Pharmaceutical chemical intermediates raw materials
Pharmaceutical chemical intermediates raw materials
Pharmaceutical chemical intermediates raw materials
Pharmaceutical and chemical products Male medicine aphrodisiac raw material product Natural female medical passion raw material product
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【I】,Pharmaceutical and chemical products


【Product Name】:Isotretinoin


【Alias】:A different dimension acid, different song for the ester, Paul skin Ling, β cis-retinoic acid, RO43780



【C A S】: 4759-48-2

【Molecular weight】:300.44 

【Melting point】:174-177 ℃ 

【Effectiveness of the role】:

Synthetic retinoid stereoisomers, better digestion, a strong and rapid inhibition of skin cell proliferation and differentiation of glandular function of the process. 

Clinical medicine for the treatment fails because of other severe acne, cystic acne, acne conglobata.

【Dose and usage】:

Oral: Initially, the daily 0.5mg/kg, 1 or several times a day. After 4 weeks, the daily maintenance dose of 0.1mg ~ 1mg/kg, usually 16 weeks for treatment.

【Side effects】:

1, Dry skin, itching, chapped and other mucous membranes. 

2, Liver and kidney dysfunction, high blood lipids and the disabled who are allergic to the chemicals. 

3, Pregnant and lactating women disabled.



【Product Name】:Adapalene  


【English name】:adapalene 

【Chemical name】:6 - [3 - (1 - King Kong alkyl) -4-- methoxyphenyl] -2-- naphthoic acid

【CAS 】:106685-40-9 

【Properties】: pure white powder solid 

【Specification】: 99.5%

【Total Miscellaneous】:0.5%

【Melting point】:319-322 ℃

【single complex】:0.1% 


【Molecular formula】:C28H28O3 

【Molecular weight】:412.52

【Physical and chemical constants】: 

White to light yellow crystal, melting point 319-322 ℃, in dimethyl sulfoxide or tetrahydrofuran dissolved in ethanol or methanol, slightly soluble, insoluble in water.

【Uses】:used in acne lesion can be alleviated by a cellular response mediated inflammatory response. Retinol is a class of compounds, dissolved with acne, anti-proliferation and anti-inflammatory effects. Epithelial cells by regulating the differentiation of hair follicles, reducing the formation of micro-acne treatment of acne role to play.

【Market prospects】:The forecast of the market with annual sales of acne treatments, increased from the current 9.3 billion to 120 billion. Although the treatment of acne drug on the market a lot, but not many curative effect, adapalene has a non-hormonal, non-irritating to the skin, non-toxic side effects, a cure security features.



【Product Name】:Prednisolone


【English name】:18-Hydroxy-11-deoxycortisol .18-OH-DOC 

【CAS 】:52438-85-4

【Specification】:99%  93%

【Uses】:From 17 - hydroxy progesterone, hydrocortisone and cortisone is the biosynthesis of precursors. 11 - deoxy-cortisol (compound S) is a cholesterol into cortisol in the middle of the product.



【Product Name】:Dexamethasone


【CAS 】:50-02-2


【Category drugs】:adrenocorticotropic hormone medicines 

【Molecular formula】:C22H29FO5

【Molecular weight】:392.46 

【Melting point】:255-261 ℃ 


Also known as dexamethasone dexamethasone, a strong pine fluorine dragon, Desha U.S. pine, is a glucocorticoid hormone. Their derivatives are hydrogenated to pine, prednisone, etc., and its pharmacological effects are mainly anti-inflammatory, anti-drug and anti-allergic, anti-rheumatism, clinical use of the more widely used. Gastrointestinal absorption, plasma T1 / 2 was 190 minutes, the tissue T1 / 2 to 3 days, intramuscular dexamethasone acetate or dexamethasone sodium phosphate, respectively, after l-hour and 8 hours of peak blood concentration.



【Product Name】:SUCROSE 


【Properties】:the particles are crystalline, uniform, color white, sweet pure, slightly less than the brown sugar sweetness.  


1, With a cane or beet sugar is processed from plants such as a flavoring, and its main ingredient is sugar, white sugar is the sugar in the quality of the best. 

2, A powder soft white sugar, suitable for cooking purposes, almost sweet with white sugar. Cotton soft white sugar and refined white sugar with the legal system of the soft white sugar are two of soil. The former white color, grain soft, good quality; the latter darker yellowish color, the quality is poor. Soft white sugar and white sugar crystals of different sizes only, large crystalline particles of white sugar, containing little water, and soft white sugar crystallization of particles is small, containing more moisture.

3, Sugar, spices are important, can increase the sweet and delicious dishes, adding color products, for the production of sugar beet varieties of dishes, especially the main flavoring ingredients.



【Product Name】:Albendazole  


【English name】:Albendazole

【English Name】: Methyl5-propylthio-2-benzimidazolecarbamate

【 CAS 】: 54965-21-8


【Molecular Formula】: C12H15N3O2S 

【Molecular weight】:265.33

【Melting point】:208-210 ℃ 

【Properties】:white or almost white powder, odorless, tasteless, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in acetone or chloroform.

【FunctionUses】:Albendazole is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic efficiency and low toxicity, clinical can be used to drive roundworm, pinworm, tapeworm, whipworm, hookworm, round worm manure and so on. Metabolism in the body sulfoxide or sulfone class, the inhibition of parasite uptake of glucose, resulting in parasite glycogen depletion, or inhibition of fumarate reductase system that prevents the production of ATP, the parasite can not survive and reproduce.

【Pharmacology and Toxicology】:Toxicology tests show that the drugs on male reproductive function in mice had no effect on female mice and no teratogenic effects in female rats and female rabbits, application of large doses of 30mg/kg / day, it can absorb and bone of fetal malformations.


(1) small number of cases had mild headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, fatigue and other adverse reactions may go away without treatment. 

(2) children under 2 years old and pregnant women are disabled. 

(3), acute disease, proteinuria, suppurative or diffuse dermatitis, epilepsy patients and lactating women should not be applied. Serious liver, kidney, heart insufficiency and used with caution in patients with active ulcers. 

(4) after a small number of patients with eye drops may occur 3 to 10 days before insecticide effect.



【Product Name】:Aluminum hydroxide

B. No:017

【English name】:

【 CAS 】: 21645-51-2


【Molecular Formula】:AlH3O3 

【Molecular Weight】:78.00

【Standard】:CP Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2005 Edition (two) 【Properties】:white non-crystalline powder, odorless, tasteless. Insoluble in water or ethanol; in dilute solution of inorganic acid or sodium hydroxide solution.

【Functions and Indications】:for the stomach, duodenal ulcer and mild gastroesophageal reflux disease. 

【Dosage / Dosage】:Orally, 0.6 ~ 0.9g, day 1.8 ~ 2.7g.



【Product Name】:Tranexamic acid  


【English name】:Tranexamic Acid 

【 CAS 】:1197-18-8 

【Alias】:tranexamic acid


【Description】:white crystalline powder, odorless, slightly bitter taste. 

【Role and use】:hemostatic, the significant effect of traumatic bleeding, preoperative prophylactic use to reduce surgical bleeding, abnormal bleeding during surgery. For a variety of bleeding disorders.                        



【Product Name】:Arbutin


【English name】:Arbutin 

【Chemical name】:on - hydroxy-β-D-glucopyranoside 

【Alias】:Arbutin, arbutin, bearberry leaf saponins, glycosides bayberry,

【 CAS 】: 497-76-7

【Specification】: 98%

【Molecular Formula】: C12H16O7 

【Molecular weight】:272.25

【Role and use】:Lipstick arbutin is the role of the main effects (skin lightening) young beautiful skin.

1, cosmetics: skin lightening skin efficiently, and gradually reduce, eliminate Cui skin spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne and age spots. Characterized by non-toxic, irritating, allergenic, and there are ultraviolet radiation security and stability, and cosmetic components have good compatibility, is conducive to white, cream, moisturizing, soft, wrinkle removal, anti-inflammatory effect.

2, burns drug ingredients: Arbutin is a new major components of burn medicine, characterized by rapid pain relief, anti-inflammatory and strong, rapid elimination of swelling, heal quickly, without leaving scars. Dosage forms: spray or smear. 

3, intestinal anti-inflammatory drug raw materials: sterilization, anti-inflammatory effect, toxic side effects.



【Product Name】:azelaic acidNo:020

【English name】:Anchoic acid

【 CAS 】: 123-99-9 

【Molecular formula】:C9H16O4 

【Molecular weight】:188.22 

【Boiling Point】:237 ℃ (15.


【Appearance】:colorless to light yellow crystal or crystalline powder.


(1) General acne (acne). 

(2), Pigmentation disorders. Such as black spot, a small malignant mole, melanoma and other toxic due to physical causes and light pigmentation.

【Role and use】:for alkyd resins, paints and chemical synthesis. Most of azelaic acid for the production of azelaic acid dimethyl octyl (DOZ) plasticizers, other uses as spices, oil, oil, polyamide resin material. DOZ also be used as synthetic rubber softener. Ammonia azelaic acid through dehydration, can be prepared from azelaic dinitriles.

1, External to the skin on a variety of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria with inhibitory and killing effects, topical 20% azelaic acid cream can significantly reduce the skin bacteria Propionibacterium acnes within the follicle class and the growth of bacteria and skin surface lipid free fatty acid content decreased. High antibacterial activity, rapidly enter the cell, caused by a variety of different causes skin has a good antibacterial effect.

2, The normal skin and acne skin infection effects of anti horny, its mechanism is to reduce the follicular hyperkeratosis. 

3, Also has anti-proliferative and anti-cytotoxic effect, it is through the destruction of mitochondrial respiration and cell DNA synthesis, rather than inhibit the activity of tyrosinase.



【Product Name】:niacinamide


【 CAS 】:98-92-0


【Molecular Formula】:C6H6N2O 

【Molecular weight】:122.12

【Properties】:white crystalline powder, odorless or almost odorless, bitter taste. Soluble in water or ethanol, dissolved in glycerol. Melting point of 128 ~ 131 ℃.

【Functions and Indications】:

① Mainly used to control inflammation parallel pellagra, glossitis and so on. 

② Sick sinus syndrome. 

③ Atrioventricular block (to complete right bundle branch, left bundle branch, left branch bundle branch or three double-bundle branch block is invalid.)

Nicotinamide and nicotinic acid in the majority of the sound together under the general, nicotinic acid in animals has generated nicotinamide. The lack of niacin and niacinamide in vivo, it will be pellagra. So they can prevent pellagra. Their protein and carbohydrate metabolism in the work, can improve human and animal nutrition. Except for medicine, but also a lot of use as food and feed additives. Nicotinic acid and nicotinamide non-toxic, more natural medium contained in the animal liver, kidney, yeast and Mitang in.



【Product Name】:Glycyrrhetinic acid


【English name】:18alpha-Glycyrrhetinic acid

 【 CAS 】:471-53-4

【Molecular formula】: C30H46O4 

【Molecular weight】: 470.69 

【Melting point】:292-295 ℃ 

【Specification】: 99% 

【Properties】:white crystalline powder, odorless, tasteless and soluble in pyridine, soluble in chloroform, slightly soluble in gasoline and ether, insoluble in water.

【Role and use】:an important and high-end cosmetics, pharmaceutical raw materials, have anti-inflammatory anti-allergic, inhibit bacterial growth and so on. The product is anti-inflammatory drugs. Reduction for the treatment of adrenal cortex function, gastric and duodenal ulcers and other diseases.



【Product Name】:Paracetamol 


【Chinese Alias】:acetaminophen, paracetamol, acetaminophen, acetaminophen, and acetaminophen, cable dense pain Acetamidophenol, two vinegar lol.

【English name】:

4-Acetamido phenol paracetamol Or acetaminophen

【 CAS 】: 103-90-2

【Molecular formula】: C8H9NO2 

【Molecular weight】:151.16 

【Melting point】:168-172 ℃ 


【Properties】:white crystalline powder, odorless, soluble in water, ether, chloroform and so on. 

【Role and use 】:anti-inflammatory drugs

Analgesic effect with a fever, by raising the pain threshold and pain to achieve the purpose, through the center of the hypothalamus regulate body wet cooling to achieve the purpose of an impact. Can effectively relieve pain and fever, for headache, joint pain, muscle pain, toothache, dysmenorrhea, postpartum and post-operative pain or fever caused by colds and other symptoms.



【Product Name】:Axithromycin 


【 CAS 】:  83905-01-5

【Molecular formula】:C38H72N2O12 

【Molecular weight】: 748.99 


【Usage】:antibiotic medicines for a variety of infections caused by sensitive bacteria, such as respiratory infections, skin and soft tissue infections.

1, Erythromycin, azithromycin structure is modified by a broad-spectrum antibiotics for respiratory tract caused by susceptible strains, skin and soft tissue infections and sexually transmitted caused by chlamydia disease. 

2, Azithromycin and erythromycin in the antibacterial mechanism that has commonality with the bacterial cells are ribosomal 50S subunits and hinder the process of bacterial transfer peptides inhibit RNA dependent protein synthesis to achieve antibacterial activity.

3, Due to changes in the structure of azithromycin compared with erythromycin has a broader antimicrobial spectrum, can inhibit a variety of gram-positive bacteria, mycoplasma, chlamydia, and Legionella pneumophila, especially for some important reforms Lanming bacilli such as Haemophilus influenzae has a good antimicrobial activity, make up the role of macrolides on Haemophilus bad enough. 

4, The bacilli of influenza hemophagocytic intensity higher than that of erythromycin and roxithromycin 4 to 8 times the influenza bacillus, the card to Mora bacteria, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and other anti-bacterial effect is 2 to 4 erythromycin times of E. coli also has some antibacterial effect.



【Product Name】:Cepharadine 


【 CAS 】:  50-59-9

【Molecular formula】:C19H17N3O4S2 

【English name】:Cefaloridne 


【Usage】:Basic and Cefalotin similar, but the role of gram-positive bacteria stronger than the former, the role of E. coli are also strong, mainly for respiratory tract infections caused by susceptible strains, skin and soft tissue infections, urinary tract infection, biliary tract infection, chest abdominal infection, can also be used for meningitis, sepsis, pleurisy.



【Product Name】:Sulphamethoxazole 


【English name】:Sulfamethoxazole

【Alias】:sulfamethoxazole (Sinomin), the new Ming sulfur, iodine aminomethyl isoxazole, Sulfisomezole, Sinomin and so on.

【 CAS 】:723-46-6

【Molecular formula】:C10H11N3O3S 

【Molecular weight】: 253.28 


【Properties】:white crystalline powder; no smell, taste bitter. Almost insoluble in water, in dilute hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide or ammonia solution in the soluble test solution. Melting point of 168 ~ 172 ℃. 


1, Mainly used for expelling worms and hook worms. This product can improve the patient's resistance to bacterial and viral infections.

2, The current trial in lung cancer, breast cancer after surgery or acute leukemia, lymphoma deterioration after chemotherapy as an adjuvant therapy. 

3, Can still be used for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and the flu, children with respiratory infections, hepatitis, dysentery, boils, abscesses and so on.

4, Of intractable bronchial asthma by the trial, the initial proof of the recent significant effect. 

5, E. coli and Proteus-induced acute and chronic urinary tract infection; meningococcal epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis caused by prevention; influenza otitis media caused by other bacteria.



【Product Name】:Ciprofloxacin 


【English name】:Ciprofloxacin,Bay-O-9867,CFLX,Ciproxin,Cifran,Temaril,CPFX。

【Alias】:Ciprofloxacin, Ben grams, C norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin, spiritual fitness, fitness & Poor soul, especially the U.S. force, noted the Puning; West music; special U.S. forces; Kuinuo cents; ring lucky star full rehabilitation.

【 CAS 】: 85721-33-1

【Molecular formula】: C17H18FN3O3 



1, The treatment of systemic infections caused by sensitive bacteria (except the central nervous system), can be used for respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, gynecological infections, urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases, bone and joint infections, skin and soft tissue infections and surgical infections. 

2, especially susceptible due to the need for long-term medication osteomyelitis and arthritis. 


1 The main clinical use due to susceptible strains of the respiratory, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, skin and soft tissue infections such as cholecystitis, cholangitis, otitis media, sinusitis, gonococcal urethritis. 

2, Used as feed additives for poultry cholera, fowl typhoid, paratyphoid, Staphylococcus chickens Piglet, pullorum disease.

3, The uterus caused by susceptible, accessories, and facial, oral, surgical and other infections, can also be used caused by mycoplasma and chlamydia urethritis and cervicitis. 

4, Resistance to common antibiotics, infections caused by bacteria. 

5, Sepsis caused by Enterobacteriaceae. 

6, Eye drops for bacterial conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers.



【Product Name】:Ciprofloxacin Lactate  


【English name】:Ciprofloxacin Lac

【Common name】:Ciprofloxacin Lactate Soluble Powder 

【Chemical name】:Ciprofloxacin

【 CAS 】: 97867-33-9

【Molecular formula】:C17H18FN3O3 • C3H6O3 

【Molecular weight】: 421.43 

【Content】:not less than 98.0%

【Properties】: white or slightly yellow crystalline powder 

【Pharmacological effects】:

Antibacterial mechanism is the role of DNA gyrase in bacterial cells, interfere with bacterial DNA replication is not normal growth and reproduction of bacteria and death. For sensitive bacteria and mycoplasma caused by livestock, poultry digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system, and a variety of skin and soft tissue infections. Rapidly absorbed after oral administration, plasma protein binding rate, liquid tissue penetration, widely distributed in all tissues and body fluids, organs and body are beneficial to the treatment of deep tissue infection.

【Indication】:pericarditis, perihepatitis, yolk peritonitis, airbag inflammation, ophthalmia, enteritis, pull yellow loose stools, decreased egg production, broiler weight loss, weight gain is slow. Duck infectious serositis. 


 For poultry bacterial disease and infection, chronic respiratory disease such as chicken, E. coli disease, infectious coryza, avian pasteurellosis, avian typhoid, staphylococcal disease, Piglet diarrhea, white diarrhea and 



【Product Name】:Ciprofloxacin Hcl 


【English name】:Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride

【 CAS 】:  85721-33-1

【Molecular formula】:C17H18FN3O3 

【Molecular weight】: 331.35 

【Specification】: not less than 98.5%

【Properties】:white or slightly yellow crystalline powder; almost odorless, bitter taste. This product is dissolved in water, slightly soluble in methanol, very slightly soluble in ethanol, almost insoluble in chloroform, soluble in sodium hydroxide test solution. 

【Functions and Indications】:impetigo, scabies, folliculitis, eczema, infection, trauma, infection, ringworm and other pyogenic infection of skin glass. 




【Product Name】:Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate



【 CAS 】:  183476-82-6


【Molecular Formula】:C70H128O10 

【Molecular Weight】:1129.76

【Function】:Four-hexyl decanol ascorbic acid ester; ascorbic acid four -2-- hexyl decanoate ester



【Product Name】:Glycolic acid 


 【 CAS 】: 79-14-1

【Specification】:Usp 98% 

【Molecular Formula】:C2H4O3 

【Molecular Weight】:76.05

【Boiling Point】:113 ℃ 

【Properties】:pure product is colorless, odorless deliquescent crystals. Soluble in water, ethanol and ether. Often 70% aqueous solution industrial, light yellow liquid, similar to the smell of burnt sugar. Pure glycolic acid is less toxic; but because of its strong acid, corrosive, and when exposed to severe skin swelling and pain.

【Function role】:

1, Used as a reagent for chemical analysis, organic synthesis of raw materials for the production of ethylene glycol, glycolic acid, leather dyes, fiber dyes, copper corrosion agents, detergents, leather tanning agents, adhesives, metal chelating agents, electroplating agents, welding machines and other ingredients and oil demulsifiers. 

2, 2% and 1% formic acid mixture dubbed, is an efficient low-cost detergents for cleaning air conditioners. 

3, Due to strong penetration of the skin, glycolic acid is also used for skin whitening care products such as cosmetics, used to remove dead skin and hairs of the drug.



【Product Name】:Fat soluble vitamin C


【 CAS 】:183476-82-6

【Specification】:Usp 98% 

【Properties】:soluble in organic solvents instead of a class of water-soluble vitamins. Including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. 

【Functionrole】:fat-soluble vitamins can be dissolved in fat, can not easily be excreted, can be stored in the body, so do not need a daily supply. Given to excess, easily lead poisoning. Lack of the slow development of symptoms, such as vitamin D is fat soluble vitamins, a shot of vitamin D3 (30 million units) can be maintained after one month, no daily supplement, but can cause poisoning by overdose.



【Product Name】:Cephalexin


【English name】:Cefalexin 

【Alias】:cephalosporins Ⅳ, Pioneer CTC Ⅳ, cephalolexin, benzene Gan cyclosporine, Western security force, establishing a new cephalosporin.

【 CAS 】: 15686-71-2

【Molecular formula】: C16 H17 N3 O4 S • H20 

【Molecular weight】:365.40 

【Specification】:Usp 99%

【Action and Uses】:semi-synthesis of the first-generation oral cephalosporins, antimicrobial spectrum and Cephalothin, cefotaxime 啶 basically the same antibacterial effect than the two weak, characterized by acid and oral absorption. Resistant Staphylococcus aureus on a good antibacterial effect. Mainly used for respiratory tract infections caused by susceptible strains, urinary tract infections, gynecological infections, skin and soft tissue infections, gonorrhea.



【Product Name】:Diltiazem HCI


【English name】:Diltiazem Hydrochloride

【 CAS 】: 33286-22-5

【Molecular formula】:C22H26N2O4S • HCl 

【Molecular weight】:450.98 

【Specification】:Usp 99%

【Properties】:white or off white crystal or crystalline powder; odorless, bitter taste. In water, soluble in methanol or chloroform, insoluble in ether or benzene.  

【Melting point】:210 ~ 215 ℃, melting at the same time decomposition.

【Action and Uses】:diltiazem hydrochloride tablets are tablets. To treat angina caused by coronary artery spasm and angina pectoris. Fertilizer can also be derived treatment of hypertension and cardiac disease. 

【Pharmacology and toxicology】:

1. As calcium channel blockers, and its role in myocardial and vascular smooth muscle depolarization when inhibition of calcium influx.

2. Effective expansion of epicardial and subendocardial coronary artery, spontaneous remission of angina or coronary artery spasm induced by ergonovine caused by angina; by slowing the heart rate and lower blood pressure, reducing myocardial oxygen demand, increase exercise tolerance and ease angina pectoris. 

3. The vascular smooth muscle relaxation, decreased peripheral vascular resistance, blood pressure decreased. The amplitude of the step-down related to the degree of hypertension, blood pressure normal blood pressure is only slightly decreased.

4. A negative inotropic effect, and can slow down the sinus node and atrioventricular node conduction. Carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductive toxicity in rats has been reported using this service 24 months, 21 months of taking this in mice found no carcinogenic effects. Bacteria found in vitro mutagenesis experiments. Animal experiments have confirmed the products had no significant effect on fertility.



【Product Name】:Doxycycline


【 CAS 】:564-25-0

【Molecular formula】: C22H27ClN2O9 

【Molecular weight】:462.46 


【Action and Uses】:antibiotic drugs, tetracyclines, for Gram-positive cocci and negative bacillus infections. Chlamydia can be treated mycoplasma infection. The character is light yellow or yellow crystalline powder, odorless, bitter taste. Soluble in water or methanol, in ethanol or slightly soluble in acetone, insoluble in chloroform.

1, Broad-spectrum antimicrobial, antibacterial strong. In addition to Gram-positive bacteria and-negative bacteria have a role, it can also inhibit the Rickettsia, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Mycoplasma trachoma, such as amoeba. Particularly chronic bronchitis patients to respiratory tract bacteria are more sensitive to doxycycline.

2, The role of maintaining a long time, absorbed quickly after oral administration, 3 hours after the maximum effect can be mainly excreted by the kidneys slowly, adult 200 mg orally once, 32% within 24 hours of discharge, 41% discharged within 48 hours, effective blood concentration than tetracycline, neomycin long disabilities, but also for the treatment of chronic inflammatory.

3, Doxycycline has some antitussive, expectorant, and asthma, these effects have been confirmed through animal experiments, and further that the treatment of chronic bronchitis doxycycline good reason.



【Product Name】:Doxycycline hcl 


【 CAS 】:24390-14-5


【Appearance】:yellow powder shelf life of antibiotic anti-infective drug substance (in months) of doxycycline, also known as doxycycline, This product is light yellow or yellow crystalline powder, bitter, 

【Uses】:Antibiotic anti-infective pharmaceutical raw materials, this product tetracycline antibacterial spectrum and the same long-lasting, efficient, and antibacterial effects of tetracycline stronger than 10-fold resistant to tetracycline is still valid, mainly for respiratory tract infections, chronic bronchitis and urinary tract infection and so on.



【Product Name】:Aminophyline

B. N0:037

【 CAS 】: 317-34-0

【Molecular formula】: C16H24N10O4 

【Molecular weight】:420.44 

【Melting point】:269-270 ℃ 


【Properties】:White or slightly yellow granules or powder, easy caking; slight ammonia smell, bitter taste; absorb carbon dioxide in the air, and broken down into theophylline; water solution was alkaline. Dissolved in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, almost insoluble in ether. 

【Functions and Indications】:The treatment of asthma, anti-parasitic drug substance for bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, emphysema and other relief wheezing; also be used for cardiogenic pulmonary edema caused by asthma.                       



【Product Name】:Gentamycin  


【Chinese Alias】:gentamicin, amphotericin Chint

【English name】:Gentamicin

【 CAS 】:1403-66-3

【Molecular formula】:C21H43N5O7 


【Functions and Indications】:

1, Mainly for the treatment of bacterial infections, particularly infections caused by Gram-negative bacteria. Treatment of sepsis, urinary tract infections, staph infections, endocarditis and other infections, gentamicin with bacterial 30s ribosomal subunit, blocking bacterial protein synthesis. 

2, The thermal stability of gentamicin is one of the few antibiotics, which are widely used in medium configuration.



【Product Name】:Pantoprazole


【 CAS 】:102625-70-7

【Molecular formula】:C16H15F2N3O4S 


【Functions and Indications】:anti-ulcer drugs. Gastric proton pump inhibitors. For the treatment of active peptic ulcer and reflux esophagitis Ehrlich Zollinger syndrome. Acid-related diseases: including duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, reflux esophagitis and Zhuo - Ai syndrome, especially for ulcers with bleeding, vomiting or can not eat, and intractable ulcer and acute pancreatitis. Can also be used to prevent major surgery or serious injury caused by stress ulcer.



【Product Name】:Ketorolac


【 CAS 】:74103-06-3

【Molecular formula】:C15H13NO3 

【Molecular weight】: 255.27 

【Specification】:Usp 99%

【accommodation】: for moderate to severe pain such as surgery, fractures, sprains, toothache and the pain of cancer pain. 

【Functional role】:

1, For the pyrrole acid derivative, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, inhibition of PG synthesis, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic effects and inhibit platelet aggregation.

2, The analgesic effect similar to aspirin, analgesic effect after intramuscular injection of morphine similar to moderate. Complete oral absorption, up to 24 hours after administration of steady-state plasma concentrations after oral or intramuscular analgesic effect for 6 to 8 hours. 

3, The concentration of intra-articular blood concentration of drug over 50%. Through the placenta. Liver metabolite hydroxy ketorolac has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. Excretion by the kidneys to the prototype. For moderate to severe pain such as surgery, fractures, sprains, toothache and the pain of cancer pain.



【Product Name】:Salbutamol


【 CAS 】:36519-31-0

【Molecular formula】:C13H23NO7S 

【Molecular Weight】:337.38922 


【Properties】:white or nearly white crystalline powder, soluble in ethanol, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ether. Odorless, bitter taste. The sulfate is a white to light yellow crystalline powder. Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, not soluble in chloroform or ether. Odorless,bitter  

【Functional roletaste】:to selectively stimulate bronchial smooth muscle β2 adrenergic receptor, the gas branch diastolic and asthma. Stronger than the effect of isoproterenol to maintain a long time. The main clinical use of bronchial asthma, asthma bronchitis and so on.



【Product Name】:Aspartame 


【Chemical name】: the L-aspartic phthalate-L-phenylalanine methyl ester (APM)

【 CAS 】:22839-47-0

【Specification】: Usp 99% 99% crystalline powder 

【Molecular formula】: C14H18N2O5, 

【Product name】 abroad: Nutrasweet, Equal Tablets,

Also known as sweet, Protein sugar, aspartame sweet home, sweet fine day in winter, the days of benzene sugar. Since aspartame sugar sweet than about 200 times less off than the general heat with sugar; one gram of aspartame, about 4 kilocalories. But people feel the sweetness of aspartame needed in very small amounts, so that it contains negligible calories, so it is also widely used as sugar substitutes.

 【Functional role】: aspartame (aspartyl phenylalanine methyl ester) is an amino acid dipeptide derivatives, it is a white crystalline powder with a refreshing sweet, the sweetness of sucrose The 180-200 times compared to other sweeteners taste of good quality, safe, low calorie benefits, which swept Europe and America. Aspartame sweetness present in 93 countries and regions in the world approved for use by the World Health Organization (WHO) and FAO under the Joint Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) is recognized as an international A (I) grade sweetener.



【Product Name】: Cephradine


【 CAS 】:38821-53-3

【Molecular formula】: C16H19N3O4S 

【Molecular weight】:349.40 

【Specification】: Usp 500mg

【Properties】: White or almost white crystalline powder; slightly smelly. Slightly soluble in water, in alcohol, chloroform, ethyl ether, almost insoluble.  

【Accommodation】:Similar antimicrobial activity and cephalexin. The main clinical use due to sensitive bacteria cephradine respiratory tract, urinary tract, skin and soft tissue infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, pyelonephritis, cystitis, ENT infections, enteritis and dysentery.

【Functional role】:Mainly used in urinary and reproductive system, respiratory tract, skin and soft tissue infections and other parts of the susceptible ones, also used in the prevention of postoperative infection. Arginine salt type of injection to the heart, kidney dysfunction, this formulation is not easy cause sodium retention. Also used in the prevention of postoperative infection. Arginine salt type of injection to the heart, kidney dysfunction, this formulation is not easy cause sodium retention.



【Product Name】:Diclofenac Sodium


【 CAS 】:15307-79-6

【Molecular formula】:C14H10Cl2NNaO2 

【Molecular weight】:318.13 

【Specification】: Usp 50mg

【Properties】:White or almost white, odorless, crystalline powder, easy to absorb moisture. Slightly soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, dissolved, slightly soluble in acetone, insoluble in chloroform, ether.  

【Melting point】:Melting point of about 280 ℃ 

【Adapt Symptoms】:

1, Alleviate rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis. Spondyloarthropathies, gouty arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other acute exacerbation of chronic arthritis or persistent joint swelling and pain symptoms; 

2, A variety of soft tissue rheumatic pain, such as back pain, tenosynovitis, bursitis muscle pain and pain after exercise injury; 

3, Acute mild to moderate pain such as: surgery, trauma, pain after the other strain; 

4, Primary dysmenorrhea, toothache, headache and so on.



【Product Name】:Isosorbide Mononitrate 


【 CAS 】:87-33-2

【Molecular formula】:C6H8N2O8 

【Molecular weight】:236.14 


【Adapt Symptoms】:

1, Isosorbide mononitrate as vasodilator, the main pharmacological effect is relaxation of vascular smooth muscle. The product is available, long-acting nitrates anti-angina drugs, the overall effect is to reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, oxygen increases the amount of angina can be relieved. 

2, Mainly for prevention before the onset of angina can also be used to alleviate symptoms. 

3, Intravenous infusion for the treatment of congestive heart failure, various types of hypertensive emergency and pre-operative blood pressure control.





【Specification】:food-grade main 

【components】:strawberry incense base, amino acid, attractant agent, flavoring agent. 

【Properties】:a head of Hong strong sweet aroma of strawberry pure, pure natural plant elements and the same spices, including strawberry pure material, condensed from deployment of the scientific method.


1, The aroma of strong, fast fish together, a wide range of lure the fish. 

2, The true synthesis of other flavoring agent of the deployment of fully cover up the bad food that may exist in taste, stimulate taste responses, make the fish fast opening.

3, The taste of food in the water can expand very rapidly through the hair and strong, pure taste, aroma prominent, rich taste, fragrant and lasting.



【Product Name】:Amoxicillin


【Alias】:amoxicillin, amoxicillin Spirit, Emo Xian, Mo new, new Dabei Ning, ammonia West, An Fuxi. 

【English name】:AMOXICILLIN

【 CAS 】: 26787-78-0

【Specification】: Usp 250mg 

【Molecular formula】:C16H19N3O5S 

【Molecular weight】:365.41

【Properties】:white or almost white crystalline powder; taste bitter. Slightly soluble in water, almost insoluble in ethanol. Acid absorption in the gastrointestinal tract is good, and is not food effect. Amoxicillin for the semi-synthetic broad-spectrum penicillin drugs, anti-bacterial spectrum and antibacterial activity of ampicillin is basically the same, but the acid strength than ampicillin, and its superior bactericidal effect of ampicillin, but not for meningitis treatment. Half-life of about 61.3 minutes. 

【Adapt Symptoms】:

For the treatment of typhoid fever and other carriers of Salmonella infection and typhoid fever, urinary tract infections caused by sensitive bacteria and pneumococcus, staphylococcus aureus do not produce penicillinase, hemolytic streptococcus and influenza caused by Bacillus ear, nose and throat infections and soft tissue infections.

1, Strong bactericidal effect of amoxicillin, the ability to penetrate the cell wall is also strong. 

2, After oral administration of drug molecules within the amide hydrolysis of peptide bonds immediately, rapid and bacteria in vivo combination of GGT inactivation, cutting off the bacteria rely on synthetic glycopeptide GGT only way for the construction of the cell wall that bacterial cell shape and cracked the ball quickly dissolved into the cell wall was finally due to continued loss of water infiltration Splitting death.

3, For most pathogenic bacteria and G-G + bacteria (including cocci and bacilli) have strong inhibitory and bactericidal effects. One of the hemolytic streptococcus, brucella, salmonella and enterococci such as moderate or light sensitive. Hemodialysis can eliminate some of the drugs, but no clear peritoneal dialysis effect of this product.



【Product Name】:Cefixime 


【 CAS 】:  79350-37-1

【Molecular formula】:C16H15N5S2O7 

【Molecular weight】:453.44 


【Pharmacological effects】:cefixime height of β-lactamase stability, and penicillin-binding protein 3,1 a and 1b with a high degree of affinity to the bacterial cell wall synthesis blocked, the bacteria dissolve quickly, death. 

【Indications】:for bronchitis, pneumonia, pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, scarlet fever, otitis media, sinusitis.

【Role of efficacy】:

1, For the broad-spectrum fourth-generation cephalosporin antibiotics. Most Gram-negative (G-) aerobic bacteria on the CFX-sensitive, and enzyme production and enzyme production of Staphylococcus aureus is not, is not sensitive staphylococcus epidermis.

2, CFX intestinal bacteria and Bacteroides very weak, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pseudomonas spp, such as largely ineffective. Krepil, who will CFX and cephalexin (CPL) cefaclor (CC) and Auger door Ting (Au) and other oral antibacterial antibiotics were compared, CFX Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Salmonella typhi role than CC and Au 8 to 10 times stronger. 

3, CFX on a variety of bacteria produce β-lactamase a high degree of tolerance, thus mucositis Brian Hamilton cocci and Haemophilus influenzae, very sensitive.



【Product Name】:Levamisole 


【English name】:levomisole

【 CAS 】:16595-80-5

【Molecular formula】:C11H12N2S • HCl 

【Molecular weight】:240.76 

【Specification】:Usp 40mg/5ml

【Properties】:can stimulate phagocyte function and promote T cells to produce IL-2 and other cytokines to enhance NK cell activity and so on. 

【Role of efficacy】:

1, Is a broad-spectrum anthelmintics drugs, mainly used for expelling worms and hook worms. 

2 May improve the patient's resistance to bacterial and viral infections. The current trial in lung cancer, breast cancer after surgery or acute leukemia, lymphoma deterioration after chemotherapy as an adjuvant therapy. 

3, For autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and the flu, children with respiratory infections, hepatitis, dysentery, boils, abscesses and so on. Of intractable bronchial asthma initially proved by the recent trial effect is significant, and the immune function of the body has a good immune enhancement.



【Product Name】:Metronidazole


【 CAS 】:443-48-1

【Molecular formula】:C6H9N3O3

【Molecular weight】:171.16


【Effectiveness of the role】:Amoeba, trichomoniasis and anaerobic infections,With broad-spectrum anti-anaerobic bacteria and the role of insect antigens,Mainly used for the prevention and treatment of clinical infections caused by anaerobic bacteria,Such as respiratory, digestive tract, abdominal cavity and basin septic infections, skin and soft tissue, bone and bone and jointOther parts of the infected,And vulnerability to be caused by bacteria endocarditis, sepsis and meningitis.Also widely used in the prevention and treatment of oral anaerobic infections.



【Product Name】:Atenolol


【Chinese alias】:Aten Le Er, Atenolol, aminoacyl heart amines, phenoxy amines, downhill blood pressure Ling

【English name】:Atenolol 

【 CAS 】:29122-68-7 

【Molecular formula】:C14H22N2O3 

【Molecular weight】:266.34 

【Specification】:Usp 25mg、50mg、100mg 

【Nature】:This product is a white film or sugar coated tablets,After the removal of sugar was white.

【Drug Class】:Antiarrhythmic drugs

【Molecular formula】:C14H22N2O3 

【Molecular weight】:266.34 

【Effectiveness of the role】:

1、For the treatment of angina, arrhythmia, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, pheochromocytoma, myocardial infarction,To testify with propranolol hydrochloride.Is suitable in each kind of reason result, the mild hypertension sickness. 

2、Falls the blood pressure function to occur, in the treatment starts in 2 weeks. For clinical treatment of ischemic heart disease,Including unstable angina,In particular for the treatment of stable angina pectoris.

3、Can reduce the frequency and severity of angina attacks,Reduce the amount of nitroglycerin,Improve exercise capacity and ST segment depression,Have significant effects,On with or without evidence of myocardial ischemia in patients with hypertension.

4、Long-term use can reduce the mortality rate of myocardial infarction or stroke.To diagnose or myocardial infarction is suspected,The early time applies this may also cut cardiovascular disease's mortality rate and the non-lethality heart stops suddenly the formation rate which and the stem dies again. 5、Of glaucoma is also effective.



【Product Name】:Amlodipine 


【Chinese Alias】:Amlodipine, benzoic acid amlodipine, dihydropyridine sulfonate

【English name】:Amlodipine

【 CAS 】:88150-42-9

【Molecular formula】:C26H31ClN2O8S

【 medicine Richard 】:

1、Suppresses the calcium induction the aorta contraction function. Its characteristic to leave the speed with the acceptor union reconciliation to be slow, Therefore the medicine function appears late maintains the time to be long. 

2、Selective effect on vascular smooth muscle than nifedipine large.It can be used to increase myocardial ischemia in cardiac output and coronary flow,Increased myocardial oxygen supply and reduce oxygen consumption, improve exercise capacity.In addition, the product may activate the LDL receptor,Reduce fat accumulation in the arterial wall and inhibit collagen synthesis,Thus has as an anti-atherogenic function.


For mild to moderate hypertension treatment,Its efficacy with atenolol, captopril, diltiazem, Naduoluoer are the same.Compared with verapamil, the product is more sustainable and stable antihypertensive effect,Now as second-line treatment of hypertension drugs.

【Effectiveness of the role】:Used for the treatment of chronic stable angina(including or Beta acceptor hinders medicine treatment result not good person to nitrate), Can significantly reduce the frequency of angina attacks and prolong exercise time.



【ProductName】:Erythromycin Stearite 


【English name】:Erythromycin

【 CAS 】:114-07-8


【Molecular formula】:C37H67NO13

【Molecular weight】:733.93

【Melting point】:138-140℃

【Product category】:Pharmaceutical raw materials

【Quality Standards】:USP26;CP2005;BP2002 

【Character 】:Erythromycin is white or almost white crystalline or powder;Odorless, bitter taste; slight moist.In methanol, ethanol or acetone soluble,Very slightly soluble in water. 


1、The antibacterial spectrum is similar with the penicillin,And to the mycoplasma, the chlamydia, Rickettsia and so on and the regiment fungus has the antibacterial function. 

2、Is suitable newborn conjunctivitis which, baby pneumonia, reproduction urinary tract infection in the Mycoplasma pneumonia, the blister chlamydia causes (including non-gonorrheal urethritis), Corps bacteria disease, diphtheria(Adjuvant therapy)And diphtheria carrier, skin soft tissue infection, pertussis, sensitive bacteria(Influenza bacillus, pneumococcus, hemolytic streptococcus, staphylococcus, etc.)Caused by respiratory infections.

3、For streptococcus angina phlogistic, LiSiDe bacteria infection, rheumatic fever, long-term prevention,And the endocarditis, Campylobacter jejuni enteritis, as well as gonorrhea, syphilis, acne and other diseases prevention.



【Product Name】:Levofloxacin 


【English name】:Levofloxacin Tablets

【 CAS 】:100986-85-4

【Molecular formula】:C18H20FN3O4·1/2H2O

【Molecular weight】:370.38

【Specification】:Usp 500mg

【Nature】:White film-coated tablets,eliminate thin film clothes obviously white to faint yellow, The main components of levofloxacin.

【Effectiveness of the role】:

1、For a new generation of optically active quinolone antibacterial agent,The main mechanism to hinder the activity of DNA helix,Its function is the bactericidal. 

2、In bacterial morphology observation,Near the MIC concentrations appear lysozyme phenomenon.

3、To staphylococcus, enteritis bacteria, suppurative chain coccus, hemolytic chain coccus, enterococcus and including backwoods coli, Keleibai pole bacteria, Shara bacteria, in distortion pole bacteria's intestines bacterium, As well as including pseudomonas aeruginosa's glucose non-fermentable Gelanshi negative bacteria colony, flu bloodthirsty bacillus, gonococcus and so on ,Are shown strong antimicrobial activity.

4、Prevention of infection in mice in the test pilot and Infection Therapy trial,Chlamydia also showed on the antibacterial and good prevention and treatment.



【Product Name】:Omeprazole 

B. N:055


【 CAS 】:73590-58-6

【Molecular formula】:C17H19N3O3S

【Molecular weight】:345.41


【Effection and purpose】:Omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor,On clinical uses in treating the digestive ulcer, the regurgitation esophagitis, the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, to eradicate the pylorus spiral bacillus (HP), Obtains the satisfying curative effect 

1、As stomach wall cell proton pump inhibitor, Can specificity suppress H+ which, the K+-ATP enzyme the wall cell peak membrane constitution in the secretive capillary and the cytoblastema tubular pours into, Thus suppresses the gastric juice effectively the secretion. 

2、It not can only non-competitive inhibition press the pepsin, the histamine, the choline and food, stimulates the fan to be distracted after and so on gastric juice secretion which causes, And can restrain from choline or H2 blockers based the affected part of the gastric acid secretion,Of H2 receptor antagonists can not be suppressed by the dibutyl cyclic adenosine monophosphate (DcAMP) stimulation of gastric acid secretion is also strong and lasting inhibitory effect.

3、Also has the inhibitory action to the pepsin secretion, Blood flow change of gastric mucosa is not obvious,Don't affect the chamber temperature, arterial blood pressure, and blood pH.

4、After intravenous,Distributed in the liver, kidney, stomach, duodenum, thyroid and other organizations,Distribution volume s ~ 0.48 L/kg,And extracellular liquid product quite.T1/2 for 0.5 ~ 1 hour,Three hours for patients with chronic liver disease.

5、Mainly in liver cytochrome P450 metabolic,Metabolites mainly for sulfur ether, PSF and hydroxyl derivatives.About 80% of the metabolites via renal eduction,Part (18 ~ 23%) with droppings.

6、This article of patients with kidney failure, clear no change,Clear impaired liver function may have extended half-life.

7、Peptic ulcer bleeding, anastomotic ulcer bleeding.

8、Stress state concurrent acute gastric mucosal injury,And nsaids cause acute gastric mucosa damage;

9、Also often used to prevent severe disease(Such as cerebral hemorrhage, serious injuries, etc)Gastric surgery precaution to bleed again, etc.;

10、General anesthesia or hands and debilitating coma patients prevent after gastric regurgitation merger aspiration pneumonia.



【Product Name】:Vitamin E  


【 CAS 】: 2074-53-5

【Molecular formula】:C29H50O2

【Molecular weight】:430.71


【Nature】:Preventing or improve due to vitamin E defect kinds symptoms.


1、Vitamins can help the body remove these pathogenic substances,While also avoid the unsaturated fatty acid oxidation become hazardous substances.

2、Vitamins are lacking can cause reproductive, muscle, cardiovascular and hematopoietic function problems‘

3、Prevention and treatment of vitamin E lack caused symptoms such as: muscles and nerves system obstacles

【Effection and purpose】:

1、Caused by the body's inability to its own manufacturing vitamin E, must rely on food or supplements from intake

2、Green vegetables' wheat 'stay benevolence' red meat and egg yolks, contain rich vitamin,But high-temperature cooking and refrigerated method actually destroy reduce food, the content of vitamin E the usual bad living diet will bar vitamin E absorption,Human lack of vitamin will lose balance metabolism function or blood circulation function thus obstacles,Cause all sorts of symptoms.

3、The body in metabolism process will produce a lot of waste(Oxidative free radicals FREERADOCAL5).Vitamin E is important for physical health of antioxidant effect.



【Product Name】:Trimethoprim 


【Alias】:Trimethoprim , TMP , Spyrarin, Synaprim, Syraprim, Metopycide 

【Product category】:Synthesis of anti-microbial drugs \ trimethoprim class

【 CAS 】:738-70-5

【Molecular formula】:C14H18N4O3

【Molecular weight】:290.32

【Effection and purpose】:

1、As antibacterial effect medicine, also can treat poultry infected with the bacteria and coccidiosis.

2、New antibacterial drugs orally.Antibacterial spectrum and sulfonamides drug similar, effectiveness, strong,To a variety of gram-positive and negative bacteria effectively.

3、This article will easily because bacteria resistant, so not suitable for single use as antibiotic.trimethoprim and sulfonamides medicine can make antibacterial action strengthen share several times to dozens of times.

4、The goods basically make the drugs sulfonylureas Ann effect medicine.According to the proportion of abia general use.Can also be a veterinary medicine,Treatment birds rate of e. coli caused could, chicken, sepsis in avian typhoid, cholera, respiratory secondary bacterial infections, etc.

5、Also can be used in the treatment of coccidiosis.

Antibacterial effect medicine,Be used for respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, intestinal infection wait for disease.



【Product Name】:Zinc sulphate  


【 CAS 】: 7733-02-0

【Molecular formula】:ZnSO4   

【Molecular weight】: 287.54 

【Specification】:UspVarious levels


Colorless transparent prism or fine needle crystal or granular crystalloid powder;Odurless, taste acerbity;

Have weathered sex.This product easily dissolved in water,Easily dissolved in glycerin,Insoluble in water in ethanol.

【Effection and purpose】:

Zinc sulfate is a kind of inorganic chemicals,It in industry, agriculture and other areas used widely.Its products are many and specifications

Based on the use of each index is different, its also each are not identical,Sometimes even difference is very big,It is often some users and ignored by buyers.In order to facilitate procurement and correct use, are now looking for the following introduction.

Zinc sulfate from molecular structure points,No water to seven can be divided into water;From USES can be divided into industry-specific, feed grade, and agricultural class.

1、Refined level: mainly used in chemical reagent, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics materials.

2、Chemical fiber level: used for chemical fiber manufacturing.

3、LiDeFen: for the manufacture LiDeFen white pigment.

4、Dressing level: for many of the extraction of metal mineral smelting.

5、Electroplating level: used for metal surface galvanizing.

6、Sewage treatment: as sewage agents used directly, manufacturing sewage agents use a kind of raw materials.



【Product Name】:Citric acid  


【English name】:2-hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic acid

【 CAS 】: 77-92-9 

【Molecular formula】:C6H8O7  

【Molecular weight】: 192.14

【Specification】:Usp monohydrate anhydrous

【Nature】:Citric acid colorless translucent crystals or white particles or white crystalloid powder,Odorless, very acid, In the humid air slight deliquescence

【Melting point】:154℃

【Dissolve solvings】:Soluble in water, ethanol, ethyl ether,Insoluble in benzene, slightly soluble in chloroform.Aqueous show acidity.

【Effection and purpose】:

1、Citric acid is the largest organic acids,Since the physical properties, chemical properties, derivatives performance,Is widely used in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, oil industries most important organic acids.

2、Because citric acid has a moderate, brisk acidity,Commonly used to all kinds of beverage, soda water, wine, candy and cookies, crackers, canned fruit juice, dairy products manufacturing.

3、Citric acid in chemical technology for chemical analysis on with reagents,Used for experimental reagents, chromatographic analysis reagent and biochemical reagents;Used for complexing agent, masking agent; To compound buffer solution.

4、Citric acid or citric acid salts used as detergent,Can improve the performance of cleaning products,Can quickly and precipitation of metal ions,Prevents the pollutant to adhere to stick cohere on the fabric, Keep washing the necessary basic,The dirt and dust dispersed and suspended;Improve the performance of surfactant, is an excellent chelating agent.    

5、Clothing formaldehyde pollution has is a very sensitive problem,Citric acid and modified citric acid can be made into a formaldehyde-free anti-creasing rectify agent,Used for the anti-creasing cotton fabrics.Not only anti-creasing effect is good, and the cost is low.

6、Citric acid - such as sodium citrate buffer solution because its steam down, non-toxic, chemical stability, high absorptivity of SO2 reasons, is extremely the development value the desulfurization absorber.

7、In growth fatten pigs diet add 1% ~ 2% citric acid, can raise the daily gain,Improve protein digestibility,Reduce thickness and back fat.Improve meat quality and carcass characteristics.Suitable for pigs, chicken, fish, shrimp, cow, sheep, rabbit, silkworm, etc. Various kinds of animals,Can accelerate animal growth, raise disease-resistant ability and the survival rate.

8、Citric acid have contractive, increase the solid capillary and lowering its permeability effect,Can still improve blood clotting and platelet quantity,Shorten clotting time and bleeding time,Have certain hemostatic effect pharmaceutical industry used in medicine refrigerant. 



【Product Name】:Vitamin B  



【Effection and purpose】: 

1、Vitamin B Is the floorboard of certain vitamins.

2、Vitamin B is a group of different structure of the compound,Hence its members have independent's name.Such as vitamin B1,But Vitamin B has been called a general name, Sometimes also called vitamin B clan, vitamin B complex or vitamin B composite group.Vitamin B are water-soluble vitamins,They are synergy,Regulate metabolism,Maintain the health of skin and muscle,Enhance the immune system and the function of nervous system,Promote cell growth and division(including promotion of red blood cells produce, prevent anaemia happen). 

3、Compound vitamin B - decompression agent, increase can agent,Compound vitamin B can support adrenal and nervous system,To help relieve be agitated moods, prevent fatigue, promote concentration and alertness, meanwhile surge intelligence.

4、Compound vitamin B known as the "make a person feel better nutrients, known as'Can improve human body the serotonin production.Blood green grain is a neurotransmitter,Can improve the mental state,,And often used as mental stress and depression in prescription.

5、Compound vitamin B is the human body fat and carbohydrate to share necessary nutrients, energ,And the desire to help curb food, prevent weight up.



【Product Name】:Sodiumcarbonate 


【 CAS 】: 497-19-8

【Specification】:Usp   99%

【Nature】:An ordinary situation of white powder, for strong electrolytes.Density 2.532g/cm3, melting point 851 ° C, easily soluble in water, with salt connectivity.

【Outer view】:White powder, is solid

【Molecular formula】:Na2CO3

【Mouth taste】:acerbity

【Dissolve solution degrees :21g 20℃

【Chemical properties】:

Easy to make decent in the air, Its peroxide solution assumes the alkalinity, Can produce certain with acid reaction.

【Firm set sex】:

Stability stronger, but high temperatures also can decompose,Generate oxidation sodium and carbon dioxide.Long-term exposure to air can absorb moisture from the air and carbon dioxide,

Generate sodium bicarbonate, and formed lumps.Hygroscopic is very strong,Very easy to form lumps, do not break down at high temperature.

【Dissolve solvings】:Soluble in water,

Slightly soluble in absolute ethyl alcohol, Insoluble in propanol.Sodium carbonate, soluble in water,Is a kind of alkali salt,Dissolves after the water has the hydrolitic reaction, Causes the solution to turn the alkalinity, 

Have certain corrosive,Can carry on and the response with the acid, Produces the corresponding salt and emits the carbon dioxide. 



【Product Name】:Hydroxyl citric acid 


【Specification】:Usp  60%  98%   

【 CAS 】: 6205-14-7

【Nature】:This is the white powder, does not dissolve in the liquor, the water. 

【Usage and dosage】:the 100~120mg/time, meal or the food latter 20 minutes internal medicines use. 

【Appropriate crowd】:Obese patients(A-certificate) 。

【Appropriate preparation】:Can be made into tablet, pills, hard capsule etc.

【Effection and purpose】:

1、Is a HuangGuo "called" cane of natural extracts,It has western medicine raw material clear chemical composition and the mechanism of reducing weight.It does this by inhibiting fat synthesis,Promote fatty acid burning,Reduce food intake,Trinity, Achieve thin body the effect that reduce weight,Is a current effect reducing weight the most ideal, the most healthy weight loss care raw materials.

2、At present there is no report shows that it is toxic or side effects. A reasonable weight loss treatment should be in a month does not exceed 1-2 kilograms, otherwise, too fast drastic weight loss in the short term because hormones may happen side effects, rapid change, And take this product, if not sports and not controlled diet,As long as half an hour ago before fasting, Similarly eats and drinks extravagantly, can also achieve ideally loses weight the effect. 

【HCA role with the principle】:

When food enters human body, Carbohydrates namely is decomposed into small molecule glucose, In glucose into fat,Suppresses the ATP- citric acid lytic enzyme, causes the fatty acid to be unable to synthesize, and suppresses the glycolysis function advance. 



【Product Name】:Lactulose  


【English name】:Lactulose 

【 CAS 】: 4618-18-2

【Molecular formula】:C12H22O11 

【Molecular weight】:342.30

【Specification】:food grade  Purity:≥98%

【Nature】:Character is pale tan transparent sticky liquid. Taste sweet, the sweet sweet than lactose,But not as sucrose. Acid hydrolysis produce half lactose and fructose. Water solubility(w/w):窗体顶端

【Nature】:Character is pale tan transparent sticky liquid. Taste sweet, the sweet sweet than lactose, Acid hydrolysis produce half lactose and fructose. Water solubility(w/w):30℃:76.4%,60℃:81%,90℃:>86%。

【Melting point】:169℃。

【Effection and purpose】

1、Used for biochemical research. Medicine (laxative); In the industry serves as the indirect nutrition enriching substance, Can be added to milk, beverages. The goods is human intestinal thickening of beneficial bacteria breeding factor colon bacillus, with help digest and absorb the protein, lactose, produce B vitamins role.

2、Chemical name: 4 -o-galloylhyperin beta D - pyranoid half lactose base - D - fructose. 

3、Milk fructose in the colon is gastrointestinal bacteria clump into low molecular weight organic acid, cause intestinal pH value falls,,And through osmosis increase colon volume. The above function stimulating colon peristalsis, maintain defecate unobstructed, Alleviate constipation, also restore colonic circadian rhythms. 4And in hepatic encephalopathy (PSE), hepatic coma and coma prophase, The above for promoting the intestinal bacteria (such as acidophilus lactobacillus) growth, inhibiting protein decomposition microbes。Thus the promotion intestines contents's acidification causes the ammonia to transform into the ionic condition; Reduce colon pH value and play penetration effect guide diarrhea; The stimulation bacterium carries on the protein synthesis using the ammonia, improvement nitrogen metabolism. 



【Product Name】:pepsin  


【English name】:pepsin

【 CAS 】:9001-75-6

【Specification】:Acid vigor 1:1200 3000

【Nature】:white or light yellow powder; No mildew defeated smelly; The quotation from wet sex; Aqueous show acidic reaction. A proteolytic enzyme hydrolysis of antibody molecules, Antibody molecules can be hydrolyzed to a large fragment..

【Effection and purpose】:Main role in P1 and P1 by hydrophobic amino acids' parts of aromatic amino acid residues, especially the formation of peptides.

【Role function】:

1、Pepsin is a peptic protease, the gastric mucosa by stomach (gastricchiefcell) master cells that secrete, Function is to proteins in food is decomposed into small peptide fragments.

2、When early for no active secreted pepsin, former, In the gastric juice or activated under the pepsin function transforms to have the active pepsin. In is suitable under the environment (pH approximately is 2), Will protein is decomposed into peptone, Seldom produce micromolecule peptide or amino acids, Is such as pig, ox, sheep gastric mucosal extraction of pepsin used as peptic medicine.

3、Often and rare hydrochloric acid in use at the same time, Treatment can't digest benign paternal support diarrhoea and chronic atrophic gastritis.



【Product Name】:Hawthorn flavonoids  


【English name】:Hawthorn Fruit P.E.

【Specification】:5%  10% 

【Nature】:Palm red powder

【Chemical composition】:Hawthorn contain flavonoids, terpene saponins classes(Bear fruit acid, oleanolic acid, hawthorn acid etc),Saponins tannins, free acid, fatty acid, vitamin C, inorganic salt, red pigment etc.

【Effectiveness of the role】:

1、Hawthorn flavonoids can promote adipose digestion, increase the secretion of stomach enzymes promotes digestion,Hawthorn flavonoids of gastrointestinal function have certain adjustment function.

2、Can dilating coronary artery, increased coronary flow, Protect myocardial ischemia and hypoxia, And can the strong heart, fall blood pressure and antiarrhythmic; Hawthorn flavonoids and lipid-lowering, resistance to atherosclerosis, Can reduce serum cholesterol and three ester,Through improving high density cholesterol and the serum cholesterol concentration, raise the components of drainage.



【Product Name】:Rose floral gold ketone 


【Specification】:5%  10% 

【Effectiveness of the role】:Uses the DPPH law determination rose total flavanone to extract, Remove the ability of DPPH free radicals, The results show: It reached the clearance of 90.23% DPPH free radicals. Uses the Oxford cup law to do the bacteriostasis experiment, The result indicated that the rose total flavanone extracts to the golden yellow staphylococcus and the subtilis bud spore bacillus has the very good bacteriostasis effect. 







The spore sai wo sodium is the broad spectrum antibiotic, is the cephalosporin class medicine,To gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, aerobes and certain anaerobic bacteria are strong antibacterial activity,Especially against gram-negative bacterium exterminate action stronger.

And gentamycin, Amy card star of pseudomonas aeruginosa share a synergy. It mainly inhibiting bacterial cell synthesis,Causes the bacterium fission to be blocked, thus has the sterilization. 



【Product Name】:Seroquel  


【 CAS 】:111974-69-7



1、Think LeKang is an atypical antipsychotic, can with various neural medium effect, In cerebrum and serotonin acceptor's affinity, Indication: Schizophrenia sickness. 

2、There is serious side effects, Side effects: sleepiness, dizziness, constipation, mouth dry, ZiTaiXing hypotension.





【Product Name】:chitosan  


【 CAS 】:9012-76-4

【Molecular formula】:C6H11NO4X2

【Molecular weight】:161.16


【Effectiveness of the role】:Chitosan (chitosan) is widely exists by nature of chitin (chitin) after take off acetyl role get, 

This kind of natural high polymer's biological function and the compatibility, the blood compatibility, the security, the microorganism degradability and so on fine performance are widely paid attention to by the various trades and occupations. 

1、Experiments show that the mice injected chitosan even in accepting the lethal after radiation, so may live, But has not injected the shell polyose house mouse after illumination dies completely. 

2、Chitin can be used as LCD, purifying flocculants, absorbent and preservative, Can be used for paper production and protect crops from pests intrusion.

3、Chitosan can make drug dissolved capability, and make them several times more easily assimilated.

4、After the shell polyose joins the medicine, may make the slow release medicinal preparation,Includes the shell polyose medicine in the acidic environment, And floats including the inflation in the surface, thus avoids injuring the gastric mucosa. 

5、Chitosan can destroy cancerous cells drugs as transportation. It has only agglomerates around the cancer cell hinders its growth the characteristic. 

6、The experiment indicated that the shell polyose may reduce the cancer cell the shift, the impediment cancer cell injury healthy cell. The shell polyose also has in the impediment tumour cell the vascularization function. 

7、After infection AIDS virus, the infection cell can agglutinate fast with the health cell, An infection cell may destroy 500 healthy cells. May prevent cell's agglutination including the sulfo group shell polyose's sulfo group shell polyose, thus stops the infection the spread. 

8、The shell polyose may accelerate the wound the cicatrization, urges the osteogenesis. Helps the human body to supplement easy to absorb calcium. 

9、The shell polyose can also widely serve as food the biological chemical additive, it is helpful in maintains the normal body weight. 

10、The shell polyose may promote in the intestinal tract the microorganism group restoration, 

The toxic substance condenses in leaves in vitro abreast in row together.



【Product Name】:Sodiumbenzoate  


【  CAS  】:532-32-1

【Molecular formula】:C7H5NaO2

【Molecular weight】:144.1


【Nature】:At normal temperature soluble in water, In the air (especially hot air) micro volatile, Has hygroscopic, About under normal temperature 0.34 g / 100ml canister; But soluble in hot water;Also soluble in ethanol, chloroform and non-volatile oil. Sodium benzoate mostly for the white particles, Odourless or microstrip benzoin smell smell and taste sweet, have convergence; Soluble in water (normal) 53.0 g / 100ml canister or so, PH in 8 or so; Sodium benzoate is acidic preservative, In alkaline medium without sterilization, bacteriostasis; Its anticorrosion optimal PH is 2.5-4.0, When the solution in PH5.0 5% bactericidal effect also is not very good.

【Effection and purpose】:

1、Used in pharmaceutical industry and plant genetic research, They are also used as dye intermediates, fungicide and preservatives preservatives; Antimicrobial agents.

2、Sodium benzoate fluid chamber important acid type feed preservatives. When using into effective forms benzoic acid.

3、Also available as food preservatives. Sodium benzoate is also important acid type food preservatives.

4、Can also be used as a feed of preservatives. The goods used as food additives (preservative), medicine industry microbicides, dyestuff industry's mordant, plastic industrial plasticizer, Also used for perfume etc organic synthesis intermediates, Mainly for food preservatives, also used in pharmaceutical, dyestuff, etc.



【Product Name】:Cefaclor


【  CAS  】:53994-73-3

【Molecular formula】:C15H14ClN3O4S

【Molecular weight】:367.81

【Specification】:Pharmaceutical grade

【Physical and chemical properties】:White powder. Soluble in water, Not soluble in methanol, chloroform, benzene. When pH2.5 1-4.5 solution in stability。

【Effection and purpose】:Antibiotics. Antibacterial action than cephalosporins hydroxyl ampicillin is strong. Mainly used for urinary tract infection, upper respiratory tract infection, and skin soft tissue infection and surgery, such as infection Curative effect is good. Belong to cephalosporin antibiotic medicine.



【Product Name】:Sodium Citrate  


【Chemical name】:2 - hydroxyl propane - 1, 2, 3 - three carboxylic acid sodium

【  CAS  】:68-04-2

【Specification】:food grade

【Nature】:Colorless or white crystalline particles or crystalloid powder, Odorless, taste salty, cool, soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, heat decomposition, 

Micro has the deliquescence in the humid air. 

【Molecular formula】:Na3C6H5O7.2H2O,

【Molecular weight】::294.1

【Effection and purpose】:In food, beverage industry used to flavor agent, stabilizer, In the pharmaceutical industry as a blood thinner agent, phlegm, and medicine and diuresis medicine; In detergent industries, alternative sodium tripolyph-osphate as non-toxic washing auxiliaries;

Also used in the brewing, injection, photography drugs and electroplating, etc.   Lemon juice contains a lot of citric acid, The citric acid and the calcium ion union become the soluble complex compound,Can alleviate calcium ion stimulates the blood coagulation effect, Can the prevention and treatment of hypertension and myocardial infarction. So anticlotting to play.



【Product Name】:Tramadol hcl


【  CAS  】:22204-88-2

【Molecular formula】:C16H26ClNO2

【Molecular weight】:299.84


【Nature】:For white crystalline or crystalloid powder; Odurless, taste bitter; The quotation from wet sex. This product easily soluble in water, In ethyl alcohol or chloroform Yi Rong .Slightly soluble in acetone, Insoluble in ether. This product for melting point of 179 ~ 182 ℃.


(1)Tramadol Hydrochloride Tablets


【Purpose】:Analgesics for cancer pain, fracture and various postoperative pain, etc.



【Product Name】:Female viagra



【Nature】:Colorless, odorless and can rapidly soluble in any beverage, wine, the water without being found, Ms. After drinking can smoothly within minutes, Vaginal crunch, Facial reddish, Shortness of breath, systemic fever, inside the Yin itchy, looking for fast breathing

【Usage and dosage】:Soluble in drink consumption. 

【ingredients】:50%Ethanol、Distilled Wather  etc。

【Effectiveness of the role】:Female sexual dysfunction, Its role and men used "viagra" similar. Use female viagra aphrodisiac after water woman amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, Enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained,Couples harmony two feelings of both men and women.

【matters need attention】:Only for couples, use, between sweethearts, Please do not other purposes.



【Product Name】:Carrizo horse can long


【  CAS  】:138729-47-2



In chemistry belongs to the link pyrrole ketones compound, the pharmacological action and benzene two nitrogen outstanding kind of similar, affects in the same acceptor. 

【Medicine role】:

1、Carrizo horse clones not benzodiazepine hyponotic drug, Can shorten sleep time, Significantly improve sleep quality, reduce the number of awakening.

2、Carrizo horse after discontinuation of cloning, without insomnia rebound, Long-term drug is also not failure.

3、Animal experiment and clinical applications all display has a calming hypnosis, resistance to anxiety, muscle loose and resistance to startle functions.

【indications】:Used in the treatment of insomnia, especially suitable to the residual effects CiChen cannot tolerate patients.





【Specification】:Oily shape, powder 98%

【Main ingredients】:Strawberry sweet base, amino acids, attractant, flavorings.

【Suitable for fish】:silver carp to crucian carp, with strong relevance.

【Action characteristic】:

1、With pure strawberry sweet aroma, To the pure natural plant elements and equal spices, Including the pure strawberry substances, For the scientific method to allocate enrichment and into. Comprehensive other flavorings true for sexual deployment,Fully cover the possible presence of baits bad taste, Stimulate taste reaction, Prompted fish fast openings.

2、In the water can make the taste of feeding news fast to send out, Taste pure, Aroma is outstanding, palate full-bodied, stay joss-stick lasting.






Food-grade/industrial ,Particle size 20nm, purity 99.6%   98%

【Alias】:Silicon dioxide SiO2 ,Silicon(IV)oxide ,Silicic anhydride ,Quartz sand 

【CAS 】:14464-46-1

【Molecular formula】:SiO2 

【Molecular weight】:60.08 

【Effection and purpose】:

1、Glass: flat glass, float glass, glass products(A glass jar, glass bottles, glass tubes, etc)、Optical glass, glass fiber, glassware, conductive glass, glass cloth and prevent ray special glass the main raw material, ceramics and refractories, porcelain, the embryo of material and glaze materials, Kiln used high silica, common silica and silicon carbide, etc of raw material

2、Metallurgical: silicon metal, ferrosilicon alloy and silicon alloy materials or additives, such as flux

3、Architecture: concrete, gelling materials, construction materials, artificial marble, the physical properties of cement test material (namely cement standards sand), etc

4, Chemical: silicone compounds and water glass and other raw materials, sulfuric acid tower fillers, amorphous silica dioxide

5、Mechanical: the main raw material, casting sand abrasive materials (sandblasting, hard abrasive paper, sand paper, emery cloth, etc.)

6、Electronic: high purity silicon metal, communication with optical fiber etc、

7、 Rubber, plastic: (can improve abrasion resistance)

8、Coating: packing (may increase coating weatherproof)

9、Food: in the food industry is mainly used for preventing powdery food gathered agglomerate, Used to keep the free flow of kind of food additives or used for adsorption liquid spices, grease, vitamin etc, Make it a powder, Such as powder grease, solid spices and solid wine products.



【Product Name】:Hydrochloric acid fluoxetine


【Alias】:Fluose fine hydrochloride 

【CAS 】:59333-67-4

【Molecular formula】:C17H19ClF3NO

【Molecular weight】:345.79


【Effection and purpose】:Hydrochloric acid fluoxetine  is an oral antidepressants. Mainly restrain central nervous system to serotonin reuptake, Used in the treatment of depression and its associated with anxiety, Treat obsessive-compulsive disorder and binge eating disorder.



【Product Name】:Hydrochloric acid duloxetine


【Alias】:-N-Methyl-gama-(1-naphthalenyloxy)-2-thiophenepropanamine hydrochloride

【CAS 】: 136434-34-9

【Molecular formula】:C18H20ClNOS

【Molecular weight】:333.88


【Application】:Used to treat depression.




【Product Name】:Sertraline HCl


【CAS 】:79559-97-0


【Nature】:White or white crystalline powder

【Molecular formula】:C17H17NC12·HCl 

【Molecular weight】:324.7 

【Functions marked】:Depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.  

【Indications】:Suitable for the treatment of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, including with anxiety, Prevent early episode of depression relapse, illness relapse.



【Product Name】:West peptide planters



【CAS 】: 59729-33-8

【Molecular formula】:C20H21FN2O

【Molecular weight】:324.39

【Boiling point】: 175~181℃/4


【Physical Properties】:oily matter,boiling point175~181℃/4.00Pa。

From the isopropyl alcohol crystallization, Melting point:182--183℃。


1 、Intensive treatment for depression: Severe depression main show significant or lasting depressed mood or restless mood(Last for at least two weeks),Mainly includes the following symptoms: depression, interest reducing, weight or appetite change significantly, insomnia or lethargy, spiritual movement excited or slow, excessive fatigue, guilt, or the inferiority, thinking slow or inattention, suicide attempts or thought.

2 、Extensiveness anxiety(GAD):Performance for excessive anxiety and worry, Continue for at least six months. Basically has the following symptoms: fidgeting, easy fatigue, inattention, excited, muscle tension and sleep disturbances.



【Product Name】:venlafaxine


【CAS 】: 93413-69-5


【Functor】:Are the three biological source sex amine categories: serotonin, Norepinephrine and dopamine of reuptake inhibitor, Among the serotonin reuptake inhibitory effect on the strongest, norepinephrine reuptake inhibition also stronger.

【Subject range】:  The treatment of depression curative effect is distinct, Because venlafaxine relatively uncle amine class three-ring antidepressant drugs fewer side effects, so can tolerate more big dose, Remission rates higher. 

Has the anxiety and depression two-way role, Also can treat post-partum depression. Also after stroke depressive state treatment, For patients recover nerve function, improve the ability of living, to reduce the complications.

1、Treat obsessive-compulsive disorder effective:    Venlafaxine treat obsessive-compulsive disorder and effective. By increasing the 5 - HT to make 5 - HT2 receptor gradually, achieve remedial desensitization social phobia purpose.

2、Treat post-traumatic stress disorder:Mental trauma activate blue spot cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. By blocking 5 - HT back to absorb and activation back seam border - blue spot 5 - HT pathways, NE can inhibit the blue spot, Improving PTSD symptoms. 

3、In the treatment of adolescent children's attention deficit:,Therefore article Lafayette Xin can affect through NE may improve the attention,Through 5 - HT can function can restrain impulsive behaviors, Can eliminate A.D.H.D. symptoms.

4、Treat schizophrenia: In recent years have multiple studies show enlafaxine and antipsychotic share treat schizophrenia has good curative effect, Including auxiliary treat schizophrenia negative symptoms.



【Product Name】:Hydrochloride, Finn taminco is the  


【Alias】: Duromine、Ionamine、Mirapont、Mirapront、Omnibex 


【Product category】:Appetite inhibitors and medicaments reducing weight, Western medicine drugs, Specific drugs

【Side effects】:Drugs cause sexual incompetence



【Product Name】:Butanedioic acid


【CAS 】 110-15-6 


【appearance and properties】 : Colorless or white, odorless and has the sour solid.

Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, ether, acetone, glycerol. 

【Molecular formula】:C4H6O4 

【Molecular weight】:118.09 

【main parameters】: Content: ≥99.0%;Sulfate≤0.02%;Heavy metal ≤0.002%;Fe≤ 0.002%;ash≤ 0.1%。 

【Melting point】:185℃ 

【Boiling point】:235 ℃

【Relative density(water =1)】:1.57(15℃) 

【Effectiveness of the role】:Mainly used in preparation of amber anhydride wait five heterocyclic compounds. Also used in preparation of alkyd resin(by butanedioic acid production alkyd resin has a good song flexible, flexibility and water resistance.)、Paint, dye(butanedioic acid ErBenJi ester is the dye intermediates, And amino anthraquinone reaction to create anthraquinone dye. ), Food flavorings (butanedioic acid also can be used as food sour wine, feed, agents in the sweets etc.) flavored , photographic materials, etc. 

Pharmaceutical industry use sulfonamides medicine production vitamin A, vitamin B, antidepressants spasms agent, pine phlegm agent, diuretics and hemostatic drugs. As chemical reagent, Used as alkali amount of standard reagents, slow granule, gas chromatography contrast samples. Also can be used as lubricant and surfactant materials.

Used for synthetic organic materials.



【Product Name】:Magnesium Carbonate


【  CAS  】:19569-21-2

【Specification】:food grade 、Pharmaceutical grade 98%

【Drug classes】:Digestive system drugs fight acid medicine

【Indications】:Caused by excessive gastric acid secretion for the stomach pain, stomach burning sensation (heartburn), the acid.



【Product Name】:Acetic acid


【CAS】: 64-19-7

【Molecular formula】:C2H4O2;

【Risk marker】:20(acid corrosion product).

【Packing method】:Small openings LvTong; Glass or plastic (pot) outside ordinary wooden cases or half of case wooden boxes; Grind arenaceous glassOr outside the ordinary wooden box thread mouth bottle;Threaded mouth glass bottles, iron lid pressure mouth glass bottle, plastic or metal barrels (pot) outside ordinary wooden boxes; Threaded mouth glass bottle, plastic or tin thin steel barrel (pot) with beautiful box, the floor、Chipboard box or plywood box.

【Main application】:Mainly used in the manufacture of poly vinyl acetate esters and cellulose acetate (also called cellulose fibers). Also used in synthetic ester, low-carbon alcohol ester is formed good solvent and widely used in paint industry. Is a good solvent in the oxidation reaction of p-xylene oxidation, is the production of terephthalic acid synthetic organic solvent, also an important raw material.



【Product Name】:Formic acid 


【CAS】: 64-18-6。 

【Molecular formula】:CH2O2;HCOOH。 

【Molecular weight】:46.03。 

content:Level 1≥90.0%; Level 2≥85.0%。 

【Melting point】: 8.2 

【Boiling point (℃)】: 100.8 

【Heat of combustion (kJ/mol)】: 254.4 

【Critical temperature (℃)】: 306.8 

【Solubility】:And water immiscible, insoluble in hydrocarbons, can mix soluble in alcohol.

【Appearance and properties】:Colorless transparent liquid, has strong hair smoke irritating sour. Is a colorless, hair smoke, inflammable and exciting odour liquid, strong corrosive, Formic acid can with water, ethanol, ethyl ether, glycerin has the strong corrosive and spicy excitant sour volatile liquid

【Effection and purpose】:

1、Formic acid is one of basic organic chemical raw materials, widely used in pesticide, leather, dyestuff, medicine and rubber industries.

2、Formic acid can be applied directly to fabrics processing, tanning, textile printing and dyeing and green fodder in storage, Also used for metal surface treated, rubber additives and industrial solvents. In organic synthesis for the synthesis of various formic acid esters, around acetamiprid dyes and armour amide series of pharmaceutical intermediates.

3、Pharmaceutical industry: caffeine than Lin, AnChaJian, amino, theobromine borneol, vitamin B1, metronidazole, toluene sulfonated.

4、Pesticide industry: powder rust ning, sanzuotong,  three ammonia thiazole, three thiazole p, much effect thiazole, xi effect thiazole insecticidal, ether, SanLvShaManChun, writing purine, etc. 

5、Chemical industry: formic acid calcium and sodium formate, formic acid, formic acid potassium, ammonium phthalic acid ethyl ester, barium, DMF, armour amide, rubber made, pentaerythritol, new e erchun, epoxy soybean oil, epoxy soybean oil will esters, especially carbonyl chlorides e and to remove lacquer agent, phenolic resin, pickling steel, etc.

6、Other: can also manufacture printing and dyeing coal dye, Fiber and paper dyeing agents, agents, plasticizer, natural rubber, leather tanning agglomerants assemblies, the ash from agents and neutralizing agent,Food preservatives and animal feed additives.



【Product Name】:Phosphoric acid


【CAS】:  7664-38-2

【Specification】:Food Grade

【Molecular formula】:H3PO4

【Molecular weight】:98

【Acid sex】:In acid

【Appearance】:Colorless transparent or with pale yellow, thick liquid form.

【Physical properties】:Pure phosphoric acid is a colorless crystal, melting point 42.3 degrees Celsius, the high boiling acid, soluble in water. Phosphate content of 83-98%.

【Chemical properties】:

The phosphoric acid is in the tribasic acid the strong acid, Divides three steps the ionization, is not easy to volatilize, is not easy to decompose,Almost no oxidizing. Has the sour connectivity.

【Effection and purpose】:Used in metal surface treated, phosphate materials products phosphate industry, electroplating, polishing industry, sugar industry, compound fertilizer, etc.

1、Is a common inorganic acid, Is medium acid. By five oxidation 2 phosphorus soluble in hot water can get. Orthophosphoric Acid industry sulfuric acid treatment by drawees apatite. Phosphoric acid in air easy deliquescence. Heat can dehydrate get focal phosphoric acid, In further dehydrate get partial phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is mainly used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, fertilizer industry etc, also used for chemical reagents.

2、The chemical fertilizer industry production is an important intermediate products, used in the production of high concentrations of p and compound fertilizer. Phosphoric acid or soap, detergent, metal surface treated, food additives, feed additive and water treatment agent etc all kinds of phosphate used phosphate, raw material. As the raw material, phosphate production, Is Orthophosphoric Acid or more of the phosphoric acid solution.

3、The phosphate phosphorus and raw material is mainly inorganic acid (sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid or nitric acid, mainly for sulfuric acid).



【Product Name】:Hydrochloric acid armour amine diaminofurazan sulfur


【Main application】:Armour amine HCL used for treatment of diaminofurazan sulfur gastrointestinal dysfunction as ulcer and esophageal reflux and other diseases.




【II】,Male medicine aphrodisiac raw material product


【Product Name】:Mountain slag SOD



【Nature】:Tan powder

【Product source】:This product is rosaceae

Crataegus pinnatifida Bge.Or C.pinnatifidaBge.Var.major N.E.Br.、 C.cuneata Z.Dry ripe fruit (including nuclear) extract. 

【Pharmacology 】: 

( 1)Strong heart function: The  hawthorn has increases the myo- shrinkage force, increases the cardiac output, reduces speed the heart rhythm the function.

( 2)To crown arteries blood stream quantity and cardiac muscle oxygen consumption capacity function: The Chinese hawthorn extraction and the total flavanone has increases caps the arteries blood stream quantity, reduces the cardiac muscle oxygen consumption capacity and the cardiac muscle oxygen use factor function.  

( 3)To cardiac muscle trophism blood stream quantity function: The hawthorn has certainly certainly to the cardiac muscle trophism blood stream quantity increases the function. hawthorn to cardiac muscle trophism blood stream quantity function, May and expanding coronary artery ascular bed, improving relevant coronary circulation.

( 4)To experimental cardiac muscle ischemia protective function: The Chinese hawthorn has the protective function to the guinea pig by the sulfuric acid different third adrenalin result acute cardiac muscle ischemia. Hawthorn extract has to prevent or mitigate isoproterenol tooth on myocardial ischemia or necrosis role. 

( 5)Anti-hypertensie: hawthorn ethanol extract has a lasting anti-hypertensie. 

( 6)Fall hematic fat action: part of the different extraction hawthorn different animal causing all kinds of fatty model has a certain lipid-lowering role, Can get high fat feed antagonized caused by elevated serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels.



【Product Name】:Male518



【Nature】:White powder, soluble in alcohol, water,

【Special point 】:Fight detection aphrodisiac raw material physical properties: duration 3 days men 518 type - fast erection, 20-40 minutes to take effect, Global cannot be detectedAt home and abroad, is the biggest selling, the most effective, health care aphrodisiac raw materials.

【Action principle 】:Depends upon PDE-5 through to suppress CGMP the decomposition to enhance NO the vasodilatation function,Make ED patients regain penile erectile capability.

Can make the testicular tissue of SOD significantly increased, MDA obviously decreased,Primary pure mother cells and sperm number increased.The promotion prostate gland knot contracts the tissue differentiation, the dissociation, prevents the prostate gland proliferation, largely, improves the prostate gland oppression symptom, restores the masculine physiological function.Suitable preparation: May make the health care to fortify yang the liquor, the tablet, the capsule and so on.

【Usage and dosage】:100~150mg Every time,20-40 minutes have the effect,Duration 3 days, in the 100-125mL liquor fluid joins the quantity is 100-150mg 

【Appropriate preparation】:Can be made into care aphrodisiac, capsule wine.

【Operation method】:Puts in after raw material in the liquor dissolves completely, lays aside three day or the filtration obtains fortifies yang liquor 



【Product Name】:Toadstool

B. N0:092


【Nature】:The blackleg sex flat, taste Kennedy cold, non-toxic

【Effectiveness of the role】:

1、The blackleg contain inhibiting tumor of polysaccharides, antibacterial, antiviral active ingredients, It has the enhancement immunity, resist fatigue, antivirus, inhibiting tumor, and many other roles;

2、Japanese scientists found the blackleg extract contains tyrosinase inhibitor, can effectively suppress the formation of brown fat.

3、The blackleg contains rich selenium is human erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase components, could transport large oxygen molecules to curb malignant tumor, make cancer cell inactivation; Another aspect of vitamin E could strengthen the antioxidant effect. Selenium antioxidation can change direction, and the generation of carcinogens by combining and detoxification, thus reduce or eliminate cancer risk.

4、Beneficial stomach, helping digestion, eliminating phlegm kidney strong sun, regulating qi, and refresh mind for brain Beneficial stomach, helping digestion, eliminating phlegm kidney strong sun, regulating qi, and refresh mind for brain。It also has strengthen body, prevent colds, enhance human immunity effect.

【Appropriate crowd】:The elderly, premature ejaculation, impotence, drops, sexual dysfunction, dryly women and mental workers edible.



【Product Name】:Aphrodisiac bean alkali



【Nature】:This product is brown powder, tiny sweet taste, quickly soluble in water, wine, like gin color palate fine, soluble in wine won't happen precipitation.

【Effectiveness of the role】:Used in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction, no side effect, safe and reliable

【Usage and dosage】:Every 100-150mg, effectively continue 18-20 hours.

【Appropriate preparation】:Can be made into tablet, pills, hard capsule, health wine, oral liquid, coffee, granule, tablets, chewing gum formulations.



【Product Name】:Yam ketone 



【Nature】:Brown powder, tiny sweet taste, quickly soluble in water, wine, like gin color palate fine, soluble in wine won't happen precipitation.

【Effectiveness of the role】: Used in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction, no side effect, safe and reliable

【Usage and dosage】:Every 100-150mg, effectively continue 18-20 hours.

【Appropriate preparation】:Can be made into tablet, pills, hard capsule, health wine, oral liquid, coffee, granule, tablets, chewing gum formulations.。



【Product Name】:Cinnamon zinc element



【Effectiveness of the role】:Used in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction, no side effect, safe and reliable




【Product Name】:East leather ali


【  CAS  】: 74-79-3


【Nature】:Bitter taste, sex is cool, heat, cut destiny, suits, aphrodisiac refund yellow.

【Effectiveness】:Strong kidney, treatment gout, anti-cancer, promote fertility, improve human immunity, increase fitness, eliminate fatigue, treatment of prostatitis, antifebrile, resistance to malaria.



【Product Name】:Renewal broken ester



【Nature】:Sexual flavour to scripture, taste bitter; Michael essien; Sexual lukewarm. Be liver; Kidney via. 

【Effectiveness of the role】:

Fill hepatorenal; Strong bones and muscles; Adjustable veins; Renewal fold wounds; Stop ren. Used for low back pain; Segments paralysis bi-complex; Fall flapping trauma, loss muscle fold bone, quickened leak red,, mental weariness, blurred vision, leukorrhagia, YongJu boils spermatorrhea swell. Often used to rheumatism bi-complex pain, fell flapping damage.



【Product Name】:Caterpillar fungus arginine



【Effectiveness of the role】:

1、The immune system function normal human body can escape tumor doom,The immune system function has the problem the human, has the possibility to develop the tumor.,increase the immune system cell, organization quantity, the promotion immune body production, increases the swallow, killer cell quantity, to strengthen its function, 

2、Direct anti-tumour and kill cancer cells role. Cordyceps contains Chinese caterpillar fungus element, is it play antitumor function's main ingredient.

3、Improve human energy factories -- mitochondrial energy, improve the body hardy ability, reduce fatigue.

4、reduce the damage to the liver toxic substances, against the occurrence of hepatic fibrosis. In addition, through the adjustment of immune function, strengthen the antiviral capacity of viral hepatitis, beneficial effects.

5、Smooth wheezing bronchi, with expansion, prevent from emphysema and expectorative effect.

6、Can reduce chronic kidney disease, improve renal function, reduce become toxic to the damage to the kidneys.

7、Can enhance the bone marrow, the red and white generate platelet ability.

8、Reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides, improve the favorable to human body, relieve HDL atherosclerosis.



【Product Name】:Natto extract


【Specification】:EnzymeActivity ≥3000

【Nature】:Fine powder, 100% through 80 mesh, Soybean protein has no solubility, and make it after natto, become soluble and produce amino acids, help intestines and stomach digestion and absorption.

【Effectiveness of the role】:

1、Natto composition is:Moisture content 61.8%, thick protein 19.26%, crude fat 8.17%, carbohydrates 6.09 %, crude fiber 2.2%, ash 1.86%, 

2、Natto nourishing food of high protein, natto contain alcohol element, after eating can eliminate body parts cholesterol, decomposition body type lipids, make acidification of abnormal blood pressure returned to normal. ,

3、Prevent cerebrovascular disease. Research shows that natto health care function mainly and for the how nattokinase, natto isoflavone, soap green grain, vitamin K2 a variety of functions such as factor relevant.

4、Natto contain soap green grain, can improve constipation, lower cholesterol, prevent colon cancer, lower cholesterol, softening vascular and prevent hypertension and atherosclerosis, suppresses HIV virus function;

5、Accept beans contains free of isoflavones kind material and various beneficial to human body enzymes, Such as peroxide dismutase, catalase, protease, amylase, lipase, They can remove the internal carcinogen, enhance memory, protecting liver, hairdressing, delay ageing, etc have obvious effect, and it can increase the digestibility of food.

6、Takes in the live natto fungus to be possible to adjust the intestinal tract bacteria colony to be balanced, prevents dysentery, the enteritis and the constipation, its effect surpasses now the commonly used lactobacillus micro ecology preparation in certain aspects; Natto fermentation produce goo, coating on the surface of gastrointestinal mucosa, thus protecting gastric bowel, drinking can alleviate drunk role.



【Product Name】:Fucoxanthin


 【English name】:fucoxanthin

【Alias】:Su brown algae, brown algae zeaxanthin

【  CAS  】: 3351-86-8

【ProductsSource】:widespread variety of algae, marine phytoplankton, shellfish aquatic animals.


【Nature】:Yellow or yellow-green powder, soluble in ethanol.

【Molecular formula】:c42h58o6

【Molecular weight】:658.91

【Melting point】:166-168 oc

【Medicinal efficacy】:rock algae known as brown algae fucoxanthin pigment zeaxanthin, as brown algae diatoms, golden algae and green algae contained yellow pigment, in the photochemical system of photosynthesis Ⅱ. Separation may be reddish-brown crystals, which is a leaf yellow substance, is to make the brown algae showing a brown substance classes can be said that class-specific pigment brown algae, and sometimes scattered on the ground in diatoms and other algae .

1. Anticancer strong. 

2. A very strong anti-oxidant properties of an ideal dietary supplement. 

3. Slimming effect is obvious, fucose zeaxanthin are two ways to eliminate the fat accumulation. Fucose yellow substance known as ucp1 to activate protein, this protein can promote fat decomposition. It also can stimulate the liver to produce cholesterol levels.



【Product Name】:Songaria cynomorium herb extract 


【Latin scientific name】:Morinda officinalis How

【English name】:Herba Cynomorii 

【Alias】:Not old drugs, rusty iron bars, to the hair bulb, yellow bone wolf, strict child lock, the lock does not pull the sheep


【Nature】:Brown powder, of taste,: temperature; Gan; the liver, kidney, large intestine

【Effectiveness of the role】: medicine and health products, beverages and food additives. kidney yang, essence and blood, they run smooth for the waist and soft atrophy, impotence Hua Jing, intestinal dry constipation.



【Product Name】:Morinda officinalis how extract


【Latin scientific name】:Morinda officinalis How

【Specification】:30:1  10:1

【Chemical Composition】:contains Xi tree glycoside, vitamin C and sugar esters. 

【Introduction】:kidney, liver.

【Function】:Morinda officinalis extract male and female sexual function commonly used to enhance strength. Use it for impotence, premature ejaculation, back and knee pain and infertility. Women also were used in the treatment of infertility and frigidity. 

1. Officinalis extract in China and the Far East were used to enhance the capabilities of civilization has a long history.

2. When liver and kidney dysfunction, manifested as limb weakness, fatigue and lassitude in the cold pain; or chronic joint pain associated with rheumatism, weakness, joint pain, cold, easily tired and pale tongue. Morinda effective in the treatment of liver and kidney dysfunction. 

3. In a study of patients suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure study, and compared with patients taking placebo, those taking the extract of Morinda officinalis in patients with significant cardiac diastolic blood pressure decreased (blood pressure when the heart expands .)



【Product Name】:Dodder extract


【English name】:dodder seed

【Alias】:Yellow silk, yellow vine, beans parasitic.


【Nature】:Nature: warm, sweet.

【Chemical Composition】:samples containing resin glycosides, cholesterol, Brassica sterol (campesterol), sitosterol, stigmasterol and triterpene acids, sugars.



【Product Name】:HuangQiuKui extract 


【Specification】:98%   50%

【Effectiveness of the role】:

Okra Nenjia extract rich in viscous substance LM (main with a substance similar to natural hormones) can Qiangshen tonic, organic diseases of the male role of adjuvant therapy, can eliminate fatigue, rapid recovery of strength.

1, Okra mucilage extracts Nenjia well to help gastrointestinal peristalsis, secretion of gastric mucin to protect the role and promote secretion of gastric juice, increased appetite, improve digestion, lower cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular disease, chronic stomach and the "three high" those who eat the most appropriate. 

2, Okra Nenjia extract is rich in vitamin A and carotene, which benefit the health of the retina, maintain vision, myopia is a good food to prevent young people (but note that there are negative effects too.)

3, Okra Nenjia extract rich in soluble dietary fiber and vitamin C, not only has health effects on the skin, and make the skin white, delicate. Dietary fiber can also easily take away the human body waste, is a great nutritional diet material. 

4, Okra Nenjia rich plant extract flavonoids, can promote the body a full range of self-conditioning to ensure that the endocrine balance, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, increase stamina, blood circulation and other effects.

5, Okra extract Nenjia applicable to prostatitis, male sexual function is weak, gastritis, endocrine disorders, premature aging, fatigue, ulcers, anemia, indigestion, constipation, bad breath, lit embolism.



【Product Name】:Into rapeseed extract



【Nature】:Leek seeds and warm, spicy, sweet.

【Effectiveness of the role】:

1, With liver and kidney, warm waist and knee, yang, solid fine effect. For impotence, seminal emission, enuresis, frequent urination, weak waist, Leng Tong, such as excessive vaginal discharge. 

2, Leek seed oil has the role of warming kidney yang: the penis of castrated rats can increase the excitability of external stimuli; enhanced cold animal models, resistance to fatigue, locomotor activity increased.




【III】,Natural female medical passion raw material product



【Product Name】:Soybean peptide



【Effectiveness of the role】:

1, Soybean peptide, also known as soybean peptides, soy protein hydrolyzate, usually 3-6 amino acid peptide mixture, mainly in the molecular weight below 1000. 

2, As an excellent health food, not only lowering blood pressure, easy to digest, easy to absorb, and promote energy metabolism and anti-obesity effect, and can reduce fatigue, enhance muscle stretching and anti-allergy.

3, The set of nutritional characteristics, health characteristics and processing performance as a whole, the body has many regulatory functions in the field of food and health products are widely used.



【Product Name】:Yam peptide



【Effectiveness of the role】:

1, Can significantly reduce the normal and alloxan diabetes, blood glucose; can significantly against adrenaline induced hyperglycemia; to fight against blood sugar caused by oxygen pyrimidine; against exogenous glucose can be caused by hyperglycemia. 

2, With a very significant role in hypoxia tolerance, can significantly reduce organ damage by hypoxia and improve tolerability.

3, A significant increase in spleen weight, but no significant effects on the thymus. Can be very effective in suppression of immune function against cyclophosphamide. 

4, With stimulation of intestinal motility, and promote the role of intestinal contents emptied. 

5, Containing nutrients and phlegmatic, amylase is related to a tonic effect, can help digestion, diarrhea, expectorant.



【Product Name】:Puerarin peptide



【Nature】:Properties: This product is yellow-white powder, slightly bitter, insoluble in water and wine.

【Normal reaction】:Vaginal itching, a strong impulse, and pleasure, have discharge outflow of about 7-15 days up chest feeling, fullness, increased. 

【Appropriate crowd 】 :the passion for love, romance women, increased sexual desire, orgasm, body, beauty speckle.

【Preparation】:appropriate: tablets, pills, capsules, tablets, Chewing gum formulations.



【Product Name】:Papaya milk essence peptide protein



【Nature】:Brown powder, soluble in water and taste joys alcohol

【Plant sources】: natural Chinese medicines, the United States aloe 

【Effectiveness of the role】:detoxification, weight loss, speckle. Smooth stool for three days every month to ensure that 5-10 pounds, spots disappeared within a month, smallpox disappeared months appropriate red, three models suitable for

【Body】:those who lose weight search

【Preparation】:appropriate: tablets, pills, capsules, tablets, oral solution



【Product Name】:Black flies extract


【Properties】:the yellow-white powder, slightly bitter, insoluble in water and wine

【Functional roles】: the passion for love, romance women, increased sexual desire, orgasm, body, beauty speckle

【Suitable preparation】:can be made tablets, pills, hard capsules, granules tablets, chewing gum and other  

【Normal reaction】:vaginal itching, a strong impulse, and pleasure, have discharge flow, 7-15 days around the chest up a sense of fullness, increased.

【Dose and usage】:Each 50-100mg, dose proportional effect can also be paired once or twice a day orally, daily doses of better 

【Note】:menstruation to stop taking



【Product Name】:Soybean isoflavones


【Specification】:40%  98%

【Effectiveness of the role】:

1 In women after menopause, due to ovarian dysfunction, estrogen levels decline, causing the function of coordinating the various organs and tissues are incompatible, and estrogen can make women vaginal epithelial cells to increase the maturity of the vaginal muscles to increase flexibility enhancement quality of life, both prevention and treatment of conditions such as the purpose of menstrual discomfort.

2, Osteoporosis is a phalanx bone tissue from a reduction in brittle and fragile, easily broken. Isoflavones on bone cells with estrogen receptors, reduce bone loss, while increasing the body's absorption of calcium, increase bone density.

3, Long-term use of estrogen alone can make breast cancer, increased incidence of endometrial cancer, 5 to 7 times. Soy isoflavones and estrogen similar to the structure of matter, they are able to bind to cell surface receptors in the female, while activation of other anti-cancer mechanism to reduce the estrogen level of women due to endometrial cancer, breast cancer risk.

4, Phytoestrogens (isoflavones) is a soy food-specific anti-cancer factors. And breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer and leukemia significant role in the treatment and prevention.

5, Lower LDL cholesterol can reduce the time (LDL) cholesterol, without reducing high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. Isoflavones as the characteristics of flavonoids with biological anti-oxidation, to prevent atherosclerosis.

6, The human brain are also estrogen target tissues, the brain has a memory function of the hippocampus synaptosome containing estrogen receptors, the medical profession has been confirmed that estrogen is closely related with senile dementia, taking soy isoflavone and the real effect of estrogen on the brain are useful. 

7, Women activated by estrogen in breast adipose tissue, so that free fatty breasts to attract targeted to achieve the effect of Breast.



【Product Name】:Angelica fat ketone



【Effectiveness of the role】:

1, With the rule of stroke unconscious, foaming at the mouth, and post-paralysis. 

2, Anti-hypoxic effect. 

3, regulate immune function and has anti-cancer effect. 

4, Skin care cosmetic effect. 

5, The role of blood and blood; 6, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-atherogenic effect, analgesic effect.



【Product Name】:Breast enhancement effects materials


【Specification】:98% compound

【Nature】:Yellow-white powder, slightly bitter, insoluble in water and wine.

【Normal reactions】:vaginal itching, a strong impulse, and pleasure, have discharge outflow of about 7-15 days up chest feeling, fullness, increasing the population 

【Appropriate】:the passion for love, romance women to enhance sexual desire, orgasm, body, beauty preparations  

【Suitable for speckle】:can be made into tablets, pills, hard capsules, granules lozenges, chewing gum and other formulations



【Product Name】:Konjac chitosan peptide



【Nutritional efficacy】:Konjac contains niacin, vitamin C, E and so can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis and prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

1, Eat konjac can improve immunity, the body contains mannose anhydride Shao, selenium, zinc and other interference on the metabolism of cancer cells, which contain the fine fiber can stimulate the body to kill cancer cells produce a substance Konjac contains chromium can control cancer, can delay the absorption of glucose, effectively reduce postprandial blood glucose, thereby reducing the burden on the pancreas, so glucose metabolism in diabetic patients virtuous circle, not like some of the hypoglycemic drug that makes blood sugar suddenly Another decline in the phenomenon of hypoglycemia, konjac also has calcium, balanced salt, cleaning the stomach, intestines, toxins and so on.

2, Konjac, also known as Shao body, Shao head, Ma taro, taro ghosts. Konjac contains large amounts of mannose anhydride Shao body, vitamins, plant fiber, and a certain amount of mucus protein with unusual health effects and health effects, was hailed as "magic food", the "do not want fat, eat konjac; To thin, eat konjac; want a good stomach, or eat konjac "argument.



【Product Name】:Glossy Privet Fruit Extract



【Plant sources】:The plant privet Oleaceae Ligustrum lucidum Ait.'s Ripe fruit. Mature fruit harvested in winter, a little boiling water, steam, or home after a little hot, dry, students use.

【Effectiveness of the role】:

Yin tonic class - nourishing the liver and kidney, Ukraine must eyesight. Ligustrum lucidum extract could lower serum cholesterol, the prevention and reduction of atherosclerotic plaque and reduce the role of plaque thickness, Ligustrum lucidum extract has some anti-aging effects, has a strong heart, diuretic, hypoglycemic and hepatoprotective effect ; Ligustrum lucidum extract and a cough, laxative, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor effect.



【Product Name】:Estrogen flies powder



【Specification】:99.9 % 

【Appearance】: white crystalline powder, white powder (the product that is soluble in all kinds of drinks, colorless and tasteless)

【Melting point】:200 ℃

【Chloride】: 0%  

【Loss on drying】:0.5%

【Heavy】:0.2 ppm

【Effection and purpose】:Treatment of female frigidity, the product developed from the secret court in Thailand, women have a strong nerve stimulant. The female sex, a significant effect of leaving early. 15 minutes effective.

【Effectiveness of the role】:Effectively stimulate the female libido, or sex of women have some improvement role; make married life more harmonious.



【Product Name】:Sulfur ginger extract  



【Nature】:Dumplings yellow powder, soluble in water and alcohol

【Effectiveness of the role】:

For the treatment of bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchial spasm in patients with emphysema. It can selectively excited the β2 receptor of bronchial smooth muscle, relaxation of smooth muscle, there is a strong bronchodilator, and its mechanism for the activation of adenosine cyclase, promoting cyclophosphamide gland pain generation. Effect after oral administration of 15 ~ 30min, 2 ~ 4h role of peak and sustained more than 6h.



【Product Name】:Sulforaphane


【CAS】 4478-93-7

【Effectiveness of the role】:

1, Sulforaphane (1 - isothiocyanate -4-- methylsulfonyl butane), also known as "radish sulfur" is a vegetable found in the anti-cancer activity of the best plant material, which can stimulate or animal cells to produce only beneficial to the body of Ⅱ type enzyme, while inhibiting the production of type Ⅰ enzyme, the cell to form the membrane against the erosion of external carcinogens, to anti-cancer effect. 

2, Sulforaphane on lung cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer before the obvious, the mechanism is the induction of Phase Ⅱ (carcinogen detoxification) enzymes generate further anti-cancer effect on the body's own system, to achieve metabolic control.

3, Anti-cancer effect of sulforaphane to play a major carcinogenic effects of carcinogens by blocking the metabolic pathways required to prevent the carcinogen or its metabolites into target cells, and play a clear carcinogenic effect; inhibition of cancer cell division and growth, block the circulation channels; for other protein secretion can kill cancer cells, block carcinogens induce cancer.



【Product Name】:Calcium carbonate


【English name】:Calcium carbonate

【Alias】:Carboni cacidcal ciumsalt;Limestone;Marble

【  CAS  】 9569-21-2

【Appearance】: white powder. Odorless and tasteless. Exposed in air, no reaction, insoluble in alcohol.

【Molecular formula】:CaCO3

【Water-soluble】:almost insoluble in water or in the presence of ammonium iron oxide dissolved in water, insoluble in alcohol.

【Effectiveness of the role】:

1, The calcium carbonate is used in the rubber industry the first one of the largest big filler, calcium carbonate, among a large number of filled in the rubber, can increase the volume of products, thereby saving the expensive cost of natural rubber to reduce the purpose of calcium carbonate filled rubber sulfide can get higher than that of pure rubber, the tensile strength of abrasion resistance, tear strength, and natural rubber and synthetic rubber in a significant reinforcing effect, and can adjust the consistency.

2, The calcium carbonate in the plastic products can play the role of a skeleton, the dimensional stability of plastic products plays a significant role, can improve the hardness of products, but also can improve the products surface gloss and surface smoothness. Add in the general plastic products can improve the heat resistance of calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate whiteness as more than 90%, you can also replace expensive white pigments play a whitening effect.

3, Calcium carbonate content in the paint industry in the larger framework is essential, in the amount of thick paint in more than 30%, 4-7% in the phenolic phenolic enamel pattern of wrinkles fine paint than 39%. Play an important role in the paper industry to ensure that the paper strength, whiteness, and low cost. In the cable industry can play a role in the insulation. 

4, In the application of waterborne coatings industry, uses a more extensive settlement can not paint, easy to disperse, good gloss characteristics, in the amount of 20-60% water-based paint.

5, Used in chemical building materials, with heat resistance, chemical corrosion, cold, noise, vibration, and is easily processed and other characteristics, do doors, ceiling, wall panels, down pour, stair handrails, floors and wiring, etc., in the oily coatings, TSP as a filler, can play a skeleton.



【Product Name】:Isosorbide mononitrate tablets


【Common Name】:Isosorbide mononitrate tablets 

【English name】:Isosorbide Dinitrate

【  CAS  】  87-33-2

【Properties】: white crystalline powder; no foul. This product is soluble in acetone or chloroform, slightly soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in water.

【Melting point】:

Melting point 68 ~ 72 ℃. Than the rotation of this product, accurately weighed, add diluted ethanol dissolved and made quantitative contains about 10mg per 1ml of the solution, according to the determination of specific rotation degrees to +140 degrees to +135 degrees.

【Effectiveness of the role】:

1, And nitroglycerin the same as for the treatment and prevention of various types of angina pectoris attacks. Intravenous infusion for the treatment of congestive heart failure, various types of hypertensive emergency and pre-operative blood pressure control. 

2, Isosorbide mononitrate as vasodilator, the main pharmacological effect is relaxation of vascular smooth muscle. The overall effect is to reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, oxygen increases the amount of angina can be relieved. Clinically for the treatment and prevention of various types of angina pectoris attacks.



【Product Name】:Clobazam 


【English name】:ClObazam 

【Alias】:(Oxygen differences and stability, Frisium)

【  CAS  】 22316-47-8

【Effection and purpose】:

1, Have fight anxiety and resistance, resistance to electric shock convulsions function of ED50 role than diazepam than phenobarbital was small and large, valproic acid sodium. Treatment safety margin than diazepam, phenobarbital was, valproic acid sodium wide.

2, The oral absorption of fast and completely, taking up to 1-3 hours after the peak plasma concentration, by the liver, metabolites of oxygen for the N-demethylation different stability, also has anticonvulsant effect, the role of strength 2 clobazam / 3. t1 / 2 to 60 hours, such as daily medication 30mg, about 6 days of steady-state plasma concentrations. 

3, For the treatment of other antiepileptic drugs ineffective epilepsy, complex partial seizures with secondary generalized seizures and Lennox-Gas-IaUt syndrome better.



【Product Name】:Clomiphene


【drugs Alias】:clomiphene citrate, clomiphene citrate, ammonium chloride phenol end, so chase, Shu Jingfen

【English name】:Clomiphene

【 CAS 】 911-45-5

【Specification】:Capsules: 50mg / tablets. Tablet: 50mg / piece

【Product category】:Promoting hormone medicines

【Pharmacological effects】:

1, Clomiphene in experimental animals have a weak estrogenic activity, and in the human body, there the role of anti-estrogenic activity, can stimulate ovulation. 

2, Low dose can promote the secretion of anterior pituitary gonadotropin, and induce ovulation. High doses inhibited the release of pituitary gonadotropin on spermatogenesis in men with promoting the role of oligospermia effective.

3, To promote the secretion of male sex hormones, increased serum testosterone levels and increase the number and expertise in energy, so that infertile men have sperm.


For anovulatory infertility, luteal phase defect, polycystic ovary, etc. have a certain effect. Of premenstrual stress disorder, galactorrhea disease can improve symptoms. Of primary pituitary or ovarian failure caused by infertility is invalid. Sperm can also be used for the lack of male infertility,

【Dose and usage】:

 A menstrual period by 5 days beginning from day 1 50mg, even for 5 days; no menstruation by any 1 day, 1 day 50mg, even for 5 days. Usually around 7 days after ovulation medication after 3 weeks of natural walking. And even served as a course of 3 cycles. 

 For male infertility, day 1 25mg, and even served 25 days for treatment. 5 days after drug withdrawal, taking repeated until the sperm count to normal standards, generally 3 to 12 months good effect.

【Adverse reactions】:

Common are ovarian enlargement and cyst formation, facial flushing (menopause syndrome and similar), abdominal and pelvic discomfort or pain, breast swelling, weight gain, dizziness, increased urine output, transient blurred vision, allergic skin rash, reversible hair loss, insomnia, depression and liver dysfunction. Liver disease and bleeding in patients without identification of the disabled.



【Product Name】:PVA


【English name】:polyvinyl alcohol,viny)alcohol polymer,poval,

【CAS】 9002-89-5 

【Physical and Chemical Properties】:

Appearance is white flaky, flocculent or powder form, is a fairly extensive use of water-soluble polymers, plastics and rubber between the performance between the tasteless, its use can be divided into fibers and non-fiber two purposes.

【Solubility】:soluble in water, in order to be heated to dissolve completely normal 65 ~ 75 ℃. Do not dissolve in gasoline, kerosene, vegetable oil, benzene, toluene, dichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride, acetone, ethyl acetate, methanol, ethylene glycol and so on. Slightly soluble in DMSO. 120 ~ l50 ℃ soluble glycerol. However, a jelly when cooled to room temperature.

【Solubility】:soluble in water, in order to be heated to dissolve completely normal 65 ~ 75 ℃. Do not dissolve in gasoline, kerosene, vegetable oil, benzene, toluene, dichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride, acetone, ethyl acetate, methanol, ethylene glycol and so on. Slightly soluble in DMSO. 120 ~ l50 ℃ soluble glycerol. However, a jelly when cooled to room temperature.

【Product performance】:polyvinyl alcohol resin product is white solid, the outlook points flocculent, granular, powder three; non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, can be 80 - 90 ℃ dissolved. The solution has good adhesion and film; ability oils, lubricants and hydrocarbons such as most organic solvents; with a long chain polyol ester, ether, acetal and other chemical properties.

【Effection and purpose】:

Mainly used in the textile industry, warp, fabric finishing agents, vinylon fiber material; construction and decoration industry, 107 glue, interior and exterior paints, adhesives; the chemical industry as a polymeric emulsifier, dispersant and polyethylene Alcohol Formaldehyde, acetal, butyral resin; paper industry as paper adhesives; agriculture for soil amendments, pesticides, synergists, and polyvinyl alcohol film adhesion; can be used for cosmetics and aspects of high-frequency hardening agent.

【Defoamer added】:

Throughout the preparation of aqueous solution, easy blistering of the goods, but in high concentration, speed fast, it will also produce a small amount of foam in order to contain the bubble, add defoamer 0.01-0.05% (in PVA as the base) and octanol, or 0.2-0.5% TBP (in PVA as the base) of the silicone emulsion.



【Product Name】:Glucocorticoid


【Effection and purpose】:

By the secretion of adrenal cortex in the bundle with a class of steroid hormones, mainly cortisol (cortisol), a regulator of sugar, fat, and protein biosynthesis and metabolism, but also inhibit the immune response, anti-inflammatory, anti- drug, anti-shock effect.

【Physiological role】:

1, To promote gluconeogenesis and glycogen synthesis, inhibition of aerobic glucose oxidation and anaerobic glycolysis, leaving the increase in blood sugar origin, path reduction, increased blood sugar. 

2 And improve the proteolytic enzyme activity, reduced protein synthesis, and promote a variety of tissues (lymph node, muscle, skin, bone, connective tissue, etc.) in the protein degradation, and promote lipolysis, inhibiting its synthesis, to achieve weight loss weight-loss results.

【Pharmacological effects】:

1, In the early stage of inflammation, inhibition of telangiectasia, reduce leakage and edema, but also inhibited the infiltration of white blood cells and phagocytosis, and reduce inflammation symptoms. In the late inflammation, inhibit capillary and fibroblast proliferation, delaying the formation of granulation tissue. Are valid for all kinds of inflammation. 

2, Induced the synthesis of anti-inflammatory factor to reduce the systemic inflammatory response and tissue damage, anti-shock effect.

3, The induction of inflammatory protein synthesis. Leukocyte protease inhibition of the generation of inflammation. 

4, Induced apoptosis of inflammatory cells. 

5, Serious infections, such as septicemia, meningitis, fever and improvement of symptoms with good effect.

6, For the acute and chronic insufficiency of adrenal cortex function, anterior pituitary and adrenal gland dysfunction after subtotal of complementary and alternative therapies. 

7, Severe acute infection or inflammation, severe acute bacterial infections in the application of adequate and effective antimicrobial agents at the same time. Compatibility GCS, use of its anti-inflammatory, anti-drug role, can relieve symptoms, help patients Through the crisis.

8, For psoriasis, eczema, contact dermatitis, can be topical, but pemphigus and exfoliative dermatitis, skin diseases and other serious systemic administration is required. 

9, Malignant lymphoma, advanced breast cancer, prostate cancer treatment are effective.



【Product Name】:Corticosteroids


【Common Name】:Prednisolone; prednisolone

【English name】:prednisolone 

【 CAS 】 50-24-8 

【Specification】:Standard: BP 93% standard

【Nature】:White crystalline powder

【Molecular formula】: C21H28O5 

【Molecular weight】:360.45

【Usage】:for rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis, multiple myeloma, etc. produced by the adrenal cortex steroids. Many hormones, such as glucocorticoid, mineralocorticoid and sex hormones such as steroids.



【Product Name】:Dimethylformamide 


【CAS】  68-12-2

【Physical and chemical properties】:

1, the name of the source is because it is formamide (amide acid) and dimethyl substitutions, and two are located in the methyl N (nitrogen) atoms. DMF is a high boiling point polar (hydrophilic) aprotic solvents, can promote the conduct of SN2 reaction mechanism. 

2, DMF is the use of formic acid and dimethyl amine manufacturing. Dimethylformamide in the alkali such as sodium hydroxide or strong acids such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid in the presence of unstable (especially at high temperature), and hydrolyzed to formic acid and dimethyl amine.

3, colorless, light taste of the liquid amine. Molecular formula C3-H7-NO. Molecular weight of 73.10. The relative density of 0.9445 (25 ℃). Melting point -61 ℃. Boiling point 152.8 ℃. Flash point of 57.78 ℃. Vapor density of 2.51. Vapor pressure 0.49kpa (3.7mmHg25 ℃). Ignition point 445 ℃. Vapor and air mixture explosion limit of 2.2 ~ 15.2%. With water and organic solvents are usually immiscible. In case of fire, heat can cause a fire explosion. With concentrated sulfuric acid, fuming nitric acid reacts violently or even an explosion.

【Effection and purpose】:

1, Dimethylformamide (DMF) as an important chemical raw material and the excellent performance of the solvent, mainly used in polyurethane, acrylic, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, electronics and other industries. 

2, In the polyurethane industry as a washing curing agent, mainly used in wet synthetic leather production; in the pharmaceutical industry as a synthesis of drug intermediates, widely used in the system to take doxycycline, cortisone, sulfa drugs production.

3, Is mainly used for dry spinning acrylic fiber production, in the pesticide industry for the synthesis of high efficiency and low toxicity pesticides. 

4, In the dye industry as a dye solvent; tin in the electronics industry as hardening components and circuit board cleaning. 

5, Other industries, including the carrier of dangerous gases, pharmaceutical crystallization using solvents and adhesives.



【Product Name】:Sodium sulfide


【Common Name】:Sodium sulfide; smelly base; sulfide ore; a sodium sulfide; nine hydrated sodium sulfide

【English name】:sodium sulfide 

【 CAS 】 1313-82-2

【Specification】:Industrial grade level ≥ 60%

【Chemical Formula】:Na2S 

【Molecular formula】:78.04


1, Colorless or light yellow crystalline particles, and industrial products for the massive red-brown or brick red. Flake, brown red, soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether, the aqueous solution is strongly alkaline, easily oxidized in air, toxic.

2, Strong moisture absorption, soluble in water. Water solution is strongly alkaline reaction. Touched the skin and hair will cause burns. Therefore, commonly known as sodium sulfide, sodium sulfide. Aqueous solution of sodium sulfide in the air will be slowly oxidized to sodium thiosulfate, sodium sulfite, sodium sulfate and sodium polysulfide. 

3, Due to the formation of sodium thiosulfate faster, so the main product of oxidation is sodium thiosulfate. Deliquescent sodium sulfide in the air, and carbonation and deterioration, and continuously released hydrogen sulfide gas.

4, Industrial sodium sulfide containing impurities because of their color was pink, brown, khaki. Weight, melting point, boiling point, but also because of the effects of different impurities.  

【Effectiveness of the role】:

1,  Commonly known as sodium sulfide, water is so pure crystal white crystal axis. Corrosive, easy deliquescence; soluble in water, the solution is alkaline; case of acid from the decomposition of hydrogen sulfide; easily oxidized in the air.

2,  Industrial products with different crystal water (Na2S • xH2O), typically containing about 60% sodium sulfide, sodium sulfide is mainly used for hair removal agent hides, pulp cooking agent, sulfur raw materials, dyes intermediates, reducing agent, textile dyeing mordant , ore flotation agent, also used as desulfurization agent and the production of viscose fiber sodium hydrosulfide and polysulfide raw materials.

【Packing method】:0.5 mm thick steel drums loaded in the strict closure, barrel, net weight not exceeding 100 kg. Thread mouth bottle, Lid pressure bottles, plastic bottles or metal (cans) outside the ordinary wooden box.



【Product Name】:Nano-silica

B. No:0128

【CAS】 60676-86-0

【Specification】:Pure type, size of 20nm, purity ≥ 99.6%, the apparent density of 0.07g / c m3 (70g / L), 5kg / bag, kraft paper valve bag.

【Effection and purpose】:

1, Is mainly used for coating nano-emulsion, water-based paints, cement modification. Improve the wear resistance, self-cleaning, anti-erosion properties, anti-aging properties, anti-UV properties.

2, Can reduce the amount of paint additives. As the product of high purity, low impurity content, but also applied to the relevant food, medicine and industry.


Recommended dosage by weight were 0.5-2%, individual product system can be 10% or more, to be determined depending on the application. Performance reflects the key is: to the system were fully dispersed. Please use the user depending on the system, pre-dispersed in water, acetone, alcohol or other solvent, if necessary, using the usual cut, stirring, ultrasound, means of dispersing agent to be dispersed. For the oil system, may be accompanied by additive preprocessing.