sweet potato, it also contains polysaccharides, flavonoids, and is rich in selenium and anthocyanin, which has certain functions of preventing hypertension, reducing liver dysfunction and fighting cancer.  According to the analysis of Japanese agricultural products testing center, the nutrient content of Chuanshan purple sweet potato is significantly higher than that of ordinary sweet potato. The content of lysine, copper, manganese, potassium and zinc is 3-8 times higher than that of ordinary sweet potato. Long-term consumption has the effect of lowering blood pressure, tonifying blood, benefiting qi, moistening lung and nourishing skin.  At the same time, it belongs to food reducing weight, can prevent atherosclerosis effectively, especially the content of iodine, selenium is 20 times higher than other sweet potatoes.  

【Quality standard】

1、bases:(1)Anthocyandins;5%(2)anthocyanin 5% 10% 20%

2、part used :fruit 

3、colour and lustre:Purple fine powder

4、mesh number: 100% 80 mesh

5、smell :special smell 

6、loss on drying :≤5%

7、ash specification: <5%

8、heavy metal:<10PPM

9、residual solvent:<0.05PPM

【microbial standard 】

1、Total amount of bacteria:<1000CFU/gm

2、E. coli: Not detected

3、Salmonella: Not detected

4、Mold and yeast:<100CFU/gm

【packaging 】Double plastic bag inside, aluminum foil bag or cardboard bucket outside (25kg/bucket).  

【storage condition 】Store in a cool and dry place, away from light and high temperature.


【Serial Number】: D0036 

【Product Name】:black-pepper oil 

【English Name】:Black Pepper Oil

【CAS  】:8006-82-4

【 Appearance 】:

 Almost colorless to slightly yellowish green volatile essential oil, with the characteristic aroma and relatively light taste of pepper, no heat.  Insoluble in water, soluble in most non-volatile oil, mineral oil and propylene glycol, slightly soluble in glycerol.  

【serviceable range 】:

GB 2760-1996:Permitted use of food spices, seasonings.It is mainly used for sausage, soup, sauce, canned meat and sweet wine, etc., and has certain anticorrosion ability.   

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

It is also used in medicine as a wind repellent and to stimulate gastric secretion.


【Serial Number】: D0037

【Product Name】nutmeg oil 

【Dense degree】0.865~0.925 

【Refractive index】1.469~1.488 

【Optical rotation】 +8°~(+45°)。

【Appearance】 Colorless to light yellow flowing liquid, spicy。Soluble in 3 ~ 5 times the volume of 90% ethanol.

【Effective Constituent】:Ingredients include pinene, camphor, ramie, p-isopropyl toluene, butanol, isobutanol, terpinol, borneol, linalool, geraniol, safrol, cardamol ether and free methyl, ethyl, butyl, octyl, tetradecanoic acid, etc.  

【Efficacy Function】:  It can be used in medicine to nourish the stomach and drive away wind. It is often used in toothpaste, tobacco and cosmetics.  

【preparation method 】 :It is made by steam distillation of nutmeg seeds.

【Pharmacological Aaction】: 

1. Nutmeg oil has antioxidant properties

The antioxidant activity of the volatile oil of nutmeg was studied by DPPH scavenging method. The results showed that the volatile oil of nutmeg had obvious scavenging effect on DPPH·. In the range of experimental concentration, with the increase of the volatile oil concentration of nutmeg, the scavenging ability of DPPH· increased.  The results showed that nutmeg volatile oil had strong scavenging free radicals, that is, anti-oxidation.  The antioxidant activities of essential oil from nutmeg were determined by scavenging DPPH· and ferric reduction/antioxidant capacity. The results showed that essential oil from nutmeg had significant antioxidant and free radical scavenging capacity.  

2. Bacteriostatic effect of nutmeg oil

Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Aspergillus Niger and Yeast were used as test bacteria to study the bacteriostatic effect of nutmeg volatile oil.  The results showed that the inhibitory zone diameters of volatile oil against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Yeast and Aspergillus Niger were 15.12, 11.15, 11.35 and 8.80mm, respectively.  The MIC of staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli was greater than 15.63mg/mL.  MIC31.25mg/mL for yeast;  The MIC of aspergillus Niger was > 125.00mg/mL.  The results showed that the volatile oil of nutmeg had strong inhibitory effect on bacteria and yeast, and had certain inhibitory effect on mold. The volatile oil of nutmeg was a natural broad-spectrum antibacterial agent.  The MIC of nutmeg volatile oil against Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli and SACCHARomyces cerevisiae were 5.0, 120.0, 150.0, 10.0mL/L, respectively.  The diameters of the bacteriostatic zone were 13.46, 11.59, 10.52, 12.15mm, respectively, indicating that the volatile oil of nutmeg had certain bacteriostatic effect.  The bacteriostatic activities of nutmeg volatile oil against 6 species of bacteria and 6 species of fungi were studied by plate diffusion method. The results showed that nutmeg volatile oil had strong inhibitory effect on 6 species of bacteria and definite inhibitory effect on 6 species of fungi.  In addition, it was found that nutmeg volatile oil had strong antibacterial and antifungal activities.  In conclusion, nutmeg volatile oil has certain bacteriostatic effect.  

3. Antitumor effect of nutmeg oil

To study the inhibitory effects of two kinds of nutmeg volatile oils on the proliferation of human cancer cells HEPG-2, SGC-7901 and KB in vitro, it was found that the two kinds of nutmeg volatile oils had certain inhibitory effects on the proliferation of three kinds of human cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner.  The IC50 of volatile oil of circular nutmeg against HEPG-2, SGC-7901 and KB were 308,311,378 μg/mL, respectively.  The IC50 values of nutmeg volatile oil against hepg-2, sgc-7901 and KB were 325,246,362 μg/mL, respectively, indicating that nutmeg volatile oil has certain antitumor effects. 


【Serial Number】: E0038

【Product Name】:Cochineal exfract(Cochineal red pigment)

【English Name】:Cochineal carmine 

【Another Name】:Cochineal carmine;Carmines;Cochineal and carminic acid;

【Molecular formula】:C22H20013

【Effective Constituent】: Cochineal acid (also known as carmine acid, anthraquinone derivatives). 

【Appearance】:Red rhomboid crystals or reddish brown powder.

【Preparation or source】: The red pigment obtained by grinding the dried body of female cochineal and extracting it with water

【purity】: 50%、52%  

【Color price】: 120,chrominance (520NM):0.9—1.00 

【  PH   】: 9.0-10.0 

【Special point】: Good heat resistance, light resistance and oxidation resistance, strong dyeing power, good affinity with meat protein.  

【Product introduction】:Cochineal is a natural pigment extracted from cochineal beetles grown in different types of cactus in different regions, and from female cochineal beetles. The color is pink to purple.  In many countries (Europe, The United States, Japan and China) are allowed as food additives, and many food manufacturers and customers think it is a good quality of natural red pigment  。It is a kind of anthraquinone natural pigment, different from other natural pigments, its physical and chemical properties are very stable, and it is regarded as a safe natural pigment and used in the production of food, cosmetics, medicine and textiles.  

【Dosage】:It is stipulated in the hygienic standard for the use of food additives in China (GB2760-1996)  :This product (based on carmine) can be used in carbonated drinks, the maximum usage is 0.02g/kg;  Sausage, Western style ham, ice cream, ice cream, Popsicle, 0.025g/kg;  Pudding, yogurt, candy, sauce, 0.05g/kg;  Flavored milk powder, 0.6g/kg.  

【serviceable range】Cochineal can be used as food, medicines and cosmetics coloring, especially gargle, powders, and powder, ointment, used for solid powder dosage form shading, appropriate to its soluble in small amount of concentrated ammonia solution, then add to the powder, the grinding for a long time, in order to obtain uniform distribution of color or tin with aluminum salt salt mordant, silk and wool dyed bright red.  It can be used as pigment in food and cosmetics, indicator of titrated ammonia solution, and reagent for microscopic analysis and fluorescence analysis. 

Cochineal is a water-dispersing powder, insoluble in alcohol and oil, sensitive to oxidation and easily binding with proteins.  Used for coloring dairy products, but also for meat food, candy, aperitif, soft drinks, apple cider vinegar, sour milk, baked food, jam, jelly, cosmetics, dairy products, medicine.  

【application fields 】

1、Food: used in dairy food, meat food, baked food, pasta food, flavoring food, etc.  

2、Medicine: health food, filling agent, pharmaceutical raw materials.

3、Industrial manufacturing: oil industry, manufacturing, agricultural products, battery, precision casting, etc.  

4、Tobacco products: can replace glycerin as tobacco incense, antifreeze moisturizing agent.  

5、Cosmetics: facial cleanser, beauty cream, toner, shampoo, facial mask, etc.  

6、Feed: canned pet, animal feed, aquatic feed, vitamin feed, veterinary medicine products, etc.  


【Serial Number】:D0039 

【Product Name】:Licorice root extract

【 Plant Origin】:Licorice Root

【Extraction parts】:Licorice root

【Effective Constituent】:Glycyrrhizic acid, glycyrrhizin, etc

【 Specification 】:glycyrrhizinic acid 2-98%

【 Appearance】:Light yellow powder to white powder

【Test Method】:HPLC

【 CAS  】: 1405-86-3

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

Licorice is a plant with great medicinal value, which is used in both Chinese and western medicine.  Western medicine has used licorice as an expectorant, antitussive and sweet additive since ancient Greece.  In the ancient Chinese medicinal book Shennong's Materia Medica, licorice is described as a medicine for strengthening muscles and bones, increasing physical strength and healing wounds, and it is listed as a top-quality medicine, claiming that it is the king of all medicines and is rarely used in the Canon.  In Traditional Chinese medicine, licorice is divided into heart, lung, spleen and stomach meridian.  It has the functions of tonifying spleen and replenishing qi, clearing heat and detoxifying, eliminating phlegm and relieving cough, relieving pain and mediating various medicines.  It is used for treating spleen and stomach weakness, tiredness and fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath, cough and phlegm, epigastric abdomen, limbs and clonus pain, carbuncle swelling and sore, relieve drug toxicity and intensity.  Dosage is 1.5-9mg.Studies have shown that glycyrrhiza glycyrrhiza can inhibit monoamine oxidase, inhibit aldose reductase that causes diabetes, relieve spasmolysis and pain, prevent and cure viral hepatitis, treat senile osteoporosis, resist leishmania protozoa, fight cancer, and fight AIDS virus.  

【Efficacy Function】: 

 Its effect is reflected in whitening, sunscreen in two aspects:The whitening effect of liquorice extract is mainly through inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase and dopaminophase tamutase (TRP-2), blocking the polymerization of 5, 6-dihydroxyindole (DHl), so as to prevent the formation of melanin, so as to achieve the whitening effect of skin.   In licorice extract, the components with sunscreen effect are generally flavonoids.  Due to the conjugation of molecular structure, the flavonoids of glycyrrhiza glycyrrhiza showed strong absorption of ultraviolet and visible light.  Molecules that absorb high-energy ultraviolet light jump from the ground state to the active state and then back to the ground state, releasing harmless low-energy rays.  Compared with synthetic sunscreen, licorice extract does not need to add antioxidants to the formula as a sunscreen, does not irritate the skin, and has strong absorption stability.  

【 Main uses】:

It is used in medicine and cosmetics 26%, food 70%, cigarettes and other 4%.  

In terms of food:

1.Soy sauce: Glycyrrhizin can improve saltiness to improve the inherent taste of soy sauce, but also eliminate the bitter taste of saccharin, synergistic effect on chemical flavoring agent.  

2.Pickles: The bitterness of pickles can be eliminated with saccharin.  In the process of curing, it can overcome the shortcomings of fermentation failure, discoloration and hardening caused by less sugar addition.  

3.Seasoning: this product can add pickled seasoning liquid, seasoning powder or temporary seasoning when eating, can increase sweetness, reduce the strange taste of other chemical seasoning agent.  

4.Bean sauce: pickled small sauce herring using this product can increase sweetness, make the taste of uniform role.  

In medicine and cosmetics:

1.Glycyrrhizic acid is a natural surfactant, and its aqueous solution has weak foaming ability。

2.With agTH-like biological activity, has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions, often used for the treatment of mucosal diseases, in oral health products can prevent dental caries, horn ulcers, etc..  

3.Has a wide range of compatibility, in the use of skin care products can enhance other active substances in sunscreen, whitening, relieving itching, conditioning, healing scar and other aspects of the curative effect.  

4.It can be used as antiperspirant with saponin and aescinin in compound.  


【Serial Number】: D0040 


【Another Name】:Minced meat, stone ginger, monkey ginger, hair ginger, Shen ginger, rock ginger, rock ginger  

【Efficacy Function】:Tonify kidney, strengthen bone, continue injury and relieve pain.  It is used for kidney deficiency and lumbago, tinnitus and deafness, loose teeth, tumbling and tumbling, broken bones and muscles;  External treatment of alopecia areata, vitiligo.  

【Chemical composition】:The rhizome of mistletoe contains 16.4% starch, 5.37% glucose and naringin.  

【DOSAGE】:Dried3~9g;Some samples 6~15g。Appropriate amount of fresh products for external use。

【Appearance】: Brown yellow powder

【mesh number 】: 100% through 80 mesh sieve

【Specification】: 5:1   10:1

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

1.The intramuscular injection of gusububu alcohol extract can prevent the increase of serum cholesterol and triglyceride caused by high fat diet in rabbits, reduce the increase of serum cholesterol and triglyceride in rabbits, prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaque in aorta, and significantly reduce the cholesterol in liver and adrenal gland.  In addition, it has obvious anti-hyperlipidemia and anti-arteriosclerosis effects on rabbits, and can promote the recovery of the damage of mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum of liver and adrenal cells caused by hypercholesterolemia, thus promoting the transformation and excretion of cholesterol in liver and adrenal cells.  Dihydroflavone glucoside also had a tendency to decrease serum cholesterol and triglyceride.  

2.Promoting fracture healing The extract can promote the absorption of calcium in bone, and improve the blood calcium and phosphorus levels, which is conducive to fracture healing.  Oral administration of jiagu ⅱ pill (mainly containing bone shusbu) to rabbits with artificial fracture can advance hematoma absorption, mechanization, callus growth and remolding, especially the growth of intima bone and the activity of osteoclasts.  For experimental arthritis of young mice, the treatment with bone broken hydrating decoction can improve the function of chondrocytes, promote the Chemicalbook to delay the degeneration of cells, and reduce the rate of osteoarthropathy.  

3.Effect of reducing the toxicity of antibiotics streptomycin was intraperitoneally injected into guinea pigs at 600mg/kg. In one group, 5 guinea pigs without gusubufu died, and in the other group, 7 guinea pigs with gusubufu decoction (equivalent to 100g/kg crude drug) died before injection, indicating that gusubufu can significantly reduce the mortality of animals caused by streptomycin poisoning.  In addition, bone shusbu can significantly reduce the damage of kanamycin to the ear.  

4.Effect on cardiovascular system of double hydrogen isolated from rhizoma drynariae flavone glycoside has a strong heart, with a 0.5% solution of rabbit ear vein, cardiac function in 2 hours, boosting the myocardial contraction force, the rhythm of the neat, had no obvious effect on heart rate, blood pressure, its cardiac function is the direct effects on myocardial instead of acting on the sympathetic nervous system;  It can also enhance hypoxia tolerance of mice and decrease platelet aggregation in rabbits.  

5.Sedative and analgesic effect Of gusububu dihydroflavone glucoside has obvious sedative and analgesic effect.

6.Antibacterial effect The extract of Bone fragment can inhibit the growth of staphylococcus in vitro.  


【Serial Number】:D0041

【Product Name】:Horse chestnut seed extract

【Efficacy Function】:

Sweet taste, warm sex.  It has functions of regulating qi, broadening middle channels, clearing collaterals and killing insects. It is used for epigastric distention, malnutrition, malaria, dysentery and so on.  

【 Applicable symptoms 】:

(1)Treat ascaris, abdominal pain, with suo luo zi 1, shelled mashed, decocted, take 3 times, can kill insects and pain.  

(2)Treat heart glue pain, suo luozi charcoal storage, grind at the end, with yellow rice wine.

(3)Chest pain, suo Luo zi, August za, green skin, 6-9g, water decoction.  

(4)Breast lobular hyperplasia, suo Luo zi 9-15g, water decocted instead of tea drink.

(5)Decoction of 5-10g bark can relieve fever, but also cure urticaria, diarrhea, leucorrhea, uterine bleeding, etc.  


【Serial Number】: D0042 

【Product Name】:HBXIAN-MOR

【Another Name】:folium Mori

【 Appearance】:Yellowish green or light yellowish brown

【 Bases  】:Containing achygenestone, desquamate steroids, rutin, isocupritin, umbellifolactone and so on. 

【 Attending functions】:Regulate blood sugar, evacuate wind and heat, clear lung and runzao, clear liver and clear eyes. It is used for wind-heat cold, lung heat cough, headache, dizziness, red eyes, dizziness, etc.  

The extract contains mulberry leaf flavonoids, mulberry leaf polyphenols, mulberry leaf polysaccharide, DNJ, GABA and other physiological active substances, used for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity and anti-aging.     

【Efficacy Function】:

Antihypertensive effects :After diluted mulberry leaf extract was injected into the femoral vein after anesthesia, temporary blood pressure decreased without affecting respiration . The picoside in mulberry leaf also has the effect of lowering blood pressure.  Antispasmolysis quercetin can reduce the tension of intestinal and bronchial smooth muscle.  Rutin can reduce gastric motility and relieve spasm of small intestinal smooth muscle induced by barium chloride in rats. Anti-ageing action:Mulberry leaf extract can improve the activity of free radical scavenging enzyme and reduce the cytochrome in tissues to delay senescence.  The superoxide dismutase in the extract can catalyze the superoxide anion radical disproportionation to generate molecular oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, which can timely remove the free radicals and protect the body from the damage of free radicals. It plays a very important role in anti-aging of human body.  anti-inflammatory action:Rutin and quercetin can inhibit the edema of foot and ankle caused by histamine, egg white, formaldehyde, 5-hydroxytryptamine, polyvinyl pyrrolidone and hyaluronidase in rats.  Intravenous rutin can inhibit allergic inflammation of skin and joints and Arthusphenomenon caused by horse serum in rabbits, which may be caused by its protective effect on capillary wall, densification of capillaries and inhibition of exudation. antibacterial action:In vitro experiment, mulberry leaf fresh product decoction has strong inhibitory effect on Chemicalbook coccus aureus, Diphtheria bacillus, Hemolytic streptococcus b and Anthrax bacillus.  It also has certain inhibitory effect on escherichia coli, dysentery bacillus, pseudomonas aeruginosa and typhoid bacillus.  The decoction with high concentration of mulberry leaves (31mg/mL) had anti-leptospirosis effect in vitro.  The volatile oil from mulberry leaf also has antibacterial and skin pathogenic fungi.  hypoglycemic activity:Mulberry leaf can reduce blood glucose and anti-diabetes in rats induced by alloxan and mice induced by adrenalin, glucagon and anti-insulin.  The dermatitis steroid in mulberry leaves also has a hypoglycemic effect, which can promote the conversion of glucose to glycogen.  Some amino acids in mulberry leaves can stimulate the secretion of insulin, which can regulate the secretion and release of insulin in vivo and reduce the decomposition rate of insulin to reduce blood sugar.  Some inorganic elements also play a role in the hypoglycemic mechanism.  anticoagulation effect:Mulberry leaf extract could significantly prolong the whole blood coagulation time in mice and the activated partial thrombin (APTI) time, prothrombin (PT) time and thrombin (TT) time in rabbit plasma.  APTI reflects the activity of endogenous coagulation pathway, PT reflects the activity of exogenous coagulation pathway, and TT reflects the activity of thrombin, indicating that mulberry leaves have a direct inhibitory effect on thrombin -- fibrinogen reaction.  Antiviral and anti-tumor effects:Mulberry leaves can prevent the formation of cancer cells, improve human immunity, the main functional components are DNJ, flavonoids, mulberry, γ -aminobutyric acid and vitamin, can inhibit chromosome mutation and gene mutation.  DNJ has significant anti-retroviral activity (Tierney, 1995).  Its IG30 range was 1.2-2.5 μg/mL, and the inhibition increased with the increase of DNJ dose.  The inhibition rate of DNJ on tumor metastasis was 80.5%, and the inhibition mechanism might be that DNI produced immature carbohydrate chains on the surface of tumor cells by inhibiting the activity of glycosidase, which weakened the ability of tumor metastasis.  The mulberry in mulberry leaves has anti-cancer activity, and the vitamin in mulberry leaves has anti-mutagen effect. 

【 preparation method 】:The extract for silkworm mulberry branches before or late frost 1 ~ 3 leaves grow on the processing of mulberry leaf powder as raw material, after rapid freezing with ultra-low temperature, in a close vacuum under low pressure, ice sublimation will happen at this moment, directly from solid to vapor state, to avoid the chemical, physical and the change of the enzyme, thus ensuring the effective component in the preservation of reduce change;  Compared with other drying methods, lyophilized extraction can effectively preserve the active ingredients.  

【 product application  】:

Medicinal development:Mulberry leaf extract has hypoglycemic, anti-tumor, antiviral, antibacterial and other pharmacological effects, researchers have developed hypoglycemic drugs, anti-tumor drugs, antiviral drugs, antibacterial drugs.  animal food :As feed or additive for livestock and poultry, mulberry leaf and mulberry leaf powder have good palatability and high nutritional value.preservative:The active ingredients of mulberry leaves, especially polyphenols, have strong Chemicalbook inhibitory effect on the growth of most Gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria as well as some yeast, and have the characteristics of strong thermal stability, low antibacterial concentration and wide antibacterial pH range. The active ingredients of mulberry leaves not only have no side effects, but also have health care function.  Therefore, it can be used as a natural preservative for high-end food.  cosmetics:Mulberry leaf active ingredients, with anti-oxidation, anti-aging, antibacterial, moisturizing and other effects, Japan, South Korea, the United States vigorously study mulberry leaf active ingredients, especially DNJ, optimize mulberry leaf DNJ purification process, to prepare high purity DNJ, and used in cosmetic production, South Korea famous cosmetics "SKINFOOD" added DNJ.  


【Serial Number】:D0043 

【Product Name】:Eucommia ulmoides Extract

【Another Name】:Chlorogenic acid

【Specification】:5:1 10:1 20:1

【Chemical composition】:Chlorogenic acid, polysaccharides, phenylpropanoid, cycloenethers, etc

【Category 】:reinforcing drugs

【Test Method】:UV 

【Appearance】:Brown yellow powder 

【mesh number】:100 mesh 

【product application 】:Medical and health care products, drinks and food additives, etc 

【Flavor and Meridian tropism】:Warm; Go to liver meridian, kidney meridian 

【Efficacy Function】:Tonifying liver and kidney, strengthening muscles and bones, antifetal.  It is used for kidney deficiency and lumbago, weakness of muscles and bones, bleeding during pregnancy and restless fetal movement.  hypertension  

【Pharmacological Aaction】:  

1.Anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals in the body:Chlorogenic acid and its derivatives have stronger free radical scavenging effect than ascorbic acid, caffeic acid and tocopherol (vitamin E). They can effectively scavenge DPPH free radical, hydroxyl free radical and superoxide anion free radical, and inhibit the oxidation of low density lipoprotein.  Chlorogenic acid plays an important role in scavenging free radicals, maintaining normal cell structure and function, preventing and delaying tumor mutation and senescence.  

2.Antibacterial and antiviral effects:Chlorogenic acid and isochlorogenic acid have significant inhibition and killing effects on various pathogenic bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, dysentery coccus, Typhoid bacillus, pneumococcus, etc. Their antibacterial mechanism is related to the non-competitive inhibition of arylamine acetyl transferase (NAT) in bacteria.  Chlorogenic acid has obvious curative effect on acute laryngopharyngeal inflammation and skin disease, and is clinically used in the treatment of acute bacterial infection.  It has been reported that chlorogenic acid has the effects of antiviral, hemostasis, increasing white blood cells, shortening blood coagulation and bleeding time.  

3.Anti - mutation, anti - tumor effect:Chlorogenic acid can inhibit the mutation induced by aflatoxin B and subdigestive reaction, and can effectively reduce the mutation induced by gamma rays in bone marrow erythrocytes.  Chlorogenic acid can reduce the utilization of carcinogens and their transport in the liver to achieve anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.  Chlorogenic acid has significant Chemicalbook inhibitory effect on colorectal cancer, liver cancer and laryngeal cancer, and is considered as an effective chemical protective agent for cancer.  

4.Cardiovascular protection:The bioactivity of chlorogenic acid as a free radical scavenger and antioxidant has been proved to have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.  Chlorogenic acid can protect vascular endothelial cells by scavenging free radicals and resisting lipid peroxidation, thus playing a role in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, thromboembolic diseases and hypertension.  

5.Cholesterol-lowering effect:The total cholesterol in serum was significantly lower than that in the control group after the alcohol extract of EUcommia ulmoides was administered to rats, indicating that eucommia ulmoides could inhibit cholesterol absorption.

6.Proliferation of bone cells:The water extract of EUcommia ulmoides and different extracts of water extract were co-cultured with UMR106 osteoblast cells in vitro. The results showed that the water extract had the strongest promoting effect on cell proliferation at 0.4 g/l for 48 h, and the ethyl acetate extract and n-butanol extract had certain promoting effect on cell proliferation.  However, the remaining water layer after extraction still retains the same effect of promoting cell proliferation as the original water layer.  

7.immune adjustment:Eucommia ulmoides leaf extracts can increase spleen weight and RNA and protein synthesis in spleen tissue of mice injured by cyclophosphamide, improve the activity of natural killer cells in blood, and accelerate the proliferation of spleen lymphocytes, but have no obvious effect on spleen antibody forming cells of normal mice.  

8.Sex hormones and gonadotropins:Eucommia ulmoides extract can increase the weight of prostate, ovary, testis and levator ANI muscle.  


【Serial Number】:D0044  

【Product Name】:Red Rice Yeast Extract

【   CAS  】23180-57-6

【Another Name】Monacolin K

【Latin Name 】Monascus Purpureus Went 

【Extraction parts】seed

【Effective Constituent】 Monacolin k


【Test Method】HPLC 

【Appearance】Red powder

【extraction solvent】fermentation 

【Pharmacological Aaction】:Monacolin-KIt has the effect of lowering cholesterol, low density blood fat and triglyceride.  Lovastatin is a new and highly effective lipid-lowering product that can effectively reduce total cholesterol (TC), low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and triglyceride (TG), while increasing good high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C).  The results showed that monacolin-K contained in the natural special red koji had A specific inhibitory effect on hmG-COA reductase, and its mechanism was as follows: it can effectively inhibit the action of hmG-COA reductase in liver, reduce the synthesis of human cholesterol, and reduce the storage of cholesterol in cells;  Promote LDL receptor synthesis, increase the activity and number of LDL receptor, strengthen the uptake and metabolism of LDL cholesterol, reduce the concentration of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) in blood, so as to effectively prevent atherosclerosis;  Inhibit the synthesis of fatty acids and triglycerides in liver, promote the excretion of lipid, and thus reduce the level of triglycerides in blood;  

【Efficacy Function】:

Monacolin K (MVA) can significantly reduce serum total cholesterol, serum triglyceride, low density cholesterol, arteriosclerosis index and high density cholesterol.  It is suitable for coronary heart disease caused by hyperlipidemia, hypertension and arteriosclerosis, diabetes and fatty liver diseases related to heart disease and hyperlipidemia, as well as anti-osteoporosis, improving gastrointestinal function, anti-fatigue, tonifying kidney and essence, invigorating qi and strengthening spleen, enhancing human immunity and other functions.  



【Serial Number】: D0045 

【Product Name】:Black cohosh extract

【Another Name】:black cohosh P.E.

【  CAS  】:84776-26-1

【Efficacy Function】:

Black cohosh extract is the rhizome extract of Cimicifuga Romose L. in brown-black powder form.  Black cohosh extract has antibacterial, antihypertensive, inhibition of myocardium, slow heart rate, sedation;  Black cohosh extract is good for arthritis and osteoporosis.  

【 Appearance 】:Black cohosh extract is a brownish black powder. 

【Effective Constituent】 :Mainly Actein, EPi-Actein, 27-Deoxy Actein, Cimicifugoside.  

【 Specification 】:Black cohosh extract triterpenoid saponins 2.5%;  Black cohosh extract triterpenoid saponins 8% 

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

1.Antidepressant effect:It contains estrogen-like substances that can bind estrogen receptors in animal models and significantly reduce luteinizing hormone LH in both humans and animals. Black cohosh extract can improve postpartum depression in women and relieve symptoms of premenopausal and menopausal syndrome.  

2.antibiotic action:Black cohosh extract has inhibitory effect on gram Yang and negative bacteria.

3.antitumous effect :Black cohosh extract can inhibit the proliferation of rat breast cancer cells and prevent thymic carcinoma and prostate cancer.  

4.antiinflammatory action:Anti-inflammatory properties for arthritis and rheumatism, especially those caused by menopause. Chemicalbook containing salicylic acid has mild analgesic effects.  

5.Effects on the circulatory system:Black cohosh extract can reduce blood pressure, inhibit cardiac muscle, slow heart rate, and treat hypertension, tinnitus and dizziness.  

6.Used for Other Purposes:Anticonvulsive effect is beneficial to asthmatics and patients with chronic cough such as whooping cough;  And hypoglycemic effect.  

7.Toxic side effects black cohosh stimulation of uterine contractions may lead to abortion, pregnant and lactating women should avoid taking black cohosh.  In addition, overdosage and long-term use of black cohosh can cause dizziness, low-brow headache, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, blurred vision, headache, tremor, adhesion pain, slow heart rate, etc.  



【Serial Number】: D0046 

【Product Name】:Senna leaf extract

【Another Name  】: Cassia angustifolia, Cassia senna

【Specification】:20% 40% 60%

【 CAS 】:85187-05-9

【 Test Method 】: HPLC 

【Appearance 】:Brownish red green powder

【Efficacy Function】: 

The active ingredient in senna leaves is called senna.  This molecule is converted by microbes in the colon to another substance, anthrone rhubaronate, which has beneficial effects of stimulating colon activity (which speeds up peristalsis and improves digestion) and increasing fluid secretion.The laxative effect of senoside and its active metabolite, rhubaranthrone, are thought to inhibit the absorption of water and electrolyte by the large intestine, thereby increasing the volume and pressure of intestinal contents.  This stimulates the propulsive contraction of the colon.  In addition, stimulation of active chloride secretion increases the content of intestinal water and electrolyte.  These changes in the transport of the active electrolyte depend on the calcium element on the serosal surface.  The laxative effect of sennoside is partly mediated by stimulation of colonic fluid and electrolyte secretion, and this secretion capacity is regulated by stimulation of endogenous prostaglandin formation.   

【 dosage  】: 

As a laxative, take 100-150mg before bed. 

【 safety  】:

Sennoside is a powerful laxative, should be carefully taken, pay attention to the dose.Especially for pregnant, menstruating or postpartum women.Because of its irritability, it should not be used in patients with gastrointestinal inflammation.  This irritation of the intestinal mucosa may cause irritation, pain, or nausea, or liquid stool or diarrhea in overdose.  

【Effective Constituent】:  

Senna leaves contain about 3% bianthrone glycosides (senna A,A1,B,C,D,E,F and G);  And small amounts of anthraquinones, including aloe emodin and emodin -8-glucoside;  About 10% viscose, tannins and flavonoids.  The standard extract contains 8% senna.  The product is mainly composed of senna.   

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

1、antibiotic action:10% senna leaf extract had significant inhibitory effect on escherichia coli, proteus, dysentery bacillus, a streptococcus and white fungus.Some hydroxyl anthraquinones in senna leaves have certain bacteriostatic effects.  The alcohol extract of Senna ovum had inhibitory effect on many kinds of bacteria, such as staphylococcus, diphtheria, typhoid, paratyphoid and Escherichia coli, while the water extract was only effective on Typhoid.  Senna leaf water extract (1:4) has an inhibitory effect on skin fungi such as tinea minor oduangi and Nocardia astrophylla in vitro.  

2、stypticity :Senna leaf powder can increase platelets and fibrinogen, shorten coagulation time, calcium rehydration time, thrombin time and clot contraction time, and contribute to hemostasis.  The crystal fibers and clusters of calcium oxalate in senna leaf have local hemostatic effect.  

3、Effects on the digestive system:Senna leaf is a laxative Chemicalbook. A recent study found that senna leaf can not only stimulate the release of PG in colonic mucosa (which is thought to be a mechanism of diarrhea), but also significantly increase the level of PG in gastric body and antrum of rats.Senna leaf can prevent gastric mucosa damage caused by indomethacin, possibly because it can antagonize the inhibition of PG synthase in gastric mucosa.  Since PG is also a protective effect on the intestinal tract, senna leaves have a protective effect on the gastric mucosa through stimulating PG synthesis, which is consistent with its stimulating PG synthesis.  

4、Muscle relaxation and spasmolysis:Senna leaves have the effect of arrow poison, can block acetylcholine in the motor nerve endings and skeletal muscle, so that the muscle relaxation.Some hydroxyl anthraquinones in senna leaves have spasmolysis effect.  

5、For other uses:The seeds of senna auriculata can reduce fasting blood glucose in dogs, and the whole plant also contains cardioside. 


【Serial Number】:D0047 

【Product Name】: White Willow bark P.E.  

【Effective Constituent】: White Willow bark P.E.

【Molecular formula】:C13H18O7; 

【Molecular Weight】: 286.27 

【 CAS 】:138-52-3 

【Specification】 15%、25%、30%、50%、80%、90%、98% 

【Efficacy Function】

1. Treat fevers, colds and infections

As a "natural aspirin," salicin is used to treat mild fevers, colds, infections (influenza), acute and chronic rheumatic discomfort, headaches, and inflammatory pain.  Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), a synthetic substitute for salicin, has potentially dangerous gastrointestinal side effects.    

2. Relieves arthritis pain and lower back pain

Salicin is thought to be the source of the anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing abilities of willow bark.  The pain-relieving effects of willow bark are usually slower to take effect but last longer than those of regular aspirin products.  One trial found that a herbal compound containing 100ng of salicin improved the pain relief of patients with arthritis after being taken for two months.  Another trial found that a daily intake of 1360mg of willow bark extract (containing 240mg of salicin) for two weeks was more effective in treating joint pain and/or arthritis.  High doses of willow bark extract may also help with lower back pain.  A four-week trial found that a 240mg salicin extract from willow bark was effective in reducing the severity of back pain.   

【DOSAGE】:Salicin can be effectively used as the standard salix bark extract.  The recommended intake of salicin is 60-120mg per day.  However, recent studies have shown that higher intakes, such as 240mg a day, may be more effective in treating pain.   

【Safety 】:Similar to aspirin, some people may experience gastrointestinal distress after taking salicin.  People with ulcers and gastritis should also avoid using the drug, although the symptoms are more likely to come from aspirin than from willow bark extract.  


【Serial Number】: D0048 

【Product Name】:Gymnema sylvestre extract

【  CAS  】:  90045-47-9

【 Chemical composition】:Gymnemic acid (GA)a generic term for triterpenoid saponins found in Gymnemic acid, the main active ingredient of Gymnema Sylvestre extract  

【Effective Constituent】:

The extract is mainly composed of triterpenoid saponins, flavonoid glycosides, anthocyanins and polysaccharides, and the content of triterpenoid saponins is 50-99%, and six new triterpenoid saponins are 25-40% in the total triterpenoid saponins. The extract has the functions of dispelling wind, cooling blood, reducing swelling and relieving pain, invigorating stomach, diuresis, lowering blood sugar, lowering lipids and anti-platelet aggregation.  

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

1.Hypoglycemic activity:The extract of Gymnema sylvestre  Can slightly increase normal blood glucose, but when combined with glucose or sucrose, it can significantly inhibit the increase of blood glucose level and significantly reduce the secretion of plasma insulin.  

2.Hypolipidemic and anti - atherosclerosis effect:The extract ofGymnema sylvestre Leaves can reduce serum triglyceride, total cholesterol, very low density lipoprotein-1 cholesterol and low density lipoprotein-1 cholesterol, and increase the low high density lipoprotein-1 cholesterol and anti-atherosclerosis index in hyperlipidemia rats.  

3.Inhibition of sweetness:The sweet taste response may be suppressed by blocking sweet receptors on the surface of taste cells.  GA is the main component of sweet inhibition, and the presence of phthalide plays an important role in inhibiting sweet response, which can cause hypogustatory, and the inhibition rate of fructose, sucrose, stevioside, xylitol and other 8 sweeteners is 77%.  Polypeptide Gurmarin can significantly inhibit the sweetness of lactose, maltose and saccharin, with an inhibition rate of 40%-50%. 

4.Anti-caries effect:Cavities are caused when streptococcus bacteria in the mouth convert glucose into water-insoluble glucan, which sticks to the enamel of the tooth surface.  GA can significantly inhibit the activity of glucosyltransferase, block the synthesis of streptococcus mutans extracellular water insoluble glucan, inhibit the formation of dental plaque, and make caries-causing bacteria lose the caries-causing environment, so as to achieve the anti-caries effect.  

5.anti-obesity action:The weight loss benefits of oleic acid (GA) are due to the fact that GA reduces the body's absorption of sugar in addition to reducing the desire for sweets.  GChemicalbookA reduces sweet cravings by reducing the sweetness of foods without making them completely unsweet, and the effect lasts for 1 to 2 hours.  Inhibiting the absorption of sugar is to control the absorption of sugar molecules in the intestines during digestion, which can effectively reduce the metabolism of sugar, so as to change the absorption of sugar, so as to achieve the effect of changing the blood sugar content.  

6.Anti - tumor and anti - inflammatory effects:Malignant proliferation, cell proliferation and apoptosis are the primary characteristics of tumor, and anti-proliferation and pro-apoptosis are effective strategies for tumor treatment.  Gymnemagenol can inhibit HepG2 cells (human hepatoma cells) in vitro, and gymnemagenol extracts have significant antitumor activity against breast and lung cancer epithelial cells.  

7.Antioxidant and radiation protection:It was found that the mechanism of antioxidation of S. sp. is through inhibiting DPPH free radical and scavenging superoxide and hydrogen peroxide groups.  Flavonoids, phenols, saponins and triterpenoids may be responsible for the active components of antioxidation.  

8.Antibacterial and antiviral effects:The inhibitory effect of Gymnema Sylvestre extract on bacteria and fungi was studied. It was found that natural saponins and purified saponins had obvious antibacterial effect at different concentrations.  

9.immunomodulatory effects :Gymnema Sylvestre extract showed activity on human neutrophils and had good immunomodulatory effects.  

10.Other pharmacological effects:Gymnema Sylvestre extract is a natural insecticide that effectively kills the larvae of mosquitoes that transmit malaria and filariasis and is not toxic to the environment.  

【 Product Application 】:

1.Chinese herbal medicine application spoon rattan in folk application for a long time, the whole plant can be medicinal.  Root can detumescence and detoxification, clear heat and cool blood, used for multiple abscesses, mastitis and carbuncle sores;  Tender branches and leaves can relieve pain, detumescence, muscle, bullet wounds, tumescence and pain.  

2.It can be used for the treatment of diabetes. It can reduce the fat content and blood sugar concentration in diabetic patients. It is safe to use and has reliable curative effect.  

3.Develop functional food and health products:The process of making food additives from rattan vine extract, which can be used to produce functional chewing gum, toothpaste or mouthwash for preventing dental caries.  Rattan can reduce the nicotine content of tobacco and reduce the harmful effects of smoking.  Spoon rattan can inhibit melanin formation, can be made into freckle dispelling cosmetics.  


【Serial Number】: D0049 

【Product Name】:Fenugreek Seed extract;

【Another Name】:Common Fenugreek Seed


【Effective Constituent】:

Fenugreek extract contains gentianine, papain, choline, fenugreek, diosgenin glucoside, vitexin, isovitexin, isoorientin, vitexin-7-glucoside, fenugreek.  It also contains saponin, fat oil, protein, carbohydrate and vitamin B1.

【Efficacy Function】:

 Warm kidney and help Yang, dissipate cold and relieve pain.   

【 Applicable symptoms 】: Cold hernia, abdominal pain, hypochastal distension, cold pain in feet and knees, cold and wet beriberi, impotence, slip and diarrhea, wet cold sac.  

【Specification】:Brown yellow powder

【Pharmacological Aaction】: 

1.Hypotensive effect:4-hydroxyisoleucine was isolated from fenugreek, which has therapeutic effects on type 2 diabetes.  Fenugreek has the functions of nourishing Yang, lowering blood sugar and blood lipid, which may be related to the above amino acids.  

2.Protect renal function:Fenugreek extract can reduce the content of urea nitrogen and creatinine in serum of rats with renal failure.  Fenugreek decoction is effective in treating chronic renal failure.  

3.anti-hyperglycemic effect:Trigonelline has hypoglycemic activity in normal animals and chemically induced diabetic animals.  The saponins from fenugreek seeds after defatted have hypoglycemic effect.  Galactomannan contained in fenugreek extract has significant effects on lowering blood sugar, regulating blood lipids and reducing weight.  

4.PREVENTION and TREATMENT:TFGs can significantly reduce serum TG,TC and LDL levels in rat model of fatty liver.  Liver index, contents of TG,TC,MDA,FFA and HYP in liver, and GST activity significantly increased the activities of SOD,NO,Na+-K+ -ATPASE and Ca2+-Mg2+ -ATpase in liver, and significantly decreased the extent and range of lipid drop distribution in liver plasma, and significantly inhibited the expression of hepatocyte cytochrome P450 ⅱ E1  .  

5.Antiulcer effect:The water extract of fenugreek seeds and the gel isolated from seeds showed obvious anti-ulcer activity.  This effect is not only due to its inhibition of gastric acid secretion, but also has a certain effect on gastric mucosal glycoprotein.  The water extract of Fenugreek seeds can prevent oil peroxidation caused by alcohol by improving the antioxidant capacity of gastric mucosa, thus reducing mucosal damage.  

6.anti-tumor effect :Papain from fenugreek seeds showed significant activity against lymphoid leukemia.  Seed trigonelline can prolong the life of P388 mice by 31% at the level of 12.5mg·kg-1, and has obvious inhibitory effect on mouse liver cancer (HAc).  Way of the water extract of fenugreek seeds by subcutaneous injection of vaccination Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC) Ehrlichascitescarcinoma, before and after vaccination in mice, the results of cancer cell growth inhibition rate of more than 70%.  The number of peritoneal efflux cells and macrophages in mice was increased.  

7.Protective effect on acute and chronic chemical liver injury:Fenugreek extract can effectively inhibit the elevation of ALT and AST in serum of mice with acute liver injury, showing a good dose-response relationship.  Fenugreek water extract can protect the liver of rats with Chemicalbook chronic liver injury induced by carbon tetrachloride, and the protective mechanism may be lipid peroxidation and increase the activity of GSH-Px enzyme.  

8.antiatheroscloresis effects:The methanol extract of defatted part of Fenugreek seed can significantly reduce the serum cholesterol level of normal dogs.  The total extract can also reduce the serum total cholesterol in diabetic hyperlipidemia dogs.  Trigonelline contained in seeds of fenugreek can reduce the contents of total cholesterol and free cholesterol in plasma of mice.  

9.Protective effect on cerebral ischemia:Total fenugreek saponins can significantly prolong the average survival and respite time of craniosevered mice with acute incomplete cerebral ischemia, suggesting that fenugreek saponins have protective effects on cerebral ischemia injury.  Fenugreek saponins can prolong the coagulation time of mice, inhibit platelet aggregation rate of rabbits, reduce blood viscosity and improve blood flow and microcirculation.  

10.Invigorating kidney and strengthening yang:The material basis of the kidney tonifying and Yang strengthening effect of Fenugreek is the higher content of zinc and manganese in seeds.  According to research, the content of zinc and manganese in kidney tonifying Chinese medicine is high. If zinc and manganese are lacking in the body, endocrine function will be low and glands atrophy, so that endocrine hormones will be reduced, and slow growth, gonadal degeneration and sexual dysfunction will occur.  

11.Improve learning and memory disorders:Fenugreek contains effective components to promote protein synthesis, which can improve learning and memory disorders.  One of the active components in fenugreek seeds lecithin can improve nerve dysfunction and disorder, restore brain function, enhance memory and anti-aging.  

12.antioxidation:It was found that after fenugreek was added to the diet of alloxan induced diabetic rats, lipid peroxidation was reduced, blood glutathione and β -carotene contents were significantly increased, and vitamin E content was decreased.  

13.Anti-inflammatory, weight loss:The steroidal saponins contained in fenugreek seeds have diuretic and anti-inflammatory activities.  Long-term use of Fenugreek gum (mixed with a variety of food after eating) has a good weight loss function for obesity.  

14.Used for Other Purposes:The total saponins of Fenuhelu may be composed of different saponins and different sugars, among which the contents of Diosgenin and Ymaogenin are 0.6%-1%, but only 0.15%-0.32% in other plants of this genus.  Diosgenin, also known as Diosgenin, is one of the active components in fenugreek, and is the main raw material for the synthesis of various contraceptives and steroid hormones. It also has liver protection, antioxidant effect, inhibition of cancer cell proliferation, osteoporosis treatment and anti-diabetes function.  


【Serial Number】: D0050 

【Product Name】:black currant extract

【Another Name】: Blackcurrant extract,Also known as black bean fruit, purple plum and so on

【Specification】:Anthocyanin pigments 1-36% HPLC   anthocyanidin 1-25% UV   procyanidine 1-40% UV   polyphenol 1-35% UV

【Plant Origin】: The extract of black currant is made from wild black currant grown in the alpine area of Daxing 'an Mountains. The content of unsaturated fatty acids is high. The main extracted components are anthocyanin and polyphenol, and the content is more than 25%.  

【Appearance】:Purplish red to deep purple fine powder with the inherent smell and taste of Sorbus ropa.  

【 Effective Constituent 】:Anthocyanins, procyanidins, anthocyanins, polyphenols

【Pharmacological Aaction】:The anthocyanins contained in blackcurrant fruit are rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals needed by human body, which can reduce serum cholesterol and cerebral arteriosclerosis.  Can delay the aging of the body, provide body immunity;  It can block the generation of nitrosamine and play an anticancer and anticancer role.  It mainly has the functions of anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, delaying aging, reducing triglyceride in serum, reducing cholesterol in serum, enhancing immunity, anti-arrhythmia, anti-fatigue, anti-tumor, preventing and treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, inhibiting bacterial growth, and strengthening bones and teeth.  

【 product application】:Beverage, food, cosmetics, health care products or pharmaceutical industry.


【Serial Number】: D0051

【Product Name】:Oleanic acid

【Another Name】 Oleanol、Caryophyllia、Astrantigeninc、Giganteumgeninc。 

【C A S 】508-02-1。  

【Molecular formula】C30H48O3。 

【Molecular Weight】456.71。 

【Appearance】:Melting point 308 ~ 310℃, insoluble in water, soluble in methanol, ethanol, ether, acetone and chloroform  


【Pharmacological Aaction】 

1.Reduce liver damage:Oleanolic acid, a pentacyclic triterpenoid compound, has obvious protective effect on acute and chronic liver injury induced by carbon tetrachloride in rats.  After treatment, the enlarged mitochondria and enlarged rough endoplasmic reticulum were restored.  It can also significantly reduce the balloon-like degeneration, necrosis and inflammatory response of liver cells in acute and chronic liver injury.  The accumulation of triglyceride in liver decreased and the amount of glycogen increased.  

2.Decreased serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase activity:Oleanolic acid has obvious enzyme lowering effect on acute, chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. 

3.Decreased serum R-globulin, consistent with reduced hepatic inflammatory response observed histologically.   

4.Promote the regeneration of liver cells:Oleanolic acid can significantly increase the number of mitotic phase in rat residual liver, and the regeneration degree is higher than that of control group, suggesting that oleanolic acid can promote cell regeneration.   

5.Decrease the level of cooline in brain homogenate of cirrhotic rats:The decrease of cooline level in brain homogenate can inhibit the generation of pseudoneurotransmitter, which is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of hepatic encephalopathy.  

6.Inhibit liver fiber hyperplasia:In rats with liver fibrosis treated with oleanolic acid, the hyperplasia of liver fiber was serious and obviously reduced, and the content of liver collagen decreased, suggesting that it has the effect of preventing and treating liver cirrhosis.   

7.Oleanolic acid inhibited mononuclear phagocyte system, macrophage phagocytosis and experimental arthritis in mice, but affected the humoral immune function and antigen-binding cells of the opposite sex.  Enhance immunity and inhibit the growth of S180 tumor strain.   

8.It can protect chromosome damage, prevent experimental atherosclerosis, and correct protein metabolism disorder.  

【untoward effect 】

1、A few patients have dry mouth, diarrhea, upper abdominal discomfort, symptomatic treatment can disappear . 

2、Individual patients showed mild thrombocytopenia, which could be recovered after drug withdrawal. 

【product application】It is clinically used for the treatment of acute infectious jaundice hepatitis. It has obvious effects of lowering the trough of alanine aminotransferase and fading yellow, improving the symptoms, signs and liver function of patients with viral and chronic chronic hepatitis.  It can also be used for psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, nephritis edema, cirrhosis ascites, acute and chronic hepatitis, stomach pain and turbidness, blood collapse, falling injury, carbuncle, soft waist and knees, restless fetus and other diseases.  


【Serial Number】: D0052 

【Product Name】:Luteolin

【 chemical name 】:3’,4’,5,7-tetrahydroxy-flavon

【Another Name】:Yellow flavin, yellow shilin

【 CAS 】:491-70-3 

【 Molecular formula 】:C15H10O6 

【 Molecular Weight 】:286.23  

【 Appearance】:Yellow acicular crystal, melting point 328-330℃.  Slightly soluble in water, weakly acidic, soluble in alkaline solution, stable under normal conditions.   

【 Pharmacological Aaction 】:


It is believed that the anti-inflammatory activity of luteolin is related to the inhibition of nitric oxide (NO) and other inflammatory cytokines such as tumor necrosis factor -α(TNF-α) and interleukin-6 (IL-6), the inhibition of protein tyrosine phosphorylation, and the gene expression mediated by nuclear transcription factor KB(NF-KB).  


Studies have shown that luteolin can selectively inhibit fatty acid synthase activity in prostate cancer and breast cancer cells, which is related to its anti-tumor cell growth and apoptosis.  Luteolin can significantly reduce the incidence and tumor size of colon cancer induced by dimethylhydrazine, which is related to its regulation of lipid peroxidation, anti-oxidation and anti-proliferation.  Luteolin can dose-dependently inhibit the invasion motility of OVARIAN cancer cells HO8910PM in vitro, which is related to the inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) secretion and down-regulation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase 2(ERK2) expression.   


Luteolin inhibits the release of immunoglobulin E(IgE) -mediated allergic transmitters produced by human mast cells, including histamine, leukotriene, and prostaglandin D2, as well as mononuclear macrophage colony-stimulating factor. Its effect may be related to the inhibition of Ca2+ influx and protein kinase C(PKC) translocation activation.   

4、Anti-inflammatory demyelinating disease

Luteolin can dose-dependent protect oligodendrocytes against oxidative damage induced by hydrogen peroxide in vitro, strongly inhibit phagocytosis of macrophages to myelin sheath, significantly reduce the production of reactive oxygen species and the expression of iNOS protein, and significantly reduce the level of NO produced by macrophages at low doses.   


Luteolin can reduce the degree of liver fibrosis, the content of hydroxyproline (HYP), malondialdehyde (MDA) and the expression of type I procollagen mRNA in liver tissue, and inhibit the proliferation and collagen synthesis of hepatic stellate cell (HSC) in vitro.  In addition, it can improve the histopathological changes of bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis, decrease the lung weight index, significantly reduce the elevation of MDA and HYP, and inhibit the mRNA expression of transforming growth factor -β1 (TGF-β1) in lung tissue, inhibit the proliferation of human embryonic lung fibroblasts and promote their apoptosis in vitro.  

6、Antifertility and hormonal effects

Luteolin has a significant dose-dependent anti-implantation activity, which can significantly increase uterine weight, diameter, endometrial thickness and epithelial cell height after oral administration. Luteolin has estrogen-like effects when used alone, but has anti-estrogen-like effects when used in combination with ethinylestradiol.   

7、Action on blood vessels

Luteolin can inhibit the formation of rabbit corneal vessels induced by vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in vivo.  It can inhibit tumor growth and angiogenesis in mouse xenograft tumor model.  It can inhibit the survival and proliferation of HUMAN umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) induced by VEGF in vitro.  It can significantly inhibit the proliferation and DNA synthesis of vascular smooth muscle cells induced by platelet-derived growth factor -BB (PDGF-BB), and block the cell cycle in G1 phase.  Concentration can rely on to reduce phenylephrine contraction of vascular tension and antagonism caused vasoconstriction, high potassium have artery diastolic function, and its comfortable vascular function for the endothelial dependent, its mechanism of action and direct inhibition of voltage compliance calcium channel, receptor maneuvering calcium channel, intracellular calcium release, as well as activate potassium channels are concerned, and has nothing to do with the alpha, beta receptors.   


Luteolin can inhibit a variety of bacteria and viruses, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, herpes simplex virus, poliovirus, coxsackie B3 virus, etc  .


【Serial Number】: D0053

【Product Name】:naringin

【Another Name】:Naringin, naringin, citrinin, isohesperidin

【  CAS  】: 10236-47-2


【Test Method】:HPLC 

【Appearance】:White to light yellow crystalline powder 

【Molecular formula】:C27H32O14

【Molecular Weight】: 580.53 

【 Pharmacological Aaction 】:

Naringin has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anticancer, anti-mutation, anti-allergy, anti-ulcer, analgesic and blood pressure lowering activities, can reduce blood cholesterol, reduce thrombosis, improve local microcirculation and nutrition supply, and can be used for production and prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.  

【Efficacy function】:

(1)anti-microbial:The effect of aglycone on staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, dysentery bacillus and typhoid bacillus was weaker than that of aglycone.  

(2)anti-inflammatory:Mice intraperitoneal injection of 100mg/kg can reduce the edema of ankle.  Subcutaneous injection of 100mg/kg in rats also had significant anti-inflammatory effect, which was related to the decrease of capillary permeability.  

(3)antiviral :The concentration of 200μg/ mL had strong inhibitory effect on vesicular stomatitis virus.  It has protective effect on virus infection in mice, and the survival time of the administration group is significantly longer than that of the control group.   

(4)Inhibits the action of ocular aldose reductase:In rats, the inhibition of molten solution at 10-4mol/L was 80%.  This effect may be useful in treating diabetic cataracts.   

(5)As the bitter taste agent:Its bitterness is equivalent to quinine (quinine) one-fifth of the bitterness.  But grapefruit glucoside 7- rue sugar has no bitterness.  The bitter taste of grapefruit and lime is caused by this product.  In addition, it has anti-peroxidation effect.  It is also one of the flavonoids in citrus that stimulate the spawning of the blue papilio (Pupilio protenor).  

(6)It can be used as raw material for synthesis of neohesperidin and neohesperidin dihydrochalcone.  Dihydrochalcone sweetener can be prepared by hydrogenation of pyranone ring cracking under alkaline condition.  

【 Efficacy Function 】:

Stomach digestion, phlegm, cough, qi, detoxification.  Indications for food, abdominal distension, cough phlegm, dysentery, diarrhea, pregnancy and other diseases such as weak mouth.   

【 Dietary Function 】:

1.Antibacterial antiviral activity

In vitro, naringin and hesperidin can inhibit the growth of staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, dysentery bacillus and typhoid bacillus, and naringin can inhibit yeast and fungi, and can prevent and protect mice infected with virus.  Pomelo in naringin, hesperidin and other similar flavonoids, with anti-inflammatory effect.   

2.reduce blood sugar

In the fresh grapefruit juice, contains insulin-like components, can reduce blood sugar, for diabetes, obesity patients good food therapy.  

3.Spasmolysis and enhance the role of vitamin C

Naringin contained in grapefruit has obvious antispasmolysis effect.  Pomelo peel and hesperidin can improve blood coagulation and capillary resistance in conjunctiva of eyes caused by vitamin C deficiency in mice.   

4.Expectorant And Antitussive

The outer peel of pomelo, it is commonly used Chinese medicine to change tangerine namely.  Limonene and paenene contained in it, after inhalation, can make respiratory secretions become variable and thin, conducive to the discharge of sputum, has a good role in expectorant cough.   


【Serial Number】: D0054

【Product Name】:Griffonia Seed Extract

【Another Name】:5-hydroxytryptophan

【 CAS 】: 56-69-9

【Specification】:10%~99% 5-HTP( HPLC  external standard method ).

【Molecular formula】:C11H12N2O3

【Molecular Weight】: 220.23

【Efficacy Function】

Ghana seed extract L-5-HTP is extracted from the seeds of the African plant Ghana and increases serotonin production in the human blood by naturally increasing serotonin levels.  5- hydroxytryptophan has been widely used in European and American health products companies.   

【Appearance】:White to white fine powder

【source of the product】:Ghana seed is the dried seed of the Ghanaian grain Griffonia simplicifolia, a shrub plant in the leguminous family  

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

1. Antidepressants and tranquilizers:Serotonin serotonin, a natural amino acid found in many dietary proteins, enhances the activity of serotonin. Serotonin serotonin is a serotonin receptor and serotonin serotonin plays a role in serotonin activity.  

2. Reduce stress and improve sleep:5-hydroxytryptophan has also been used successfully to treat sleep disorders.  Because serotonin is the precursor to melatonin, a natural hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness cycles, when serotonin levels rise, melatonin levels increase, making sleep sweeter.  

3. lose weight :Can effectively control appetite, improve the satiety center sensitivity, in the process of diet control, reduce hunger, make the process of weight loss easier to achieve, is the current popular weight loss food aid.  Great news for people who want to lose weight.  


【Serial Number】:D0055 

【Product Name】beta-carotene 

【purity 】:99.8%

【 CAS 】: 7235-40-7 

【Appearance】:Reddish - purple to dark red crystalline powder with a peculiar odor.Soluble in acetone, chloroform, petroleum ether, benzene and vegetable oil, insoluble in water, propylene glycol and glycerol, poorly soluble in methanol and ethanol.            

【Efficacy Function】:

1.Health care for the visual system:Rods in the retina contain rhodopsin and function as dark vision. β -carotene in the right amount promotes the normal amount of rhodopsin, thus avoiding the slow adaptation to dark vision caused by vitamin A deficiency and the damage to the eyes caused by bright light after dark vision. In addition, can also prevent night blindness, dry eye, corneal ulcer and keratomalacia;  

2.Health care for skin tissue:VA is necessary to maintain the integrity of all epithelial tissues, and β -carotene can be converted into VA in the body.  Therefore, the intake of a certain amount of β -carotene is of great significance for the maintenance of normal body surface, digestive tract, respiratory tract, reproductive and urinary tract and endocrine tract products, and can avoid skin diseases such as flaky skin, Chemicalbook keratinization, hard squamous epidermal cells and xeroderma exanthema.  β -carotene also plays an important role in cell membrane stability.  It can also be used to treat "helitis," an inflammation caused by sun exposure.  

3.anti-aging :Beta-carotene enhances the activity of red blood cells.  Peroxide free radical can accelerate the aging of the human body, people vividly called the body "garbage".  Beta-carotene, on the other hand, can neutralize free radicals in the body, thus delaying aging.  

4.Resistance to adverse environment:People who work frequently in dark rooms, bright light, high temperatures or deep water, radiation operators, and people who watch a lot of television should take extra beta-carotene to combat the adverse environment.    

【Applicable symptoms 】:

1、Long-term malabsorption of fat 

2、Vitamin A is especially important for people who wear contact lenses or spend hours staring at computer screens.  

3、Pregnant and lactating women also need vitamin A. 


1、For the average adult male, 1,000 IUS is sufficient to prevent deficiencies.   

2、The recommended daily intake for girls aged 10-15 is 4600 INTERNATIONAL units. 

3、The recommended daily intake for women over 16 is 4200 international units.

4、Pregnant women need to pay special attention to its safe dosage, so as not to produce deformed children.  An initial increase in intake is not recommended during pregnancy.  

5、For lactating women, an additional 2,500 IUS for the first six months; An additional 2,000 IUS for the last six months.  


【Serial Number】: D0056 

【Product Name】:Petasites japonicus Extract

【Efficacy Function】:Detoxify blood stasis. To treat tonsillitis, carbuncle, poisonous snake bite.

【Another Name】:Different names: Snake head, water bell liutou (Jiangxi Herbal Medicine), black pumpkin, wild rice melon, pumpkin notoginseng, wild pumpkin, wild gourd head (Zhejiang Common Folk Herbal Medicine).  

The root contains 50 ~ 55% bicidiole,  Also contain carene - 3, elegant sill orchid tree oil olefin, alpha sandalwood terpene, thyme phenol methyl ether, furan sill orchid tree oil alkanes, ligularia ketene, white butterbur element and its angelica acid ester, 6 - hydroxy and sill ene lactone, white butterbur methyl ether, furan butterbur alcohol, 6 - acetyl furan butterbur alcohol, 6 - angelica acyl furan butterbur alcohol, sulfur - furan butterbur diester, furan bee bucket  Menu ester, as well as choline, protocatechuic acid, angelica acid, caproic acid, caprylic acid, β -sitosterol, flavonoids and so on.  


【Serial Number】:D0057 

【Product Name】:globe artichoke

【Efficacy Function】:

Artichoke root can be used as medicine to enhance liver function and diuretic effect.Artichoke buds are rich in nutrients.  Per 100g dietary portion contains 86.5% water, 2.8g protein, 0.2g fat, 9.9g carbohydrate, A160 IUS, vitamin B10.06mg, vitamin alc 0.08mg, vitamin 11mg, calcium 51mg, phosphorus 69mg and iron 1.1mg.  Leaves contain artichoke, which is used to treat chronic hepatitis and lower cholesterol.  The softened stems and leaves can be cooked and taste fresh.  It has been used in medicine to make digestive tablets and aperitif wine.  



【Serial Number】: D0058 

【Product Name】:Common Andrographis Herb Extract


【Sexual flavour 】:Bitter, cold. Go to lung, stomach, large intestine and small intestine meridian.

【Efficacy Function】:Clear heat and detoxify, reduce swelling and relieve pain. 

【 Applicable symptoms 】:External fever, cough and wheezing, sore throat, whooping cough, carbuncle of the lung, red swelling and pain of the eye, diarrhea, dysentery, gonorrhea, lower belt, jaundice, carbuncle, sore sore, water and fire burns, snake bite.  

【Efficacy Function】: 

1. Protect liver function 

Andrographolide can prevent BHC - induced γ -glutamyltranspeptidase, glutathione -S- transferase enzyme activity and lipid peroxidation.  The activity of antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase and glutathione level will decrease under BHC.  The use of androgynolide showed a protective effect on superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase activity and maintenance of glutathione levels.  The activity of lipoperoxidase also decreased.  

2.Reduce cold symptoms :Andrographolide was very effective in reducing the rate of infection and intensity of uncomplicated common cold symptoms within the first two days of treatment, with no adverse effects observed.  

3.hypoglycemic activity  :Andrographolide may block glucose absorption in the gut.

4.Contraceptive efficacy:Contraceptive effect of andrographolide.

5. Cardiovascular role :Andrographolide has antioxidant, protective endothelial function and maintenance of nitrous oxide/endothelin balance.  

【 matters need attention 】:

1、Should not be taken for a long time; It is not suitable for those with deficient cold of spleen and stomach. 

2、Adverse reactions: Large oral doses of andrographis andrographis and its various preparations may cause gastrointestinal discomfort and loss of appetite.  


【Serial Number】: D0059 

【Product Name】: Chicory extrct 

【 Another Name 】:Coffee grass extract、bitter herbs 

【 CAS 】:68650-43-1


【Appearance】: Has a burnt aroma similar to cocoa or coffee. The bitter taste is similar to coffee, which has a stimulant effect  

【Efficacy Function】 Clear liver and gallbladder, stomach digestion, diuresis and swelling.  Used for hot and humid jaundice, stomach pain and less food, edema and less urine.  

【product application】: This extract can be used to add aroma to tobacco, which can soften the pungent taste.  When burning and absorbing, it can produce aroma material, improve the absorption and enhance the strength.  It has been used in the formulation of mixed cigarette essence.  With its bitter taste, it can be used in beer production instead of hops.  


【Serial Number】: D0060 

【Product Name】:Fennel extract

【Latin name 】:Fructus Foeniculi 

【Another Name】:Fennel, earthy fennel, wild fennel, Cornish fennel, Cornish and sweet seed

【 CAS 】:84455-29-8

【Specification】:5:1  10:1  20:1

【 Chemical composition】: Fennel mainly contains fatty oil, volatile oil, sterol, glycosides, amino acids, etc., as well as triterpenoids, tannins, flavonoids, cardiosides, alkaloids, saponins, coumarins, volatile bases, anthraquinones, organic acids and other types of compounds.  

【Appearance】:Brown yellow powder 

【Flavor and Meridian tropism】:Temperature; simba;Go to the liver, spleen, stomach and kidney meridian 

【major function】:Dispelling cold and relieving pain, regulating qi and zhong. It is used for cold hernia abdominal pain, testicular drop, dysmenorrhea, less abdominal cold pain, abdominal distention pain, vomiting and diarrhea with less food, and testicular hydrocele.  

【contraindication】:Heat syndrome and Yin deficiency fire is forbidden.


【Serial Number】:D0061 

【Product Name】:Asiaticosides

【 Another Name 】:Asiatic saponins

【  CAS  】:16830-15-2

【Specification】:Centella asiatica monosaccharide10%-30%~40%~90%;Centella selected triterpenes10%~80%

【solubility】:Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and pyridine

【Test Method】HPLC

【Chemical composition】:The product contains many triterpenoids, including α -aromatic resin alcohol structure.  The main components are asiaticoside, asiaticooxalic acid and hydroxyl asiaticooxalic acid.  

【Appearance】:Appearance brownish yellow fine powder, taste slightly bitter.

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

1、Inhibit fibrous tissue hyperplasia:Asiaticoside can inhibit collagen fiber and inhibit fibrous tissue hyperplasia.  

2、Promotes skin growth:Rabbit muscle injection can promote skin growth, local white blood cell increase, connective tissue vascular network increase, mucous secretion increase, accelerated fur hyperplasia, and inhibit skin ulcer.  

3、Sedative effect:The glucoside that centella asiatica contains among them has sedative, stable effect to mouse, rat, this effect basically is the influence of cholinergic system in central nervous system.  Alcohol extract has no analgesic effect.  

4、Effect on skin tissue:Glycoside of centella asiaticosa can treat skin ulcer, wait like tuberculosis of stubborn sex trauma, skin, leprosy.  Intramuscular injection or subcutaneous implantation of mice, guinea pigs and rabbits can promote skin growth, local leukocyte increase, connective tissue vascular network hyperplasia, mucus secretion, hair and tail growth acceleration, etc.  It has been reported that a cream containing 0.25-1% alcohol extract of Centella asiatica has been used in the treatment of skin diseases with good results.  

5、clearing heat and promoting diuresis:Treatment of sore throat, sore mouth and tongue, headache, body heat, thirst, etc.

6、promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis :Used for swelling pain, insect and snake bite, joint swelling and so on.

7、Fight bacterium diminish inflammation:To treat herpes zoster, dysentery, jaundice, edema and drenching caused by virus or bacteria.  It's also scrofula, scrofula, scrofula.  

8、stypticity :Used for hemorrhoid, epistaxis, dysmenorrhea, bleeding, bleeding in stool, hemorrhoid, gastric bleeding, trauma bleeding and other bleeding, has the function of hemostasis and analgesia.  

9、improve memory:Modern medical studies have found that centella does indeed have a memory-boosting effect. Rosemary also has a similar effect. Sniffing an essential oil made from rosemary can regulate the brain stress hormone cortisol and keep you awake.  

【product application】:The total glucoside of Centella asiatica has the effects of anti-hyperplasia, anti-fibrosis, anti-depression, anti-cancer, anti-oxidation and improving intelligence. In addition, centella asiatica glucoside has obvious effects on skin trauma and eliminating scar.  


【Serial Number】: D0062 

【Product Name】:Cholla Stem Extract

【Appearance】:Light yellow powder.

【Specification】:10:1 、20:1 

【CAS  】:8007-78-1

【Test Method】:UV

【Efficacy Function】:  

1、anti-obesity action:Cactus contains a substance called propanol diacid, which can inhibit the growth of fat;  Cactus contains triterpenoid saponins, terpene is essential for human body substances, they can directly regulate secretion function and regulate the activity of lipase, promote the redundant and adipose decompose rapidly, and can effectively prevent fat in the intestinal absorption, inhibiting fat synthesis in the liver, against the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, progressive weight loss.  

2.anti-hyperglycemic effect:Cactus contains a variety of flavonoids, such as quercetin - 3-glucoside, has obvious hypoglycemic effect, can effectively improve the glucose metabolism of type II diabetes patients. 

3.Bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory effects:Cactus has inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus, Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus cereus.  



【Serial Number】: D0063 

【Product Name】:Passionflower extract

【Another Name】:Egg nut, passion nut, Brazil nut

【Specification】:3%  10:1

【 CAS 】:8057-62-3

【Appearance】:  yellow brown powder

【Test Method】:UV

【Efficacy Function】:

Used for neuralgia, insomnia, menstrual pain and dysentery, etc., with anesthetic and sedative effect, besides wind, heat, cough and phlegm.  Cure wind heat dizziness, nasal congestion runny nose.  


【Serial Number】: D0064 

【Product Name】:Corn whisker extract

【category;】:water-disinhibiting damp-percolating medicinal

【Latin name】:Stigma Maydis 

【Another Name】:Jade wheat, millet stamen

【Specification】:5:1 10:1 20:1 

【Appearance】:Fine brownish yellow powder 

【Flavor and Meridian tropism】:Flat; Gump, light; Return to bladder, liver and gallbladder meridian

【Applicable symptoms 】:Diuretic detumescence, dampness and yellowing.  Indications edema, urinal leachate, jaundice, cholecystitis, gallstones, hypertension, diabetes, milk obstruction.


【Serial Number】: D0065 

【Product Name】:Comfrey root extract

【Appearance】:brown powder


【 CAS 】:517-89-5

【Test Method】:HPLC

【Effective Constituent】:acetylshikonin、β-hydro-xyisovalerylshikonin、shikonin、β,β'-dimethylacrylshikonin,so on。

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

1.Disease-resistant microorganism

2.Effect on smooth muscle of digestive tract

3.Effects on blood clotting

4.anti-tumor effect

5.Contraceptive effect

6.Effects on the circulatory system

7.hypoglycemic activity 

8.Beauty effect


【Serial Number】: D0066 

【Product Name】:Catclaw Buttercup  extract 


【Pharmacological Aaction】:Modern pharmacological and clinical studies have shown that The herb and its preparations are effective against tuberculosis, lymphatic tuberculosis, various cancers and lymphomas.  At the same time, ranunculus can also be used as garden plants, there is a certain ornamental.  In addition, it is also possible to reduce the expression of 16KDa small heat shock protein (16KDaSHSP) gene in dormant tuberculosis bacteria to activate dormant bacteria and promote the high level of GLSmRNA expression, enhance the bactericidal ability of CTL, and achieve the effect of resistance to drug-resistant bacteria.  


【Serial Number】:D0067 

【Product Name】:Radix isatidis P.E 


【 CAS 】:475-83-2

【Effective Constituent】: Indoxyl-β- glucoside、Isatin、Indigo、Isatan B、Uridine、Uracil、Hypoxanthine、Salicylic acid、Qingdainone、Daucosterol、β-Sitosterol、Radix isatidis b, c and b.  Also contains vegetable protein, resin, carbohydrate, glucosinolate, a variety of amino acids and trace elements.  

【Efficacy Function】:  The water extract has inhibitory effect on bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus eight, Escherichia coli, Typhoid bacillus, paratyphoid bacillus A, dysentery (Shigella, Fallococcus) bacillus, enteritis bacillus, etc.  Acetone leaching solution has a similar effect, and is effective against hemolytic streptococcus (both AGAR orifice plate method).  

【Serviceable range】:It can inhibit many kinds of bacteria and viruses, especially staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, typhoid bacillus, paratyphoid bacillus and dysentery bacillus.  

【DOSAGE】:The dosage per 100 kg body weight was 2 grams, and the effective ingredients per gram of the extract were 28 times more than raw medicinal materials.  Add water per gram to 15 kg antibacterial antiviral effect is significant.  


【Serial Number】: D0068 

【Product Name】:echinacea extract 

【 CAS 】: 70831-56-0


【Efficacy Function】:

1.Immune stimulation

By increasing the number of granulocytes and white blood cells to play a role in improving the pharmacotaxis of monocytes and neutral viruses to produce lytic effect.T lymphocytes and macrophages surface hydrocarbon receptors produce immune stimulation, can increase the phagocytosis of macrophages, and stimulate macrophages to increase the number of tumor necrosis factor, interferon, white blood cell mediators, can destroy tumor cells. Alkyl amines and caffeic acid derivatives: Lipophilic alkyl amines can increase macrophage phagocytosis.  Increase the activity of non-specific T cells, produce interferon, promote the secretion of lymphocytes, reduce T- helper cells, reduce the ratio of T- helper cells to inhibitory factors.   

2.Tissue renewal and anti-infective effect:  Inhibition of hyaluronidase (hyaluronidase) can stimulate the growth of fibroblasts and the synthesis of glucosaminase, produce corticosterone effect, promote the secretion of adrenal corticosteroids.  Polysaccharides have anti-infection properties.  

3.antibiotic action:Echinoside and caffeic acid derivatives have weak antibacterial activity.

4. antiviral action:It can inhibit influenza, herpes and blister viruses, and its antiviral activity is due to the inhibitory action of hyaluronidase, which blocks viral receptors on cell surface.   

5.drug toxicity:Too much can cause a low fever, sensitive people may appear dermatitis.

【serviceable range】: 

Echinacea and its extract used for common infection or trauma, a cold or flu, beads virus, candida laryngitis, staphylococcus infection, urinary tract infection, pelvic inflammation (P.I.D), tonsil inflammation, upper respiratory tract infection, wound inflammation, toothache, or oral infection, insect, animal or snake bites, food poisoning, blood boils, abscesses, eczema, etc. Improve sore throat caused by acute and chronic pharyngitis, dry hot, hoarse voice; Enhance immune system, prevent influenza, shorten cold and cold, relieve sore throat, mild infection, cold, cough, influenza and other symptoms of upper respiratory tract discomfort. Aspects that promote protein synthesis and participate in the synthesis and immunity of related enzymes are important. Moisten and nourish bone marrow, improve immunity. Effectively improve recurrent oral ulcer, respiratory tract and digestive tract infection and other symptoms.

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

Hyaluronidase and HIV-1 integrase can be inhibited by chicory acid, which can promote cell phagocytosis and have antiviral activity in vitro and in vivo.


【Serial Number】: D0069 

【Product Name】: Hesperidin

【Another Name】:Tangerine, hesperidin, hesperidin


【Specification】90% 92% 95% 98% 

【Test Method】HPLC 

【Appearance】Fine dendritic acicular crystals

【Applicable symptoms 】 Cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment, blood sugar and lipid regulation, blood pressure regulation, circulation system health, body regulation, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, antiviral effect 

【Plant Origin】: The aboveground part of the rubiaceae millet; Citrus fruit, banana fruit, lycium orange fruit, lemon fruit, quinoa mango peel, ripe fruit of citron; Cruciferous plant shepherd's purse with whole grass roots.  

【 Pharmacological Aaction 】:

1、 anti-inflammatory

It can improve the coagulation of blood cells and decreased resistance of capillaries in bulbous conjunctival vessels caused by vitamin C deficiency in guinea pigs (enhance the effect of vitamin C)


Before the addition of vesicular stomatitis virus, mouse fibrocytes were incubated in 200μg/ mL of this product, which protected the cells against the virus for about 24 hours. Pretreating HeLa cells with this product can prevent influenza virus infection. The antiviral activity of this product can be eliminated by hyaluronidase.

3、Another Effective

It can prevent frostbite and inhibit the aldehyde reductase in the lens of rats.


【Serial Number】: D0070

【Product Name】:Milk thistle extract


【 CAS 】:84604-20-6

【Appearance】:Light yellow powder, or crystalline powder

【Pharmacological Aaction】 

1.Liver-protective effect

Silymarin is the main active ingredient of liver protection, which can stimulate the formation of new liver cells and improve liver function.  At the same time, it can protect the liver cell membrane, prevent the infiltration of cytotoxin into liver cells, and improve the recovery ability of membrane structure defect.   

2. antioxidant  

Silymarin's phenolic hydroxyl group provides hydrogen and has a powerful antioxidant effect.  They have the properties of scavenging free radicals and anti-lipid peroxidation activity.  

3. lipid-lowering 

Silybin can inhibit the plasma membrane Ca2+ channel of myocardium in adult rats, inhibit food-induced hypercholesterolemia, decrease very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) and low density lipoprotein (LDL), and increase high density lipoprotein (HDL), which can be used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.   

【Clinical efficacy】 

Milk thistle extract is mainly used in viral hepatitis, acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, nutritional metabolic diseases and cardiovascular diseases.  

【Application survey】 

Silimarit capsule produced by Bionorica is widely used in the treatment of various liver diseases, including Heplant film tablet produced by LivaTone Plus company in the United States and Spitzner Company in Germany.  Silidanin produced by German Mardaoist Company, Hepabene produced by German Merckle Company, Heliplant capsule produced by German Kanoldt Company, etc.  Milk thistle extract is also widely used as liver-protecting and gallbladder medicine in China, such as "Yiganling Tablet" (WS3-B-1618-93), and "Stomach Liver Bile", a compound milk thistle produced by Germany, is marketed in China under the trade name "Lidan pill".  



【Serial Number】:D0071

【Product Name】:Pomegranate peel extract ellagic acid

【Another Name】:Pomegranate shell, acid pomegranate skin, acid pomegranate skin, west pomegranate skin, anpomegranate acid shell  

【 CAS 】: 476-66-4

【Effective Constituent】 ellagic acid 

【Appearance】Brown yellow powder

【Specification】 ellagic acid 40% 

【Test Method】 HPLC 

【Plant Origin】 Dried peel of pomegranate in the pomegranate family.

【 Applicable symptoms 】:

Astringent bowel antidiarrheal, hemostasis, insect repellent.  It is used for diarrhea, dysentery, hematochezia, anal prolapse, leakage, leucorrhea, and dysphoria.   

【Pharmacological Aaction】 Prevention and treatment of colon cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, tongue and skin tumors and other diseases;  Can enhance the human immune function;  It has antihypertensive and sedative effect.  Used in medicine and cosmetics, as an antioxidant, with anti-cancer and anti-virus effect.  

1. Anti-cancer effect, ellagic acid can inhibit the metabolic activity of carcinogens, remove the toxicity of carcinogens, etc.   

2. Inhibition of human immunodeficiency virus 

3. Anti-oxidation effect 

4. Whitening effect 

5.Antihypertensive and sedative effect


【Serial Number】: D0072 

【Product Name】:Mangosteen Extract 

【 Test Method 】:TLC

【 Chemical composition】:The scent of mangosteen consists mainly of volatile components, including hexyl acetate, leaf alcohol (cis-3-hexenol) and α -cubanene (Copaene).  One of the oxanthanones, α -pertwist, has significant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.  

【Efficacy Function】:

The anti-inflammatory effects of mangosteen extract were studied by animal experiments and clinical double-blind body experiments. The mechanism of action is to inhibit Cytokines (TNF-α, IL-1), thus reducing the activity of Cyclooxygenase 2 (COX2) and the production of prostaglandin PGE2.  In human trials, 600mg10% mangosteen extract was taken daily for 5 days, which effectively reduced pain sensation by 50%. The effect was similar to that of nonsteroidal drug Nimesulide, and it is the best substitute for long-term anti-inflammatory drugs in patients.  


【Serial Number】: D0073 

【Product Name】: Pumpkin seed extract

【Another Name】:Pumpkin seeds, white melon seeds, golden melon seeds

【Latin name】:Semen Moschatae 

【Plant Origin】:It is the seed of Cucurbita moschata (Duch.)poiret.  

【Effective Constituent】:Contain cucurbitine (cucurbitine), fat oil, protein, vitamin B1, C, etc.  


【Test Method】:TLC

【Appearance】:Pale yellow to almost white fine powder

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

1.Pumpkin seeds have a good killing of human body parasites (such as pinworms, hookworm, etc.).  It also has a good killing effect on schistosomiasis larvae and is a good food therapy for schistosomiasis.  

2.Effectively prevent and cure prostate disease, this is because pumpkin seeds are rich in fatty acids, can make the prostate maintain good function.  The active ingredient can reduce the swelling of prostatitis and prevent prostate cancer.  

3、Rich in pantothenic acid, can relieve static angina pectoris, and has the effect of lowering blood pressure.  

4、Pumpkin seed extract is also used in postpartum hand and foot edema, whooping cough, hemorrhoids.  


【Serial Number】: D0074 

【Product Name】:Apigenin

【Another Name】:4,5, 7-trihydroxyflavone;

【 CAS  】:520-36-5  

【Plant Origin 】:The leaves of Apium graveolens var.dulce are widely found in many fruits, vegetables, beans and tea leaves in the family scrophulariaceae, polygonum polygonum, Liliaceae, and pine plants.   

【Molecular formula】:C15H10O5;

【Molecular Weight】:270.25  

【Appearance】:Yellow powder, odorless and tasteless

【Melting point and solubility】:Melting point 345-350℃, almost insoluble in water, partially soluble in hot alcohol, soluble in dilute KOH solution.  

【Pharmacological Aaction】:Apigenin has the activity of inhibiting carcinogenic substance. Apigenin as an antiviral for the treatment of HIV and other viral infections; MAP kinase inhibitors; Apigenin has anti-inflammatory properties to treat all kinds of inflammation; Are natural antioxidants;Have calm, calm;  Buck.  


【Serial Number】: D0075 

【Product Name】:Eclipta prostrata extract


【 Chemical composition】:Triterpenoid saponins, flavonoids, coumarins, thiophenes, volatile oils and steroids were the main chemical constituents isolated from The plant.  

【clinical application】:

①Treatment of diphtheria 

②Treatment of tuberculosis hemoptysis 

The whole herb and the rhizome of Imperata chinensis were used for injection, and each ml contained 0.5 grams of austenia chinensis and 0.5 grams of imperata chinensis.  Intramuscular injection 2 ~ 3 times a day, 4 ml each;  For patients with large hemoptysis, injection 4 ml can be added to 50% glucose 20 ml intravenously, 2-3 times a day.  Medication time is 4 ~ 5 days commonly or a little longer.  Side effects occasionally chills, high fever, to be sweating after that disappear, mostly caused by impure preparation.   

③Treatment of diarrhea

Take 4 liang xanthoxylum, 1 liang sugar, water decocted warm take.  Usually take 1 dose after the beginning of the effect, followed by 3 ~ 4 doses can be cured, no side effects.  

④Control paddy dermatitis

Rub the water parts of hands and feet and wipe them until the skin is slightly black and slightly dry. Then you can work in paddy fields.  Wipe 1 time before and after work every day to prevent erosion of hands and feet.  It can also be used for erosions.  According to more than 2000 cases of trial, there is a certain effect.   

【Pharmacological Aaction】: 

1.stypticity :The femoral artery of the dog was half cut off, and the bleeding place was applied with lotus leaf powder and a little pressure, which had good hemostatic effect.  The water extract also had significant hemostatic effect.  

2.Effects on the cardiovascular system:In guinea pig isolated heart, it was observed that Xanthophyllum could increase coronary flow and improve T wave change of electrocardiogram.  Other experiments showed that the life of mice could be significantly prolonged by injecting Xanthopanax under normal pressure, and the survival rate of mice could also be improved under the condition of decompression and hypoxia endurance: the survival rate of the administration group was 76.5%, and that of the control group was 23.5%, P<0.05;  The difference between the two groups was significant.  The LD50 of Po administration was 163.4±21.4g/kg, and the safety factor was 700-750 times.  

3.Effects on central nervous system:The sedative and analgesic effects on mice were very significant, and the effect of total flavonoids was not as good as that of total components.  


【Serial Number】: D0076

【Product Name】:Paeoniflorin

【C A S 】:23180-57-6 

【Specification】: 10%,20%,30%,50%,90% , 98%,

【Test Method】:HPLC。

【Molecular formula】:C23H28O11

【Molecular Weight】: 480.45

【Effective Constituent】:total glucosides of paeonia,TGPpaeoniflorin、hydroxy-paeoniflorin、paeonin、albiflorin、benzoylpaeoniflorin。 

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

Paeoniflorin has significant analgesic, sedative and anticonvulsant effects.  Peony extract can antagonize convulsion induced by strychnine.  Intraperitoneal injection in mice has significant analgesic effect, which may be independent of morphine receptors.  It can prolong the sleep time of mice and antagonize convulsion induced by pentaenetetrazole.  

【Protective effect of cerebral ischemia】:Effects of paeoniflorin on blood brain barrier, neuropathological symptoms and cerebral blood flow during cerebral ischemia reperfusion.  Paeoniflorin was found to have protective effects on cerebral edema, blood brain barrier and local blood flow after cerebral ischemia.  Paeoniflorin can significantly reduce the degree of cerebral edema, reduce the extent of cerebral infarction, improve the neurobehavioral symptoms, blood brain barrier permeability, and increase the local blood flow of brain in focal cerebral ischemia animals.  The protective effect on focal cerebral ischemia may be related to the following factors.  It can inhibit intracellular calcium overload, resist free radicals, improve cerebral vasomotor dysfunction caused by ischemia and hypoxia, protect the blood-brain barrier during reperfusion after cerebral ischemia, and promote the recovery of cerebral blood flow in the early stage of reperfusion.  

【Antithrombotic effect】: 

Antiplatelet aggregation:Platelet aggregation is one of the main culprits of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.  Paeoniflorin inhibited platelet aggregation induced by ADP and collagen to varying degrees.  Anti-hyperlipidemia effect:Paeoniflorin could significantly reduce total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein and triglyceride levels. Reverse hypotension effect:By injecting paeoniflorin intravenously, the pharmacists found that paeoniflorin reversed piperidine-induced hypotension by activating the adenosine A1 receptor in the brain of West rats.  Paeoniflorin showed dose-dependent inhibition after pretreatment with adenosine A1 receptor antagonist 8-cyclopentane 1, 3-dipropyl xanthine.  This effect of paeoniflorin was not altered by 8-thiophenyltheophylline, which is a strongly polar adenosine A1 receptor antagonist that cannot enter the central nervous system.  


Paeoniflorin has the function of diastolic smooth muscle cells, Ca2+ reduction plays an important role in the diastolic smooth muscle cells of paeoniflorin, and paeoniflorin may relax smooth muscle cells by regulating Ca2+/Na+ exchange of cell membrane.  In the gastrointestinal smooth muscle cells, membrane potential determines the systolic and diastolic functions of the gastrointestinal tract by affecting the excitability of the smooth muscle cells.  Paeoniflorin mainly inhibits parasympathetic nerve excitation, reduces smooth muscle tension and inhibits its movement.  Secretion of pancreatic fluid, thereby reducing pancreatic enzyme activation, reducing pancreatic acinar damage, and ultimately reducing the severity of acute pancreatitis.  

【antipyretic effect】:

Paeoniflorin can lower the body temperature of normal mice, and has heat conduction, anti-inflammatory, anti - ulcer and anti - allergic effects on mice with artificial fever Paeoniflorin (50mg/kg, IG) had inhibitory effect on foot and ankle swelling induced by carrageenan and dextrophenol, had preventive effect on adjuvant arthritis, had preventive effect on stress ulcer and inhibited gastric secretion in rats.  The decoction of paeony root can inhibit some pathogenic bacteria and fungi.  

【anti-hyperglycemic effect】:

Intravenous administration of paeoniflorin could significantly reduce the blood glucose of streptozotocin induced diabetic mice, and the plasma glucose content decreased gradually with the extension of medication time.  The maximum effect was observed at 25min after administration.  Paeoniflorin decreased the level of plasma sugar content, and the effect was related to the amount (1 ~ 10mg/kg body weight).  The hypoglycemic mechanism of paeoniflorin has nothing to do with insulin.  

【immunomodulatory effects】:

Paeoniflorin has certain immunomodulatory function.  Clinical pharmacology studies show that this product can improve the condition of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, reduce the symptoms and signs of patients, and can regulate the immune function of patients.  Paeoniflorin is similar to methotrexate in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, but its adverse reactions are significantly less and lighter than methotrexate. As a class ⅱ western medicine, paeoniflorin has been approved as a new drug for the clinical treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, and its other clinical applications are under study.   

【anti-tumor effect】:

Paeoniflorin has certain inhibitory effect on tumor cells, paeoniflorin can inhibit the activity of ATPASE on tumor cell membrane and increase the activity of adenylate and cyclase (AC).  The inhibition of tumor cell formation is closely related to the inhibition of Na and K-ATPase on membrane and the activation of AC.  

【Protective effect on the liver  】:

Paeoniflorin can stimulate the production of plasma fibronectin in rats, promote the level of blood and promote the function of reticuloendothelial system.  Paeoniflorin also inhibited the increase of serum transaminase induced by ethanol.   

【toxicology research】:Paeoniflorin toxicity is very low, under normal circumstances, no obvious adverse reactions.  Mouse LD50:3530mg/kg intravenously and 9530mg/kg intraperitoneally.   

【clinical application】:For the treatment of coronary heart disease;  It can be used as an adjunctive drug for senile diseases, enhancing physical fitness and immune function, anti-inflammation and relieving cough, expectorant and relieving asthma, especially in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases of the elderly.   


【Serial Number】: D0078 

【Product Name】:Alfalfa P.E

【Another Name】:Also known as alfalfa, alfalfa, southern alfalfa, broccoli, light wind grass, grass and so on  

【Specification】: 10:1 20:1 5% 20% 50%

【Appearance】:Brown powder

【Test Method】:UV-VIS

【Effective Constituent】:It contains flavonoids, triterpenoids, alkaloids, coumarins, proteins, polysaccharides and other chemical components, with antibacterial, antioxidant, immune regulation, cholesterol reduction and other biological activities, some of the active ingredients have been developed into products.  

【Pharmacological Aaction】:  Alfalfa extract has obvious effects of lowering blood lipid, drainage diuresis, lowering cholesterol and maintaining acid-base balance in vivo.  



【Serial Number】: D0079 

【Product Name】:Chamomile Extract


【Efficacy Function】:

Chamomile is the dry head of chrysanthemum, chamomile extract refined by scientific process, its effective ingredients can make heat and detoxification, anti-inflammatory sterilization, chamomile extract with its special ingredients in shampoo, hair care, shower gel, soap and other products play a good effect of beauty, anti-inflammatory, sterilization.  



【Serial Number】: D0080

【Product Name】:polygonum cuspidatum extract                          

【Another Name】:False sichuan seven, soil sichuan seven, red 37

【Specification】:50%   98% 

【Test Method】:HPLC

【 CAS 】:501-36-0 

【Effective Constituent】:Resveratrol, dananthrone, emodin methyl ether and rhein acid, etc

【Efficacy Function】:

Resveratrol and emodin are the main functional components of Polygonum cuspidatum. Studies have shown that resveratrol and emodin exhibit a wide range of antioxidant properties, such as LDL cholesterol oxidation and lipid peroxidation. Resveratrol has also been shown to aid in cardiovascular health and blood circulation, pain relief, heat and humidity removal, detoxification and phlegm removal.Other ingredients including dananthrone, emodin methyl ether and rhein have anti-inflammatory, arthritic and antimicrobial activities.  

1. Antipyretic and analgesic effects

Resveratrol has been shown to have antipyretic and analgesic activity through a variety of different pathways, and its extracts have been shown to confer resistance to stress ulcers caused by gastric secretion suppression without affecting blood pressure.  

2. Anti-cancer, anti-mutation ability

As an antioxidant, anti-mutant and anti-inflammatory agent, resveratrol has shown chemoprophylaxis against cancer.  It can also induce the differentiation of human promyelocytic leukemia cells (anti-proliferation effect) and inhibit the development of prebreast cancer tissue lesions in mice.  Resveratrol also inhibits tyrosine phosphorylation by protein tyrosine kinases, which are involved in cytoplasmic information transduction in mitoregulated cells. Inhibition of protein tyrosine kinases by resveratrol may play an anti-mutation role by blocking kinase function.  

3. Prevents heart and liver damage  

Resveratrol can inhibit the deposition of triglyceride and cholesterol in the liver of mice, and also promote the increase of aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase levels by inhibiting the lipid peroxidation in the liver of mice. The analysis of these two enzymes in serum provides good diagnostic information for heart and liver injury.   

4. Antithrombotic function

Resveratrol inhibits lipoxygenase, an enzyme found in white blood cells, the heart, brain, lungs and spleen.  So resveratrol prevents blood clots from forming in the blood vessels.  It also inhibited platelet buildup after treatment with clonin, an antihypertensive drug.   

5. Increases immune system activity in wound healing 

Resveratrol also promotes burn healing by boosting the immune system;  Resveratrol restored impaired functions such as response to antigen signals, hyperplasia, interleukin ⅱ synthesis and antibody synthesis through lymphocytes in mice with various degrees of severe scald.  In severely burned animals treated with controlled resveratrol, neutrophil levels and neutrophil adhesion rates returned to near normal levels and survived longer.  

【DOSAGE】:Resveratrol is generally taken one to three times daily, with a total daily dose of 50 to 80 mg.  



【Serial Number】: D0082

【Product Name】:Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract

【 CAS 】:15588-68-8

【Specification】:40% 80% 90% 98%

【Appearance】:Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract is light yellow powder. 

【 Chemical composition】:50 kinds of isolated from gynostemma pentaphyllum saponins, and ginseng saponin, belongs to tetracyclic triterpene saponins, including gynostemma saponins Ⅲ, Ⅳ, Ⅶ, Ⅻ respectively and ginseng saponin Rb1, Rb3, Rd, F2 are the same substance, gynostemma saponins yuan V - AH, the same as the ginseng saponins Rg3, gynostemma saponins I after enzyme decomposition K ginseng saponins.  

【Efficacy Function】:

(1)Anti-cancer effect, inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells such as liver cancer, lung cancer, uterine cancer and melanoma sarcoma;  

(2)Anti-aging effect, can enhance the body immune function;

(3)antihyperlipidemic effect 

(4)Prevention and treatment of glucocorticoid side effects. 


【Serial Number】: D0083

【Product Name】:Catechu extract

【 CAS 】:8001-48-7

【Plant Origin】:Acaciacatechu is a leguminous plant, Acaciacatechu(L.  Peeled branches of willd., dried extract powder.  

【Another Name】:Chinese catechu ointment, black catechu tea   

【Chemical composition】Catechu mainly contains catechu, epicatechin and other flavonoids, as well as catechu tannins, catechu acid and other phenolic acids.  

【Appearance】:Reddish brown powder

【Applicable symptoms】:Hygroscopicity gives rise to muscle convergence sore.Used for ulcers, eczema, mouth sores, fall injury, trauma bleeding.  

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

1. Effect on pathogenic microorganisms, which have inactivation effect on influenza virus in vitro.  

2. The effect on cardiovascular system, catechu extract has significant anti-platelet aggregation, anti-thrombosis and other effects  

3.It has antidiarrheal effect on gastrointestinal tract

4. Effects on enzymes:Catechu catechu inhibited the dissolution of fibrin by streptokinase.

5. Influence on blood glucose and lipid:Dextral catechu extract can reduce blood glucose and delay the elevation of serum cholesterol level induced by lanolin in rabbits.  


【Serial Number】:D0084

【Product Name】:TP(tea polyphenol)                      

【Another Name】:Tea tannins, tea tannins

【 CAS 】:84650-60-2

【Appearance】:white crystal;Soluble in water and organic solutions, bitter taste.

【Pharmacological Aaction】:

1、Help Defeat Cancer  

Tea polyphenols can strongly remove harmful free radicals, block the lipid peroxidation process, improve the activity of enzymes in the human body, so as to play an anti-mutation, anti-cancer effect.   According to relevant data, tea polyphenols (mainly catechins) in tea are beneficial to the prevention and adjuvant treatment of various cancers such as gastric cancer and colon cancer.

2、Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

A、Reduce blood fat, prevent liver and coronary atherosclerosis  

Tea polyphenols play an important role in fat metabolism.  Cardiovascular diseases such as high cholesterol and triglyceride content, fat deposition in the inner wall of blood vessels, and atherosclerotic plaque formation after vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation.  Tea polyphenols, especially the catechins, ECG and EGC, and their oxidation products, theafronin, help to inhibit this patchy hyperplasia, reduce fibrinogen, which forms the blood coagulation enhancement, and clear blood clotting, thereby inhibiting atherosclerosis.  

B、 reduce blood press 

Tea polyphenols have a strong inhibition of conversion enzyme activity, thus can play a role in reducing or maintaining stable blood pressure.  


Tea polyphenols can regulate the glucose metabolism disorder of human body and reduce blood glucose level, thus effectively preventing and treating diabetes.  

D、Prevention and treatment of stroke

Tea polyphenols can inhibit the production of lipid peroxide, eliminate vasospasm, maintain the elasticity of blood vessel wall, increase the effective diameter of blood vessels, and reduce blood pressure through blood vessel relaxation, thus effectively preventing cerebral apoplexy.  

3、Improve the comprehensive immunity of human body 

A、By regulating the activity of immunoglobulin, indirectly improve the comprehensive immunity of human body, anti-rheumatism factor, antibacterial and antiviral effect  

Tea polyphenols stimulate changes in antibody activity by increasing the total amount of immunoglobulin in the human body and maintaining it at a high level, thus improving the overall immune capacity of the human body.  Indirectly achieve inhibition or kill all kinds of pathogens, germs and viruses.  

B、Anti allergic reaction and skin allergic reaction

Tea polyphenols can strongly inhibit the release of histamine, and it has been proved by experiments that tea polyphenols have 2-10 times stronger inhibition effect on allergic reaction and skin allergic reaction than the commonly used anti-allergic drugs.  Tea polyphenols can inhibit allergic reactions caused by active factors such as antibodies, adrenalin and enzymes, and have significant effects on allergic diseases such as asthma.  

C、Relieve gastrointestinal tension, antidiarrheal and diuretic 

Tea polyphenols can improve the comprehensive immunity of human body, inhibit and kill all kinds of harmful pathogens causing diarrhea, and relieve the tension of intestines and stomach, so as to achieve the effect of anti-inflammatory and antidiarrheal.   

Flavanols in tea polyphenols can stimulate renal vasodilation and increase blood flow to the kidney, thereby increasing the glomerular filtration rate and removing lactic acid from the urine.  Lactic acid in human muscle and tissue is a kind of fatigue substance, lactic acid discharged from the body can make the fatigue body recover.   

D、Promote Vc absorption, prevention and cure scurvy 

Tea polyphenols can promote the absorption of vitamin C, so as to effectively prevent and treat bad blood.  

4、Other health care treatment effect

A、Anti - lipid peroxidation, prevent aging

Tea polyphenols have the effect of scavenging free radicals, inhibiting lipoxygenase and lipid peroxidation in skin line and thus have anti-aging effect.  Studies have shown that the antioxidant activity of tea polyphenols is obviously better than vitamin E, and has synergistic effect with vitamin C and E.  Many medical experiments have proved that tea polyphenols have a strong scavenging effect on harmful free radicals and prevent lipid peroxidation.  Inducing the increase of metabolic enzyme activity in human body, promoting the detoxification of carcinogens;  Inhibit and block human endogenous nitrosation to prevent canceration and gene mutation.  

B、Antidotes to heavy metal salt and alkaloid poisoning

Tea polyphenols have strong adsorption effect on heavy metals, and can form complex complex with heavy metals to produce precipitation, which is beneficial to reduce the toxic effect of heavy metals on human body.  In addition, tea polyphenols can improve liver function and diuretic effect, so it has a good anti-alkaloid poisoning effect.  

C、Prevent radiation damage, reduce the adverse reaction of radiotherapy

Tea polyphenols and their oxidation products have excellent anti-radiation function, can absorb radioactive substances, prevent their diffusion in the human body, known as the natural UV filter.  As an adjunctive therapy, tea polyphenols can effectively maintain the stability of the levels of white blood cells, platelets and hemoglobin.  Improve the adverse reactions caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy;  Effectively alleviates the inhibitory effect of radiation on bone marrow cell weight gain;  It can effectively reduce the inhibition of radiochemotherapy drugs on the immune system of the body.  

D、The function of preventing dental caries and removing halitosis 

Tea polyphenols kill lactic acid bacteria and other caries bacteria in the crevices of teeth and inhibit the activity of glucose polymerase so that the bacteria cannot implant in the teeth, effectively stopping the process that causes caries to form.  The protein food left in the crevices acts as a substrate for the proliferation of decaying bacteria, which tea polyphenols kill.  

E、Digestive aid

Tea polyphenols can enhance peristalsis of digestive tract and prevent diseases of digestive organs.  In addition, tea polyphenol compounds can be attached to the wound of the stomach in a film state, which has a protective effect on ulcer wounds.  

F、Helps with beauty and skin care

Tea polyphenols are water-soluble substances, washing face with it can remove greasy face, convergence pores, disinfection, sterilization, anti-aging skin, reduce the uv radiation in the sun to the skin damage and other effects.  Tea polyphenols can block ultraviolet light and remove uV-induced free radicals, thus protecting the normal function of melanocytes and inhibiting the formation of melanin.At the same time, it inhibits lipid oxidation and reduces pigmentation.  



【Serial Number】: D0085

【Product Name】:Malaytea Scurfpea Fruit

【Another Name】: Psoralea corylifolia L.

【Efficacy Function】:

Psoralophenol was 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0ml/kg(equivalent to the original drug 75g per ml) by ingastric administration for 7 consecutive days, and showed selectin toxicity to the kidney of mice, and recovery was slow.  High dose psoralen combined with UV light induced slight fatty changes in liver, genitalia and adrenal cortex, testicular atrophy and weight loss in mice. 

【Applicable symptoms】:Tonifying kidney and helping Yang;Breath to ease asthma;Warm the spleen and stop diarrhea.Deficiency of main kidney Yang;Xiyuan empty cold;Cold pain in waist and knee;Impotence and spermatorrhea;  Frequency;Urinary incontinence.The kidney does not accept qi;Hyperventilating;Deficiency of spleen and kidney;Long stool diarrhea;  Vitiligo.  Alopecia areata.  

【Pharmacological Aaction】: 

Psoralen and its derivatives: Photosensitive compounds that require exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light.  After the treatment, the melanocytes adjacent to the damaged cells were not completely destroyed or normal, which increased the activity of tyrosinase and promoted melanin synthesis.                                             


【Serial Number】: D0086

【Product Name】:Acidum Tannicum

【Another Name】:Tannins, tannins, 

【 CAS 】:1401-55-4

【Molecular formula】:C 76 H 52 O 46

【Appearance】:Yellow or light brown light crystalline powder or scale;  There is a special smell, taste very astringent.  Soluble in water and ethanol, soluble in glycerin, very insoluble in ether, chloroform or benzene.  Its aqueous solution turns blue and black when it meets with ferric salt solution, and sodium sulfite can delay discoloration.  

【Efficacy Function】:As an astringent, it can precipitate protein and form insoluble complex with alkaloids, glycosides and heavy metals.  

Tannic acid is also often used in the printing and dyeing industry, such as acid dye or acid medium dye will use Tannic acid, is to play its slow penetration rate, so that the purpose of dyeing and dyeing can be uniform.Tannin is not only a strong fixator, which can fix many proteins and sugar derivatives, but also a mordant, which can enhance the absorption of heavy metals (such as uranium and lead), thus enhancing the contrast of samples, especially the outer membrane of cells, elastic fibers, cell junctions, muscle fibers, etc.  Because of its slow penetration rate, tannin is usually used only as an additive in fast penetration fixatives  。

【Side effects and toxicity】:Oral stimulation of gastric mucosa, can cause nausea, vomiting;  For local damage, such as large burns or barium sulfate enema, easy to absorb poisoning, causing serious liver toxicity, and even death.  

【matters needing attention 】:1.For barium sulfate enema, not more than 1.5% should be added and not left in the intestine (not more than 30 minutes at most)  。 2.Not suitable for large area burns, so as not to absorb poisoning。 


【Serial Number】: D0087

【Product Name】:Extract of Sophora japonica (quercetin)

【Plant Origin】:Flowers and buds of Sophora japonica L., a leguminous plant.

【Another Name】:Golden herb tree, shelter tree, bean locust, locust rice;


【Chemical composition】:Rich in rutin (Rytub), Quercetin, tannin

【Appearance】:light yellow or brownish yellow powder.

【Efficacy Function】:

1. The extract of Sophora japonica is rich in quercetin, which has good expectorant, cough relieving and certain antiasthmatic effect.  

2. It has the effects of lowering blood pressure, enhancing capillary resistance, reducing capillary fragility, lowering blood lipids, expanding coronary arteries, increasing coronary blood flow and so on.  It is used to treat chronic bronchitis.  It also has auxiliary therapeutic effect on patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension.  

3. The study reported lower rates of stomach, lung, breast and pancreatic cancers in people with high dietary intake of quercetin and other major flavonoids.  


【Serial Number】: D0088

【Product Name】:Natural ingredients for weight loss

【Efficacy Function】:

1、This compound alkali contained in lotus leaf, propanol acid 2, fat triterpenoid saponins, alkaloids, such as natural material, can directly regulate secretion function and regulate the activity of lipase, promote the redundant and adipose decompose rapidly, effectively prevent fat in the intestinal absorption, inhibiting fat synthesis in the liver, against the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, progressive weight loss.  

2、Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, so as to moisten the bowel bowel function.

3、Prevents fat formation, promotes fat transfer, and transfers fat to essential amino acids.  

4、Effectively open all kinds of metabolic pathways in the body, form a layer of fat isolation film in the body, prevent fat absorption, prevent fat accumulation, and strong discharge from the body.  Burn around fat, inhibit the synthesis of fat, reduce food intake, achieve the trinity effect of weight loss.     



【Serial Number】: D0090

【Product Name】:rhizoma galangae


【 CAS 】:548-83-4

【Effective Constituent】:The rhizome contains diphenylheptane compounds: curcumin, dihydrocurcumin, hexahydrocurcumin, octahydrocurcumin, etc.  

【Efficacy Function】:

1. Effects on the digestive system:Compared with the control group, the total acid output of gastric juice increased significantly, but the gastric protein activity was not significantly affected.  

2. antibacterial action:In vitro, galangal has an inhibitory effect on m. hominis.  In vitro experiments show that galangal decoction (100%) has different degree of antibacterial effect on Bacillus anthracis, α -hemolytic streptococcus, β -hemolytic streptococcus, diphtheria, pseudopdiphtheria, Dicoccus pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus tartra-citrine, Staphylococcus albus, bacillus subtilis, etc.  

3. Other role:The water extract or volatile oil of Galangal had antithrombotic effect in rats.  It can prolong the partial thrombin time of ceramite, but has no significant effect on plasma prothrombin time, prothrombin consumption time, thrombin time, factor ⅴ, factor ⅶ, etc., indicating that ceramite is involved in endogenous coagulation system and has certain anticoagulant effect.  Water extract can inhibit platelet aggregation induced by ADP or collagen.  


【Serial Number】: D0091

【Product Name】:salvia

【Chemical composition】:The whole plant contains β-sitosterol, β-sitosterol glucoside, ursolic acid and oleanolic acid.  2α-hydroxyursolic acid, Tormentic acid, Caffeic acid, Maslinic acid,  Ethyl β -D-pyranoside (ETHYL β-D-galactopyranoside).  

【Appearance】:Bitter taste; Sheen; Sex is flat

【Efficacy Function】:Clearing heat and dampness; Activating blood regulating menstruation; Detoxification detumescence. The main jaundice; Red and white dysentery;Under hot and humid zone;Irregular menstruation;  Dysmenorrhea.  Boils and swelling of sore;  injuries  

【DOSAGE】:For internal use: Decocted soup, 15-30g。 



【Serial Number】:D0093 

【Product Name】:lysine

【 CAS 】: 56-87-1

【Molecular formula】:C6H14N2O2

【Efficacy Function】:

Lysine, also known as L-lysine hydrochloride, is an essential amino acid.  It is an essential nutrient for the body, but the body cannot produce it on its own.  It must be obtained through daily diet and nutritional supplements.  As an amino acid, it is an essential building block of proteins.  This nutrient plays an important role in proper growth and development of the body.  It is an important component of carnitine production.  Carnitine is responsible for converting some unsaturated fatty acids into energy and also helps lower cholesterol levels  。 

【 Symptoms of lysine deficiency 】: 

Symptoms of lysine deficiency include fatigue, weakness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite, developmental delay, anemia, etc.  

【Pharmacological Aaction】: 

1.Improve intelligence, promote growth, and enhance physical fitness。 

2.Increase appetite and improve malnutrition. 

3.Improve insomnia and memory. 

4.Helps produce antibodies, hormones and enzymes that boost immunity and increase hemoglobin.  

5.Help calcium absorption, treatment and prevention of osteoporosis

6.Reduce the level of triglyceride in blood, prevent the generation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.   

【 Matters needing attention 】:

Because lysine is easily dissolved in water, prolonged soaking should be avoided when preparing foods.  In addition, lysine is not resistant to high temperature, so the food is steamed, boiled, stewed as well, and should avoid frying, frying, explosion. 



【Serial Number】: D0094

【Product Name】:Saussurea extract

【Efficacy Function】:Snow lotus extract indications rheumatoid arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, lung cold cough, cold stomach, kidney deficiency low back pain, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, impotence, dysmenorrhea and blood circulation, women's lower abdomen pain, menstrual disorders, postpartum blood halo pain and other diseases  

【 Chemical composition】:Saussauria contains picoside, saussauria inside fat, alkaloid, volatile oil, polysaccharide.  


【Serial Number】: D0095 

【Product Name】:Semen Strychni extract

【Another Name】:Shelled turtle, the bitter bean son, bitter, horse, square eight

【Specification】:5:1 10:1 20:1

【 Test Method 】:uv 

【Appearance 】:Brown yellow powder

【product application 】:Medicine and health care products, beverage and food additives, etc.

【Applicable symptoms】:For sore throat, ulcer disease, pain, fracture, facial nerve palsy, myasthenia gravis.   

【contraindication】:In full of ruffians, constipation is forbidden


【Serial Number】: D0096

【Product Name】:Passepartout's rehabilitation saponins


【Efficacy Function】:

Lulutong rehabilitation saponin is an effective and safe drug in the treatment of acute and chronic cerebral infarction.  Clinical trial: 65 patients with acute cerebral infarction were randomly divided into treatment group (n = 33) and control group (n = 32).  Both groups were given intravenous infusion of Lulutong injection 20mL and 5% glucose injection 250ml, once a day, for 14 days;  On the basis of this, the treatment group was given ginkgo biloba injection 20mL added with 250mL normal saline intravenously, once a day, for 14 days.  Results The significant efficiency of the treatment group was 54.55%, while that of the control group was 37.5%, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05).  The total effective rate of the treatment group was 87.88%, which was significantly different from that of the control group (62.5%, P<0.01), and no obvious side effects were observed.  Conclusion Ginkgo damol combined with Lulutong injection is safe and effective in the treatment of acute cerebral infarction.  Studies over the years have shown that cerebral edema and tissue damage caused by cerebral ischemia-reperfusion can be completely recovered if treated in time.  It has been reported that Lulutong injection has a good curative effect in the treatment of acute cerebral infarction, and ginkgo Damo injection has a positive curative effect in the treatment of acute cerebral infarction, but the therapeutic effect of the combination of the two drugs has not been reported.  In this study, 33 cases of acute cerebral infarction were treated with ginkgo damol combined with Lulutong injection, and better curative effect was achieved. There was no statistically significant difference in neurological deficit scores between the two groups before treatment (P>0.05), but the improvement of neurological deficit (score reduction) in the treatment group was significantly better than that in the control group on the 7th, 14th and 21d after treatment (P<0.05), as shown in Table 1.  Table 1 Comparison of neurological impairment scores between the two groups before and after treatment note: Compared with the control group,*P<0.05. Comparison of clinical efficacy.The significant efficiency (basically cured + significant progress) of the treatment group was 54.55%(18/33), while that of the control group was 37.5%(12/32), and there was a significant difference between the two groups (P<0.05).  The total effective rate of the treatment group was 87.88% (29/33), which was significantly different from that of the control group (62.5% (20/32)) (P<0.01), as shown in Table 2.  Table 2 Comparison of clinical efficacy between the two groups note: Compared with the control group,P<0.01.  In this study, ginkgo Damo injection combined with Lulutong injection was used to treat acute cerebral infarction. The results showed that the therapeutic effect of the treatment group was significantly better than that of the control group, and no obvious side effects were observed.  The results showed that the combination of the two drugs could play a synergistic effect and significantly improve the neurological function of patients, which was significantly better than that of the control group (single lulutong injection) (P<0.05), without obvious adverse reactions, and worthy of clinical application.  


【Serial Number】:D0097

【Product Name】: Raw material for purifying blood

【Efficacy Function】:

Blood purification methods include: hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, drug purification, etc.  Some pathogenic substances in the patient's blood (toxin cleaning out of the body), to purify blood, dilute blood, improve blood flow, the purpose of the treatment of disease.  



【Serial Number】:D0098

【Product Name】:Vascular scavenger

【Efficacy Function】:

"Vascular scavenger" is the use of animals and plants as raw materials, extraction of natural high-efficiency phospholipids, animal cellulose, flavonoids, emodin, saponins and other lipid soluble hemolysis active enzymes.  It can improve the content and activity of high-density lipoprotein and insulin, expand and soften blood vessels, restore blood vessel elasticity, dilute and purify blood, detoxify and detoxify.  The compound preparation was obtained by ultrasonic ultra-low temperature extraction and monomer separation.  

【product function】:It can quickly penetrate into the interior of the main vessels to dissolve blood scale,  Adsorption of negatively charged ions in the human body and bile acid salt, free fatty acid and chloride ions, metal ions, such as toxins, reducing friction mineral elements in the gut retention and elevated blood lipids, blood pressure dredge blood vessels, completely repair the blood vessels, increase blood flow, to reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, thoroughly remove free radicals.  

【applied range】:Obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction.  Can remove cancer, diabetes, liver and kidney dysfunction and other disease factors.  Especially stroke, hemiplegia in a short time to stand up again.  

【 product safety 】:The extraction and preparation process of vascular scavenger is an advanced biological technology. There is no chemical and biochemical reaction in the production process, and the whole extraction and preparation process is purely physical behavior. The product does not contain any chemical components, and has no toxic effect on liver, kidney and other organs.  

【 Research test proves 】:Wild plants, seeds, fungus contains natural flavonoid, soap and phospholipids mixture and many kinds of enzymes, they can make human body lipoprotein rise by an average of 33%, triglycerides fell an average of 28%, intravascular sediment can be dissolved cleared more than 98%, the high, the heart, cerebral blood flow can reach normal, hypertension, hyperlipidemia almost disappear.  

Blood vessel scavenger series products are extracted from dozens of natural Chinese medicinal materials and plants, which have a variety of active enzymes generated by efficient and rapid natural lipid-soluble and hemolysis components, as well as a mixture of soap phospholipid flavonoids, which can quickly penetrate into the interior of the main vascular to dissolve and dissolve blood scale.  Adsorption of negatively charged ions in the human body and bile acid salt, free fatty acid and chloride ions, metal ions, such as toxins, reducing friction mineral elements in the gut retention and elevated blood lipids, blood pressure dredge blood vessels, completely repair the blood vessels, increase blood flow, to reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, thoroughly remove free radicals, the purpose of this is vascular scavenger born instinct to act.   



【Serial Number】:D0099

【Product Name】:Quercetin quercetin 

【 CAS 】: 522-12-3

【Appearance】:Quercetin, also known as quercetin, quercetin, soluble in glacial acetic acid, alkaline aqueous solution is yellow, almost insoluble in water, ethanol solution taste very bitter.  

【Efficacy Function】:With good expectorant, cough, and has a certain antiasthmatic effect.  In addition, it can reduce blood pressure, enhance capillary resistance, reduce capillary brittleness, reduce blood lipids, dilate coronary arteries, increase coronary blood flow, etc.  For the treatment of chronic bronchitis, coronary heart disease and hypertension also have an auxiliary treatment effect;  It can significantly inhibit the effect of cancer-promoting agents, inhibit the growth of in vitro malignant cells, and inhibit the synthesis of DNA, RNA and protein of Ascites cancer cells.  


【Serial Number】: D00100

【Product Name】:Biolumen Firm CR 

【Another Name】:Euphorbia officinalis, Coastal Euphorbia officinalis, Orange euphorbia officinalis


【Efficacy Function】:

The comprehensive results of clinical pharmacological studies show that Euphorbia sinensis can maintain the normal function of human cells and tissues, enhance human immunity, change the ecology of bacterial flora and improve the function of digestive tract, regulate physiological function, help sleep and relieve mental pressure, physical strength and endurance, lose weight and beautify beauty.  On the medical side, it can be antiviral, anticancer (such as lung cancer) against the treatment of autoimmune diseases (such as rheumatism), prevent acute.  The occurrence of chronic pain, asthma and other respiratory diseases, diabetes, nephritis, arthritis, hysteria, sensitivity, arteriosclerosis, menstrual disorders, cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, myocardial infarction) have curative effect.  In the South Pacific area known as "fairy fruit" laudable name, known as "the gift of nature to the human rare."