AI bed for the ntelligent health elderly care industry
AI bed for the ntelligent health elderly care industry
AI bed for the ntelligent health elderly care industry
The overall solution of intelligent nursing is specially created by human Health Technology Sharing Group for the intelligent health elderly care industry (such as disabled nursing). With intelligent nursing robot as the core, it can adapt to the intelligent nursing needs of the disabled in the next ten years.
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Market Requirement:


    The actual demand for electric nursing beds exceeds 10 million.

     ————Yearbook report 2020

    The shortage of elderly care service personnel exceeds 6 million

    ————Ministry of Civil Affairs, National Health Commission


On the whole, China has maintained steady and upward development


     In 2019, the market of electric nursing beds exceeded 410 billion yuan,with 278,000 units sold and an output value of 1.156 billion yuan. The policy required an increase of 28% (8.21 million nursing beds), and 52.71 million disabled and semi-disabled elderly people (over 12 million disabled elderly people).  


Focus on smart care device segment market


    The industry needs todeeply and effectively solve the nursing needs, break the situation,upgrade and extendthe industry.


Policy push


    The state has successively issued the Action to Improve Basic Home and Community Elderly Care Services and the Action Plan for the Development of Smart Healthy Elderly Care Industry (2021-2025), and other important documents. The government has listed elderly care services, disabled care system, and new forms of smart elderly care as key projects in its development plan and accelerated their implementation, adjusting the way and intensity of subsidies