Global investment partners are sincerely invited

Global investment partners are sincerely invited


Human Health Science and Technology Sharing Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Sharing Public International Platform"), The goal is to spread the idea of human health,We will help countries in the region establish basic public health education and training systems,improve people's health literacy,Exchange medical and health technology,Training rehabilitation physicians,Better and more medical supplies for the international community,medicine product,Sales of famous and excellent health products,actively build a basic public health education and training service system platform,strengthen the system for the prevention and control of infectious and chronic diseases.


      Due to the shared international platform investment projects,Large amount of capital investment, Shared international platform to the world sincerely invite aspiring soil to join the investment platform,To become an international platform partner for investment sharing,Together for the health science and technology, health education fate of the common cause to make contributions.


I,Invitation for 2 investment partners:


1、Invitation for 2 investment partners;

2、Amount of investment: US $1.5 million;

3、Investment conditions: 10% of shares of Shared International Platform;

4、Nationality and region unlimited;


IISharing the leadership structure of public international platforms


African Affairs CEO:DeLe

President of Operations Management:sincerely invite investment partners to hold this position;

Chief scientist: ZHIZHENG DU holds this position;


IIISharing development plans of international platforms

1、We will invest in building a community of shared future for smart city health education in 100 cities around the world,Within 5 years, the     public sharing platform group invested 3 billion yuan;

2、Within 5 years, the global membership will reach 1 million;

3、Within 5 years, the light wave machine will be distributed free to 10 countries and 100 cities;

4、Within 5 years, 200 TCM technical training schools will be set up through global investment and cooperation;

5、Within five years, we will invest and cooperate in the construction of 200 health clinics and traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, and train 2 million doctors with traditional skills;


IV,Share initial and ongoing funding sources on international platforms

1、Public enjoyment platform group sponsors, shareholders equity capital investment;

2、Worldwide development of 1 million membership revenue within 5 years;

3、Sharing the consumer income generated by free distribution of light wave machines;

4、Income from training fees for setting up traditional Chinese medicine technical training schools;

5、Light wave machine factory refund service charge.


VSharing the business model of international platform operation

Internet of everything,Shared win-win,Store goods for members for free;


VIShare international platform products or services:

Medical apparatus and instruments,medicine product,Traditional Chinese medicine products,Medical products for external use,disinfection product,Nutritional products,health product、Biomedical research and development,production,selling;Training in traditional medicine;

Health education and training, disease prevention and control, publicity, training;

Environmental protection projects, industrial waste pollution control projects, soil improvement projects to undertake;


VIISharing international platform products or manufacturing, sales and service scope

Purchase raw materials in China for processing and production, and then sell them to Africa, Asia, Central Asia and other countries.


VIIISharing the international platform of customer countries or regions

Nigeria, Zambia and other countries in Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines in Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries in Central Asia.


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